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Artist profile

Bill Anderson

Volume 31

Ladie's Choice

Ladie's Choice - image of cover

MCA 3075

Produced by Owen Bradley, Buddy Killen

Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 15

Wings Upon Your Horns

Wings Upon Your Horns - image of cover

(# 5 top country album)
(# 146 top pop album)

Decca DL-75163
Jan / 1970

Produced by Owen Bradley

Break album

Heart To Heart

Jean Shepard

Heart To Heart - image of cover

(# 43 top country album)

Capitol ST-2871
Jan / 1968

Produced by Billy Graves

Listen To The Radio

Don Williams

Listen To The Radio - image of cover

(# 166 top pop album)

MCA 5306
Apr / 1982

Produced by Don Williams, Garth Fundis

Trouble's Back In Town

Wilburn Brothers

Trouble's Back In Town - image of cover

Decca DL-74391
Jun / 1963

Produced by Owen Bradley

Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball

Shel Silverstein

Freakin' At The Freaker's Ball - image of cover

(# 155 top pop album)

Columbia C-31119

Produced by Ron Haffkine

Fine As Wine

Billy Walker

Fine As Wine - image of cover

MGM M3G-4969

Produced by Jim Vienneau

Yodeling Hits

Grandpa Jones

Yodeling Hits - image of cover

Monument MLP-8001

Produced by Fred Foster


Oak Ridge Boys

Together - image of cover

(# 10 top country album)
(# 154 top pop album)

MCA 3220
Mar / 1980

Produced by Ron Chancey

Shine On Me

John Wesley Ryles

Shine On Me - image of cover

ABC AB-1056

Produced by Johnny Morris

Stop And Smell The Roses

Mac Davis

Stop And Smell The Roses - image of cover

(# 2 top country album)
(# 13 top pop album)

Columbia KC-32582
Mar / 1973

Produced by Rick Hall, Gary Klein

Hollywood Love

Carroll Baker

Hollywood Love - image of cover

(# 2 top pop album)

RCA Victor KKL1-0332

Produced by Don Grashey

Bluegrass corner

Foggy Mountain Breakdown

Lester Flatt

Foggy Mountain Breakdown - image of cover

RCA Victor LSP-4789

Produced by Bob Ferguson, Jack Clement

Hard Travelin'

Flatt & Scruggs

Hard Travelin' - image of cover

Columbia CS-8751
Feb / 1963

Produced by Don Law, Frank Jones

Gospel hour

The Old Country Church

Stonewall Jackson

The Old Country Church - image of cover

Columbia CS-9754
Jan / 1969

Produced by Frank Jones

Turn Your Radio On

Ray Stevens

Turn Your Radio On - image of cover

(# 14 top country album)
(# 175 top pop album)

Barnaby Z-30809
Jan / 1972

Produced by Ray Stevens

America's Favorite Hymns

Patti Page

America's Favorite Hymns - image of cover

Columbia CS-9305
May / 1966

Produced by Bob Johnston

Petr's choice

Ten Top Hits

Margaret Whiting

Ten Top Hits - image of cover

Dot DLP-3235

Produced by Randy Wood

The Country's Best

Anita Bryant

The Country's Best - image of cover

Columbia CS-8869

Produced by Don Law, Frank Jones

Down Home

Dinah Shore

Down Home - image of cover

Capitol ST-1655

Produced by Tom Morgan

Sentimental Journey

Anita Kerr

Sentimental Journey - image of cover

Phillips 110

Produced by Anita Kerr, Alex Grob

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