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April 2018
Artists: 857 Albums: 13924 Songs: 172254 Lyrics: 72842 Covers: 13922

March 2018
Artists: 854 Albums: 13843 Songs: 171286 Lyrics: 72259 Covers: 13841

January 2018
Artists: 850 Albums: 13730 Songs: 170008 Lyrics: 72045 Covers: 13728

November 2017
Artists: 847 Albums: 13716 Songs: 169825 Lyrics: 71882 Covers: 13714

October 2017
Artists: 847 Albums: 13713 Songs: 169789 Lyrics: 71765 Covers: 13711

September 2017
Artists: 844 Albums: 13652 Songs: 169092 Lyrics: 71640 Covers: 13650

August 2017
Artists: 843 Albums: 13627 Songs: 168786 Lyrics: 71052 Covers: 13624

July 2017
Artists: 842 Albums: 13613 Songs: 168561 Lyrics: 70399 Covers: 13610

June 2017
Artists: 841 Albums: 13600 Songs: 168408 Lyrics: 69854 Covers: 13597

May 2017
Artists: 838 Albums: 13557 Songs: 167920 Lyrics: 69520 Covers: 13554

April 2017
Artists: 827 Albums: 13290 Songs: 164983 Lyrics: 69281 Covers: 13286

March 2017
Artists: 817 Albums: 12982 Songs: 161477 Lyrics: 68631 Covers: 12978

February 2017
Artists: 810 Albums: 12739 Songs: 158597 Lyrics: 68267 Covers: 12735

January 2017
Artists: 801 Albums: 12430 Songs: 155080 Lyrics: 67959 Covers: 12426

December 2016
Artists: 790 Albums: 11939 Songs: 149449 Lyrics: 67197 Covers: 11932
November 2016
Artists: 789 Albums: 11912 Songs: 149132 Lyrics: 67142 Covers: 11904
September 2016
Artists: 789 Albums: 11907 Songs: 149046 Lyrics: 66850 Covers: 11903
August 2016
Artists: 785 Albums: 11852 Songs: 148654 Lyrics: 66274 Covers: 11837
July 2016
Artists: 777 Albums: 11759 Songs: 147617 Lyrics: 65646 Covers: 11741
June 2016
Artists: 760 Albums: 11577 Songs: 145555 Lyrics: 65141 Covers: 11558
May 2016
Artists: 747 Albums: 11398 Songs: 143482 Lyrics: 64604 Covers: 11378
April 2016
Artists: 735 Albums: 11201 Songs: 141244 Lyrics: 64516 Covers: 11180
Apr 2015
Artists: 659 Albums: 10344 Songs: 131054 Lyrics: 56914 Covers: 10306

Bluegrass Cardinals

Briar / (1976)

The Bluegrass Cardinals 0 | 0

Cover image of The Bluegrass CardinalsBriar SBR-4205Mar / 1976
Bird Dog|Girl At The Crossroads Bar|I Couldn't Believe It Was True|Baby Rocked Her Dolly|Prisoner's Song|Where No One Stands Alone|Are You Missing Me|Leaving Harlan|There Is A Fountain|My Aching Heart|Never Ending Sea Of Love|Rollin' On

Rounder / (1977)

Welcome To Virginia 0 | 0

Cover image of Welcome To VirginiaRounder 971977
Roll On Muddy River|She Keeps Hangin' On|Journey To My Savior's Side|Lorene|We Know The Man|Cora's Gone|Ridin' The L And N|Blue Eyed Boston Boy|Plant Some Flowers By My Grave|Darcy Farrow|Jesus Lead Me Evermore|Mississippi River Man

CMH / (1978 - 2002)

Livin' In The Good Old Days 0 | 0

Cover image of Livin' In The Good Old DaysCMH 6229Dec / 1978
I Think We're Livin' In The Good Old Days|Knee Deep In Loving You|Dedication To Lester Flatt|Sweet Hour Of Prayer|On Down The Line|I Wonder Where You Are Tonight|First One To Love You|Greener Pastures|You Took All The Ramblin' Out Of Me|Uncle Billy Play Your Fiddle For Me

