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Kimberly Murray

Heart of Texas / (2007 - 2015)

Once Upon A Time In A Honky Tonk   1 | 1

Cover image of Once Upon A Time In A Honky TonkHeart of Texas 4132Jan / 2007
Lonely Ever After|No One To Hear My Song|We're Both Lying To Me|I Never Once Stopped Loving You|Steel Guitar Song|I Can't Remember|Only Thing That's Real|Living And Learning|Home You're Tearin' Down|Box It Came In|Don't Believe Me I'm Lying|When The Angels Sing

Another Day Of Lonely 1 | 0

Cover image of Another Day Of LonelyHeart of Texas 4164Sep / 2011
Let Me Go|Out Of My Mind|If Practice Makes Perfect|She Did This To Me|What My Thoughts Do All The Time|Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad|Just A Memory|Wall To Wall Heartaches|I'll Be Your Honky Tonk Angel Tonight|Another Day Of Lonely|One Step Away|Honky Tonks Slow Sad Music|Jesus Hold My Hand|(36:51)

One Night Only with Bob Manning 1 | 0

Cover image of One Night OnlyHeart of Texas BH-412May / 2012
Good Mornin' Darlin'|Blame This Mess On You|From Where I Came|Same Battle Fought Yesterday|Last First Date|Lovin' In Three Quarter Time|Cheatin' Side Of Life|Three Chords Away|When I'm Drunk|Loves Me Right|I Can't Imagine|Bunkhouse Breakdown|Devil Makes No Change|(51:43)

A World Away 1 | 0

Cover image of A World AwayHeart of Texas BH-4142014
Crazy Dreams|Second Time Around|Hi-Lo Bar'n Grill|Keep Our Mind Outta This|Feelin' Kind Of Haggard|Audrey|Keepin' The Fires Burnin'|Lost On Broadway Blues|Shade Of Blue|Someone To Finish What You Started|On This Side Of The Bed|South Of Montgomery|South Of Montgomery (Reprise)|(39:22)

Misery Rich with Bob Manning 1 | 0

Cover image of Misery RichHeart of Texas BH-515May / 2015
Misery Rich Whisky Pour|I'd Just Love To Lay You Down|I Heard Momma Talkin' To Jesus|Paying For My Memories|Between China And Nome (Texas)|Cowboy Rode Away|I Trust You|Longing To Be|Figment Of My Own Imagination|I Hear Her Crying|Four Fingers Of Whisky|Your Bottle Called Me|No One To Blame (Ode To Gary Stewart)|(47:52)

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