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Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 8

Don't Come Home A Drinkin'

Don't Come Home A Drinkin' - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 80 top pop album)

Decca DL-74842
Feb / 1967

Produced by Owen Bradley

Artist profile

Bill Anderson

Volume 23


Bill - image of cover

(# 15 top country album)

MCA 320
Jul / 1973

Produced by Owen Bradley

Break album

The Carroll County Accident

Porter Wagoner

The Carroll County Accident - image of cover

(# 4 top country album)
(# 161 top pop album)

RCA Victor LSP-4116
Jan / 1969

Produced by Bob Ferguson

One More Mile

Dave Dudley

One More Mile - image of cover

(# 15 top country album)

Mercury SR-61215
Apr / 1969

Produced by Jerry Kennedy


Waylon Jennings

Waylon - image of cover

(# 14 top country album)
(# 192 top pop album)

RCA Victor LSP-4260
Jan / 1970

Produced by Chet Atkins, Danny Davis

Oklahoma Wind

Mel McDaniel

Oklahoma Wind - image of cover

(# 64 top country album)

Capitol ST-12326
Feb / 1984

Produced by Larry Rogers

Roses For Mama

C. W. McCall

Roses For Mama - image of cover

(# 22 top country album)

Polydor 6125
Dec / 1977

Produced by Chip Davis, Don Sears

Lovers Friends And Strangers

Barbara Mandrell

Lovers Friends And Strangers - image of cover

(# 26 top country album)

Dot DO-2076
May / 1977

Produced by Tom Collins

Greene Country

Jack Greene

Greene Country - image of cover

(# 21 top country album)

Decca DL-75308
Nov / 1971

Produced by Owen Bradley


Dean Martin

Houston - image of cover

(# 11 top pop album)

Reprise 6181

Produced by Jimmy Bowen

Water Glass Full Of Whiskey

Johnny Darrell

Water Glass Full Of Whiskey - image of cover

Capricorn CP-0154
Jun / 1975

Produced by Bob Montgomery

The Bottom Line

Sharon Anderson

The Bottom Line - image of cover

Capitol 94897
Jun / 1991

Produced by Billy Joe Walker

Charlie My Boy

Charlie McCoy

Charlie My Boy - image of cover

(# 36 top country album)

Monument KZ-33384
Mar / 1975

Produced by Charlie McCoy

Bluegrass corner

Bluegrass Music

Osborne Brothers

Bluegrass Music - image of cover

MGM E-4018
Jun / 1962

Produced by Wesley Rose, Jim Vienneau

Widow Maker

Jimmy Martin

Widow Maker - image of cover

Decca DL-74536
Jun / 1964

Gospel hour


Loretta Lynn

Hymns - image of cover

(# 10 top country album)

Decca DL-74695
Nov / 1965

Produced by Owen Bradley

Petr's choice

Do The Twist

Connie Francis

Do The Twist - image of cover

(# 47 top pop album)

MGM SE-4022
Feb / 1962

Produced by Danny Davis

With Strings Attached

Sue Thompson

With Strings Attached - image of cover

Hickory LPS-130

Produced by Wesley Rose

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