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Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 30

Back In The Country

Back In The Country - image of cover

(# 2 top country album)
(# 182 top pop album)

MCA 471
Feb / 1975

Produced by Owen Bradley

Artist profile

The Statler Brothers

Volume 13

Short Stories

Short Stories - image of cover

(# 21 top country album)

Mercury SRM1-5001
Jul / 1977

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

Break album

Sea Of Heartbreak

Kenny Price

Sea Of Heartbreak - image of cover

RCA Victor LSP-4839
Jan / 1973

Produced by Ronny Light

10th Album

Charley Pride

10th Album - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 30 top pop album)

RCA Victor LSP-4367
Jun / 1970

Produced by Jack Clement, Felton Jarvis

The Great Pretender

Dolly Parton

The Great Pretender - image of cover

(# 7 top country album)
(# 73 top pop album)

RCA Victor AHL1-4940
Jan / 1984

Produced by Val Garay

Greatest Hits

Jeannie C. Riley

Greatest Hits - image of cover

(# 22 top country album)

Plantation PLP-13
Apr / 1971

Produced by Shelby Singleton

Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long

Jean Shepard

Your Forevers Don't Last Very Long - image of cover

(# 18 top country album)

Capitol ST-2765
Jul / 1967

Produced by Marvin Hughes, Billy Graves

He'll Have To Go

Jim Reeves

He'll Have To Go - image of cover

(# 18 top pop album)

RCA Victor LPM-2223
Feb / 1960

Produced by Chet Atkins

Faded Love And Winter Roses

Carl Smith

Faded Love And Winter Roses - image of cover

(# 23 top country album)

Columbia CS-9786
Mar / 1969

Produced by Don Law

No Word On Me

Dick Feller

No Word On Me - image of cover

Asylum CM-1
Aug / 1974

Produced by Larry Butler, Larry Lee

Bluegrass corner

Bluegrass Body And Soul

Bill Monroe

Bluegrass Body And Soul - image of cover

(# 37 top country album)

MCA 2251
Jan / 1977

Produced by Walter Haynes, Owen Bradley, Harry Silverstein

Sings Bluegrass

Rose Maddox

Sings Bluegrass - image of cover

Capitol ST-1799
Oct / 1962

Produced by Ken Nelson

I Love Flatt And Scruggs

Skeeter Davis

I Love Flatt And Scruggs - image of cover

(# 39 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4055
Aug / 1968

Produced by Felton Jarvis

Gospel hour

Dust On Mother's Bible

Buck Owens

Dust On Mother's Bible - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)

Capitol ST-2497
May / 1966

Produced by Ken Nelson

Our Garden Of Hymns

Tennessee Ernie Ford & Marilyn Horne

Our Garden Of Hymns - image of cover

Capitol ST-2845
Jan / 1968

Produced by David Cavanaugh

Petr's choice

Bright And Shiny

Doris Day

Bright And Shiny - image of cover

Columbia CS-8414
Mar / 1961

Looking For Love

Connie Francis

Looking For Love - image of cover

(# 122 top pop album)

MGM SE-4229
Jun / 1964

Produced by Danny Davis

Swings Softly

Rosemary Clooney

Swings Softly - image of cover

MGM SE-3834

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