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Terry Allen

Fate / (1975 - 1993)

Juarez 1 | 0

Cover image of JuarezFate F-58271975
Juarez Device (Texican Badman)|Characters / Simple Story|Cortez Sail|Border Palace|Dogwood|Writing On Rocks Across The U.S.A.|Radio And Real Life|There Outta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California|What Of Alicia|Honeymoon In Cortez|Four Corners|Run South|Jabo / Street Walkin' Woman|Cantina Carlotta|La Despedida (The Parting)|(51:18)

Lubbock (On Everything) 1 | 0

Cover image of Lubbock (On Everything)Fate F-339961979
Amarillo Highway|High Plains Jamboree|Great Joe Bob (A Regional Tragedy)|Wolfman Of Del Rio|Lubbock Woman|Girl Who Danced Oklahoma|Truckload Of Art|Collector (And The Art Mob)|O.U.I. (A French Song)|Rendezvous U.S.A.|Cocktails For Three|Beautiful Waitress|Blue Asian Reds (For Roadrunner)|New Delhi Freight Train|F.F.A.|Flatland Farmer|My Amigo|Pink And Black Song|Thirty Years Waltz (For Jo Harvey)|I Just Left Myself|(1:18:54)

Smokin' The Dummy   1 | 0

Cover image of Smokin' The DummyFate 381211980
Heart Of California|Whatever Happened To Jesus / Maybellene|Helena Montana|Texas Tears|Feelin' Easy|Night Cafe|Roll Truck Roll|Red Bird|Lubbock Tornado (I Don't Know)|(37:34)

Bloodlines   1 | 1

Cover image of BloodlinesFate 381221983
Bloodlines|Gimme A Ride To Heaven Boy|Cantina Carlotta|Ourland|Oh Hally Lou|Oh What A Dangerous Life|Manhattan Bluebird|There Oughta Be A Law Against Sunny Southern California|Bloodlines (Part 2)|(38:47)

Torso Hell 0 | 0

Cover image of Torso HellHigh Performance HP-0131987
Torso Hell (The Radio Movie)|Theme From Torso Hell|Chopper Breath|Morphine|Japanese Nurse|Bad From Familyville|Amputee Ward Song|Van|Mean / Whiles|Body Parts|Torso Torture|Mind Over Matters|Flashbacks|Torso Knows|Locations|Four Messages|Fire Fight In New Mexico|Prodigal's Return|Looney Time|Revenge|Whole Man|(soundtrack)

Amerasia 1 | 0

Cover image of AmerasiaFate F-81591987
Amerasia|My Country Tis Of Thee|Burden|Back Out Of The World|Swanlake|Display Woman Displaced Man|Lucy's Tiger Den|Chop Sticks Thai Sticks|Nobody's Goin' Home (Friendship Highway)|Metrapab|Church Walking|Food Stall|Canal|Sawahdi|Orphans|Pataya|Let Freedom Ring|(36:45 - soundtrack)

Pedal Steel 1 | 0

Cover image of Pedal SteelFate F-552661988
Pedal Steel|Fenceline|Rodar Parar Atras|Rollback|Figure Ate|Home On The Range|Further Away|French Home|(1:02:17)

The Silent Majority 1 | 0

Cover image of The Silent MajorityFate F-532661993
Advice To Children|Yo Ho Ho|Home On The Range|I Love Germany|Burden|Big Ol' White Boys|Arizona Spiritual|Oh Tired Feet|Rollback|Cocktail Desperado|Three Finger Blues|Oh Mom|High Horse Momma|New Delhi Freight Train|Loneliness Rockin' By Momma Lonesome Rose Lonely Road|Hearts Road|(1:07:59)

Sugar Hill / (1996 - 1999)

Human Remains 1 | 0

Cover image of Human RemainsSugar Hill SH-10501996
Gone To Texas|Room To Room|Back To Black|Wilderness Of This World|Little Sandy|Buck Naked|What Of Alicia|That Kind Of Girl|Galleria Dele Ami|Crisis Site 13|Peggy Legg|After The Fall|Flatland Boogie|(54:22)

Salivation 1 | 0

Cover image of SalivationSugar Hill SH-10611999
Salivation|Doll|Billy The Boy|Southern Comfort|Rio Ticino|Red Leg Boy|Cortez Sail|X-mas On The Isthmus|Ain't No Top 40 Song|Show|Give Me The Flowers|(55:57)

Orion Read / TLA / (2011 - 2013)

Live At Al's Grand Hotel May 7th 1971 0 | 0

Cover image of Live At Al's Grand Hotel May 7th 1971Orion Read OR-1Oct / 2011
Red Bird|Baby How I Know / Together|Late 1961 (Or The 3701 28th St. Cowboy Blues)|Pink And Black Song|Cowboy And The Stranger|Maybe|Intro|Juarez Device (Texican Badman)|Border Palace|Dogwood|Writing On The Rocks (Across The USA)|Radio And Real Life|Off Malibu (For Mike Baylog)|Truckload Of Art

Bottom Of The World 1 | 0

Cover image of Bottom Of The WorldTLA 044Feb / 2013
Four Corners|Queenie's Song|Hold On To The House|Do They Dream Of Hell In Heaven|Bottom Of The World|Angels Of The Wind|Emergency Human Blood Courier|Wake Of The Red Witch|Gift|Sidekick Anthem|Covenant (For Jo Harvey)|(42:00)

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