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Artist profile

Bill Anderson

Volume 28


Scorpio - image of cover

(# 21 top country album)

MCA 2264
Apr / 1977

Produced by Buddy Killen

Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 12

Your Squaw Is On The Warparth

Your Squaw Is On The Warparth - image of cover

(# 2 top country album)
(# 168 top pop album)

Decca DL-75084
Feb / 1969

Produced by Owen Bradley

Break album

Soul Of A Convict

Porter Wagoner

Soul Of A Convict - image of cover

(# 7 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-3683
Jan / 1967

Produced by Bob Ferguson

Heartbreak U.S.A.

Kitty Wells

Heartbreak U.S.A. - image of cover

Decca DL-74141
May / 1961

Produced by Owen Bradley

Moment Of Truth

Suzy Bogguss

Moment Of Truth - image of cover

Liberty 92653
Aug / 1990

Produced by Jimmy Bowen

Ocean Front Property

George Strait

Ocean Front Property - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 117 top pop album)

MCA 5913
Jan / 1987

Produced by Jimmy Bowen, George Strait

Birds Of A Feather

Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan

Birds Of A Feather - image of cover

(# 16 top country album)
(# 185 top pop album)

Wayside WSS-33001
Apr / 1970

Produced by Little Richie Johnson

Just Beyond The Moon

Tex Ritter

Just Beyond The Moon - image of cover

(# 18 top country album)

Capitol ST-2786
Jul / 1967

Produced by Ken Nelson, Kelso Herston

All My Tomorrows

Nat Stuckey

All My Tomorrows - image of cover

(# 28 top country album)

Paula LPS-2196
May / 1967

Produced by Stan Lewis

Borrowed Angel

Mel Street

Borrowed Angel - image of cover

(# 14 top country album)

Metromedia MCS-5001
Oct / 1972

Produced by Dick Heard, Joe Deaton

Smokin' The Dummy

Terry Allen

Smokin' The Dummy - image of cover

Fate 38121

Produced by Lloyd Maines

Bluegrass corner

Idle Time

Nashville Bluegrass Band

Idle Time - image of cover

Rounder 232

Produced by Bela Fleck

Timeless And True Love

Rhonda Vincent

Timeless And True Love - image of cover

Rebel 1697
Dec / 1991

Produced by Ronny Light

Widow Maker

Jimmy Martin

Widow Maker - image of cover

Decca DL-74536
Jun / 1964

Gospel hour

Turn Your Radio On

Ray Stevens

Turn Your Radio On - image of cover

(# 14 top country album)
(# 175 top pop album)

Barnaby Z-30809
Jan / 1972

Produced by Ray Stevens

America's Favorite Hymns

Patti Page

America's Favorite Hymns - image of cover

Columbia CS-9305
May / 1966

Produced by Bob Johnston

Petr's choice

Sentimental Journey

Anita Kerr

Sentimental Journey - image of cover

Phillips 110

Produced by Anita Kerr, Alex Grob

The Vivacious One


The Vivacious One - image of cover

RCA Victor LSP-2551

Produced by Dick Peirce

With Strings Attached

Sue Thompson

With Strings Attached - image of cover

Hickory LPS-130

Produced by Wesley Rose

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