Cardinal Soul 0 | 0

Cover image of Cardinal SoulCMH 6235Aug / 1979
Low And Lonely|Nothing Can Stop My Loving You|With Half A Heart|Blue Is The Color Of Lonesome|I Feel Good|Gift Of Love|Don't Give Up On Me|32 Acres|Old Man In The Park|I've Had A Time|Mountain Laurel

Sunday Mornin' Singin' 0 | 0

Cover image of Sunday Mornin' Singin'CMH 62471980
Sunday Mornin' Singin'|Crossing Of Jordan|He Is Near|Carpenter Of Wood|Shine Hallelujah Shine|March Around The Throne|Touch Of God's Hand|Angels Rock Me To Sleep|From Craddle To Cross To Crown|Just A Little Talk With Jesus|Sailing For Glory|Sweet Hour Of Prayer|First Time I Heard About Heaven|Where Rainbows Touch Down|I Hope My Lord Will Let Me In|Old Fashioned Preacher|Don't Give Up On Me|That's The Way I Want To Go|(live)

Live And On Stage 0 | 0

Cover image of Live And On StageCMH 9023Jun / 1980
Pretty Red Wing|Ramblin' Fever|Day I Lose My Mind|18 Wheels|Tribute To Lester Flatt|Leather Britches|Don't Come Running|Sing A Family Song|Old Fashioned Preacher|Riverdale Flash|Somewhere Tonight|Mansion On The Hill|Take Your Shoes Off Moses|Feudin' Banjos|I Love You Because|Banjo Signal|Time Changes Everything|East Tennessee Blues|Draggin' The Bow|Dear Old Dixie|Village Bells Hornpipe|Lil' Liza Jane|Earl's Breakdown|Come Walk With Me|Carry Me Back To Old Tennessee|I Know You're Married (But I Love You Still)|Lee Highway Blues|(dbl, live)

Where Rainbows Touch Down 0 | 0

Cover image of Where Rainbows Touch DownCMH 62591981
Where Rainbows Touch Down|Morristown|Lifegate|Apple Trees And Honey Bees|Wasting Away|First Time I Heard About Heaven|Running Around|I Hope My Lord Will Let Me In|I Know It's Wrong To Love You|Lee Berry Rye

The Essential Bluegrass Cardinals 0 | 0

Cover image of The Essential Bluegrass CardinalsCMH 8415Nov / 2002
Knee Deep In Loving You|I Wonder Where You Are Tonight|Blue Is The Color Of Lonesome|I've Had A Time|32 Acres|Morristown|Where Rainbows Touch Down|Old Man In The Park|Mountain Laurel|With Half A Heart|Don't Give Up On Me|Shine Hallelujah Shine|Carpenter Of Wood|Crossing Of Jordan|Angels Rock Me To Sleep|Sweet Hour Of Prayer|First Time I Heard About Heaven|Pretty Red Wing|Eighteen Wheels|Don't Come Running|Jubilee Road*|I Know It's Wrong To Love You|Lee Berry Rye|Uncle Billy Play Your Fiddle For Me|(sampler)

A&M / (1983 - 1986)

Cardinals Class 0 | 0

Cover image of Cardinals ClassA&M SH-3731Oct / 1983
Pulleybone Gayden|Warm Kentucky Sunshine|Rolling Away|Is Your Heart Right With God|Country Poor And Country Proud|Way Out There|Thistles And Roses|Up And Down The Mountain|That Home Above|I've Heard The Wind Blow|Gravel In Your Shoe

Home Is Where The Heart Is 0 | 0

Cover image of Home Is Where The Heart IsA&M SH-3741Aug / 1984
Be Good To My Little Baby Girl|Rebel's Last Request|I Don't Believe You've Met My Baby|Home Is Where The Heart Is|Wicked Path Of Sin|Slowly|Five Days Of Heaven|Slowly Getting You Out Of The Way|It Rained|Tiny Broken Heart|Colorado|It's Mighty Dark To Travel

The Shining Path 0 | 0

Cover image of The Shining PathA&M SH-37511986
Wash The Feet Of Jesus|Bring Him Your Talents|Just Let Me Fall|Live Beyond The Grave|Shining Path|My Lord's Been A Walkin'|I Will|Way Down Deep In My Soul|Carpenter Shop|What Would I Do Without Your Son|That's The Way I Want To Go|Land Of The Living|Packin' Up And Gettin' Ready

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