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Leona Williams

Hickory / (1970 - 1972)

That Williams Girl   1 | 0

Cover image of That Williams GirlHickory LPS-151Feb / 1970
Circle Of Friends|I Narrowed This Triangle Down To Two|Papa's Medicine Show|Baby We're Really In Love|This Ain't A Home No More|When I Stop Dreaming|Once More|Broadminded|They'll Never Take His Love From Me|Woman's Man|Ten Minutes Till Heartaches|I Want Some More Of This|(¨28:01)

The Best   1 | 0

Cover image of The BestHickory LPS-165Aug / 1972
Happy Anniversary Baby|Gentleman On My Mind|Tom Lucas|Country Music In My Soul|Boys And Lucy Brown|Yes Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk)|Country Girl With Hot Pants On|He's Just You Made Over|Out Of Hand|Ain't That Fine|How Great Thou Art|(27:26)

DJM / (1977)

A Woman Walked Away   1 | 0

Cover image of A Woman Walked AwayDJM 220601977
Happy Anniversary Baby|Woman's Man|Broadminded|I Narrowed This Triangle Down To Two|This Ain't A Home No More|Anything Goes (Till Everything's Gone)|Ten Minutes Till Heartaches|They'll Never Take His Love From Me|When I Stop Dreaming|I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore|I Spent A Week There Last Night|He's Just You Made Over|Gentleman On My Mind|Yes Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk)|(33:23)

Tally / (1976)

San Quentin's First Lady   1 | 0

Cover image of San Quentin's First LadyTally MCA-2212Sep / 1976
Introduction|I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail|Cotton Eyed Joe|Prisons Aren't Only For Men|Goodbye Comes Hard For Me|I Wonder Where I'll Find You At Tonight|Workin' Girl Blues|If Anyone Ought To Know|Yes Ma'm This One Can|San Quentin|(29:13)

Mercury / (1983 - 1984)

Heart To Heart with Merle Haggard   1 | 0

Cover image of Heart To HeartMercury 812183Jun / 1983
Heart To Heart Talk|Let's Pretend We're Not Married Tonight|You Can't Break The Chains Of Love|Waltz Across Texas|We're Strangers Again (42/-)|Waitin' On The Good Life To Come|Don't Ever Let Your Lover Sleep Alone|It's Cold In California|I'll Never Be Free|Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down|(28:30)

Someday When Things Are Good   1 | 0

Cover image of Someday When Things Are GoodMercury 822424Oct / 1984
We Agree That We Must Be In Love|Someday When Things Are Good|More I See Of Those Cowboys|Midnight Love|You Sure Make Cheatin' Seem Easy|Telephone Line|You Take Me For Granted|I Dropped Your Name|Melted Down Memories|My First Night Away From Home|(28:37)

Loveshine / (1986)

A Taste Of Life 1 | 0

Cover image of A Taste Of LifeLoveshine xxx1986
No Love Line|Way It Was|Taste Of Life|Honky Tonk Moon|I've Got To Stop Lovin' You|Good Morning|You Weren't There|Rock Me To Sleep|Home Is Where My Heart Lies|Miracle|Virginia|Dad's Old Fiddle|(36:50)

Heart of Texas / (2004 - 2008)

Honorary Texan   1 | 0

Cover image of Honorary TexanHeart of Texas 104Oct / 2004
Yes Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk)|Don't Leave The Leaving Up To Me|Dance Till The Cows Come Home|You'd Be Home By Now|I've Called To Say I Love You One More Time|Arms Of A Fool|Things I Almost Had With You|Don't Sing Me No Songs About Texas|I Never Go Around Mirrors|Memories To Burn|Nobody's Darlin' But Mine|Goodbye Comes Hard For Me|I Walked From Dallas|Misery|(43:16)

I Love You Because   1 | 0

Cover image of I Love You BecauseHeart of Texas 113Nov / 2005
Before You Lose It All|I Fall Easy|Blue Darlin'|It's Tearing This Ole Heart Right Out Of Me|Yearning (To Kiss You)|Dallas|I Love You Because|I Barely Am Gettin' By|After I Sing All My Songs|Three Nickles And A Dime|From Dallas To Nashville With Love|Texas Fiddle Song|(34:33)

New Patches   1 | 0

Cover image of New PatchesHeart of Texas 135Sep / 2008
New Patches|I'm Too Good To Be Better Than Nothing Again|You Put Out An Old Flame Last Night|I'm Getting Better At Just Getting By These Days|Many Happy Hangovers To You|He's Just On My Mind Again|Somewhere In Colorado|When He Touches Me|Manhattan Kansas|I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)|Ole George|For God And Country|(32:48)

Leona / (1999 - 2009)

Melted Down Memories   1 | 0

Cover image of Melted Down MemoriesLeona LR-991999
I Ain't Gonna Think About You|Melted Down Memories|Guitar Pickin' Song|He's Just You Made Over|Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies|You Weren't There|Telephone Line|Someday When Things Are Good|Rock Me To Sleep|You Take Me For Granted|Broken Record|Where No One Stands Alone|I'm Almost Ready|My First Night Away From Home|(40:12)

Duets with Friends 1 | 0

Cover image of DuetsLeona LW-20082009
Best Friends|Waltz Across Texas|Where No One Stands Alone|We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds|Two Lips Away|Cheatin' Fire|Somewhere Between|Dear John Letter|If Teardrops Were Pennies|Wall|Each Season Changes You|Let's Pretend We're Not Married Tonight|Yearning (To Kiss You)|As Long As I Live|We Sure Make Good Love|Letter To George|(52:03)

Greatest Hits   0 | 0

Cover image of Greatest HitsLeona 20092009
I Can't Tell My Heart That|I'd Rather Die (Loving Him)|I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore|Since I'm Not With The One I Love|Somewhere Inside|Tom Lucas|Watch Her Go|Out Of Hand|Just Because Of You|I Just Wanted You To Be Proud Of Me|How Great Thou Art|Happy Anniversary Baby|Ain't That Fine|Anything Goes (Till Everything's Gone)|Babe Just For You|Everybody Loves Me But You|Once More|Country Girl With Hot Pants On|Yes Ma'm (He Found Me In A Honky Tonk)|Papa's Medicine Show|Baby We're Really In Love|This Ain't A Home No More|When I Stop Dreaming|Broadminded|Woman's Man|Ten Minutes Till Heartaches|I Want Some More Of This|He's Just You Made Over|Country Music In My Soul|Old Place Is Gone|Your Sunshine Girl|I Spent A Week There Last Night|If I'd Only Listened To Mama And Dad|Gentleman On My Mind|Woman's Life Is More Than Just A Man|Circle Of Friends|I Narrowed This Triangle Down To Two|(1:31:17)

Faith Works / (2008)

Sings Merle Haggard 1 | 0

Cover image of Sings Merle HaggardFaith Works 8926Jul / 2008
Workin' Girl Blues|Bottle Let Me Down|It's Not Love (But It's Not Bad)|Today I Started Loving You Again|If We're Not Back In Love By Monday|Daddy Frank (The Guitar Man)|You Take Me For Granted|Fightin' Side Of Me|Hungry Eyes|Someday When Things Are Good|If We Make It Through December|Okie From Muskogee|Everybody's Had The Blues / Trying Not To Love You / Someday We'll Be Together|(42:22)

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