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Margaret Lewis

Ace / (1995)

Lonesome Bluebird 1 | 1

Cover image of Lonesome BluebirdAce 572Feb / 1995
Shake A Leg|One Today Another Tomorrow|Goin' To St. Louie|From The Cradle To The Blues|Roll Over Beethoven|Love Is A Fortune|Birmingham Valley Blues|You Can't Break My Heart No More|No No Never|Cheaters Can't Win|That's Why I Cry|Raggedy Ann And Player Piano|And There Was No You|Bow Wow Puppy Love|Dust My Blues|Those Lonely Lonely Nights|Reconsider Me|You Oughta See My Baby|It's Alright (You Can Go)|John De Lee (I Love You)|Full Grown Man|Emmitt Lee|Lover's Land|Baby Please Forgive Me|Every Time You Put Me Down|My Blue Eyed Boy|Look What You're Doing To Me|(1:10:08)

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