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Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 23

God Bless America Again

God Bless America Again - image of cover

Decca DL-75351
Oct / 1972

Produced by Owen Bradley

Artist profile

The Statler Brothers

Volume 6

Country Music Then And Now

Country Music Then And Now - image of cover

(# 7 top country album)

Mercury SR-61367
Aug / 1972

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

Break album

Blues My Name

Hank Williams Jr

Blues My Name - image of cover

MGM SE-4344
Mar / 1966

Produced by Jim Vienneau

Don't Touch Me

Wilma Burgess

Don't Touch Me - image of cover

(# 3 top country album)

Decca DL-74788
May / 1966

Produced by Owen Bradley

I Fell In Love

Carlene Carter

I Fell In Love - image of cover

(# 19 top country album)

Reprise 26139
Aug / 1990

Produced by Howie Epstein

Never Alone

Wilburn Brothers

Never Alone - image of cover

Decca DL-74544
Jun / 1964

Produced by Owen Bradley

Dean's List

Jimmy Dean

Dean's List - image of cover

(# 25:43 top country album)

Columbia CS-9677
Jun / 1968

Produced by Don Law, Frank Jones, Bob Johnston

Song Painter

Mac Davis

Song Painter - image of cover

(# 35 top country album)
(# 182 top pop album)

Columbia CS-9969
Feb / 1970

Produced by Jerry Fuller

One Of A Kind

Moe Bandy

One Of A Kind - image of cover

(# 44 top country album)

Columbia JC-36228
Dec / 1979

Produced by Ray Baker

Bluegrass corner

The Magnificent Music Machine

Tom T. Hall

The Magnificent Music Machine - image of cover

(# 11 top country album)

Mercury SRM1-1111
Sep / 1976

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

I Love Flatt And Scruggs

Skeeter Davis

I Love Flatt And Scruggs - image of cover

(# 39 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4055
Aug / 1968

Produced by Felton Jarvis

Gospel hour

Precious Memories

Johnny Cash

Precious Memories - image of cover

Columbia C-33087
Jan / 1975

Produced by Johnny Cash

Hank Williams Gospel

Connie Smith

Hank Williams Gospel - image of cover

(# 47 top country album)

Columbia KC-33414
May / 1975

Produced by Ray Baker

Petr's choice

What Every Girl Should Know

Doris Day

What Every Girl Should Know - image of cover

Columbia CS-8234
Mar / 1960

Swings Softly

Rosemary Clooney

Swings Softly - image of cover

MGM SE-3834

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