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Don Bowman

Funny Way To Make An Album

(# 14 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-3495
Jan / 1966

Produced by Chet Atkins

Cover image of Funny Way To Make An Album

Billy Sanford, Jerry Reed, Chip Young - guitar
Roy Huskey - bass
Jerry Carrigan - drums
David Briggs - piano
The Nashville Sounds
(Jeanine Walker, Louis Nunley, William Wright, Karen Heflin)
1965, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville


Other Ringo

Don Bowman - John Finneran

© Stainless Music, BMI

(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Found him in the gutter with a gash in his head
Thought he was dead but he's alive instead
He's playin' his drums a country music fan
Snuck up behind with a brick in his hand
Cut looked bad so I combed down his hair
That night I created there Ringo

The wound healed fast I'm proud to say
Liked his hair combed down that way
Had to be cut just a little in front
He kept swingin' missin' fallin' through his drums
Liked it so well he found 3 other guys
Wore their hair all down in their eyes like Ringo
(Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

Together they created a brand new sound
Made girls faint and parents leave town
Tried not to like the music they play
Locked myself in my room for days
Hung Beatle pictures all over my walls
Stopped gettin' my hair cut let it grow long like Ringo's

Symptoms was there knew I was hooked
Ran out and bought all their albums I could
Anybody asked I denied it of course
But I sang along until I's hoarse
It's no use I can tell I'm sick
I'm a Beatle addict I need a fix some Ringo
(Won't you please please help me)

I guarded my secret the best I could
But tragedy struck back in Ericwood
Word leaked out all over town
My leader Chet Atkins had finally found out

They took away my picks and hung up my guitar
Now I guess I'll never be a star like Ringo

They say I can go home in a month or two
The cure's workin' fine but my career's all through
Cut down to just two Beatles records a day
And nearly stopped sayin' yeah yeah yeah

But there's not much demand should'a known all along
For a cowbody singer with hair this long
Like Ringo's
(Ringo yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)


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