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Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 32


Home - image of cover

(# 7 top country album)

MCA 2146
Aug / 1975

Produced by Owen Bradley

Artist profile

The Statler Brothers

Volume 15

The Originals

The Originals - image of cover

(# 8 top country album)
(# 183 top pop album)

Mercury SRM1-5016
Mar / 1979

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

Break album


Merle Haggard

Hag - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 66 top pop album)

Capitol ST-735
Apr / 1971

Produced by Ken Nelson

Still Thinkin' Bout You

Billy Crash Craddock

Still Thinkin' Bout You - image of cover

(# 11 top country album)

ABC 875
Apr / 1975

Produced by Ron Chancey

On Tour

Tommy Collins

On Tour - image of cover

(# 44 top country album)

Columbia CS-9578
Mar / 1968

Produced by Don Law, Frank Jones


Peggy Sue

Dynamite - image of cover

(# 33 top country album)

Decca DL-75153
Oct / 1969

Produced by Owen Bradley

She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye

Jerry Lee Lewis

She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye - image of cover

(# 9 top country album)
(# 186 top pop album)

Smash SRS-67128
Jan / 1970

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

Teddy Bear Song / A Sweeter Love

Barbara Fairchild

Teddy Bear Song / A  Sweeter Love - image of cover

(# 17 top country album)

Columbia KC-31720
Nov / 1972

Produced by Jerry Crutchfield

Lonely Again

Eddy Arnold

Lonely Again - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 57 top pop album)

RCA Victor LSP-3753
Feb / 1967

Produced by Chet Atkins


Bobby Darin

Earthy - image of cover

Capitol ST-1826

Produced by Tom Morgan

Bluegrass corner

Bluegrass Body And Soul

Bill Monroe

Bluegrass Body And Soul - image of cover

(# 37 top country album)

MCA 2251
Jan / 1977

Produced by Walter Haynes, Owen Bradley, Harry Silverstein

Gospel hour

Heart Prints

Dottie Rambo

Heart Prints - image of cover

Heart Warming R-3131
Apr / 1972

Produced by Owen Bradley

The Family Who Prays

Louvin Brothers

The Family Who Prays - image of cover

Capitol T-1061
Aug / 1958

Produced by Ken Nelson

Dust On Mother's Bible

Buck Owens

Dust On Mother's Bible - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)

Capitol ST-2497
May / 1966

Produced by Ken Nelson

Petr's choice

Invisible Tears

Ray Conniff & The Singers

Invisible Tears - image of cover

(# 23 top pop album)

Columbia CS-9064

Produced by Bob Ballard, Ernie Altschuler

Bright And Shiny

Doris Day

Bright And Shiny - image of cover

Columbia CS-8414
Mar / 1961

Swings Softly

Rosemary Clooney

Swings Softly - image of cover

MGM SE-3834

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