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Pam Gadd

Vanguard / (1997)

The Long Road 1 | 1

Cover image of The Long RoadVanguard VCD-79507Jul / 1997
40 80 Or 10|Life Got In The Way|True Train|Patiently Waiting|All The Old Men Are Gone|Listening To The Rain|They Tore Down Our Mountain|I'd Rather Have Nobody|I Will Grow In Love With You|Big Buck|Grass Is Greener|Long Road|Ferris Wheel|(45:13)

OMS / (2001)

The Time Of Our Lives 1 | 1

Cover image of The Time Of Our LivesOMS 25060Feb / 2001
Virginia Man|If I Was A River|Hold Your Horses|Some Things Stay The Same|Acoustisizer|Go On|Blue Railroad Tracks|Whole Lot Of Heart|Living Room|Settling Down|Love Never Felt Like This|Ramble And Roll|Time Of Our Lives|(44:17)

HSH / (2008)

Benefit Of Doubt 1 | 0

Cover image of Benefit Of DoubtHSH 83008Dec / 2008
Hold Whatcha Got|Just Love Me|After The Fire Is Gone|Black Water Rock|Hit The Highway|Until She Makes It Home|There Ain't Nothing We Can't Do|AppleJack|Tennessee Hound Dog|Only Thing Left Between Us|Wrong Wrong Wrong|Benefit Of Doubt|Home Sweet Highway|Farewell Wagon Master|(45:52)

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