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Duane Eddy

Jamie / (1958 - 1962)

Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel   1 | 1

Cover image of Have Twangy Guitar Will TravelJamie JLPS-3000Nov / 1958
Lonesome Road|I Almost Lost My Mind|Rebel Rouser|Three Thirty Blues|Cannonball|Lonely One|Detour|Stalkin'|Ramrod|Anytime|Movin'n Groovin'|Loving You|(27:45)

Especially For You   1 | 0

Cover image of Especially For YouJamie JLPS-3006Jun / 1959
Peter Gunn|Only Child|Lover|Fuzz|Yep|Along The Navajo Trails|Just Because|Quiniela|Trouble In Mind|Tuxedo Junction|Hard Times|Along Came Linda|(32:50)

The Twang's The Thang   1 | 1

Cover image of The Twang's The ThangJamie JLPS-3009Jan / 1960
My Blue Heaven|Tiger Love And Turnip Greens|Last Minute Of Innocence|Route No. 1|You Are My Sunshine|St. Louis Blues|Night Train To Memphis|Battle|Trambone|Blueberry Hill|Rebel Walk|Easy|(38:39)

Songs Of Our Heritage   1 | 1

Cover image of Songs Of Our HeritageJamie JLPS-3011Jul / 1960
Cripple Creek|I Gave My Love A Cherry (The Riddle Song)|John Henry|Streets Of Laredo|Prisoner's Song|In The Pines|Old Joe Clark|Wayfaring Stranger|On Top Of Old Smokey|Mule Train|Scarlet Ribbons|(28:11)

$1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 1   1 | 0

Cover image of $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 1Jamie JLPS-3014Nov / 1960
Rebel Rouser|Cannonball|Quiet Three|Bonnie Came Back|Because They're Young|Theme From Moon Children|Movin'n Groovin'|Lonely One|First Love First Tears|Kommotion|Forty Miles Of Bad Road|Some Kinda Earthquake|(30:41)

Girls Girls Girls   1 | 0

Cover image of Girls Girls GirlsJamie JLPS-3019Jul / 1961
Brenda Medley|Sioux City Sue|Tammy|Big Liza|Mary Ann|Anette|Tuesday|Sweet Cindy|Patricia|Mona Lisa|Connie|Carol|(29:52)

$1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 2   1 | 0

Cover image of $1,000,000.00 Worth Of Twang 2Jamie JLPS-3021Jan / 1962
Battle|Cripple Creek|Theme From Dixie|John Henry|Drivin' Home|Prisoner's Song|Up And Down|Bobbie|Pepe|Lost Friend|Trambone|Gidget Goes Hawaiian

Twistin'   0 | 0

Cover image of Twistin'Jamie JLPS-3022Jul / 1962
Rebel Rouser Twist|Cannonball Twist|Ramrod Twist|Movin'n Groovin' Twist|Twisting Peter Gunn|Fuzzy Twist|Hard Times Twist|Sunshine Twist|Twisting Drivin' Home|Twisting Up And Down|Liza Jane Twist|Battle Twist

RCA Victor / (1962 - 1965)

Twistin'n' Twangin'   1 | 0

Cover image of Twistin'n' Twangin'RCA Victor LSP-2525Mar / 1962
Peppermint Twist|Twistin'n Twangin'|Let's Twist Again|Miss Twist|Sugartime Twist|Exactly Like You|Walkin'n Twistin' (I'm Walkin')|Dear Lady Twist|Moanin'n Twistin'|Country Twist|Twist|Twistin' Off A Cliff|(25:34)

Twangy Guitar Silky Strings   1 | 0

Cover image of Twangy Guitar Silky StringsRCA Victor LSP-2576Aug / 1962
High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)|Born To Be With You|Secret Love|Unchained Melody|When I Fall In Love|Mirriam|Moon River|Bali Ha'i|Hi-Lili Hi-Lo|Angel On My Shoulder|Memories Of Madrid|Love Me Tender|(32:24)

Dance With The Guitar Man   1 | 0

Cover image of Dance With The Guitar ManRCA Victor LSP-2648Dec / 1962
Dance With The Guitar Man|Limbo Rock|Wild Watusi|Scrape|New Hully Gully|Popeye (The Hitchhiker)|Spanish Twist|Climb|Loco-Locomotion|Nashville Stomp|Creamy Mashed Potatoes|Waltz Of The Wind|(30:04)

Twang A Country Song   1 | 1

Cover image of Twang A Country SongRCA Victor LSP-2681Apr / 1963
Sugarfoot Rag|Weary Blues From Waitin'|Fireball Mail|Please Help Me I'm Falling|Wildwood Flower|Precious Memories|Crazy Arms|Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)|Window Up Above|Satisfied Mind|Making Believe|Peace In The Valley|(33:14)

Twangin' Up A Storm   1 | 1

Cover image of Twangin' Up A StormRCA Victor LSP-2700Jul / 1963
Guitar Child|All You Gave To Me|Giddy Goose|Walk Right In|He's So Fine|Beach Bound|Mr. Guitar Man|Twangin' Up A Storm|My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar All Night Long|Guitar's And Feathered|Soldier Boy|Soul Twist|(27:40)

Lonely Guitar   1 | 0

Cover image of Lonely GuitarRCA Victor LSP-2798Jan / 1964
I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|Long Lonely Days Of Winter|Along Came Linda|Someday The Rainbow|Gunsmoke|Home In The Meadow|Danny Boy|Shenandoah|Summer Kiss|Is This My Destiny|Cryin' Happy Tears|Annie Laurie|(39:17)

Water Skiing   1 | 0

Cover image of Water SkiingRCA Victor LSP-2918Jul / 1964
Water Skiing|Slalom|Rooster Tail|Backward Swan|Whip Off|Jitterboard|Deep Water Start|Wake Ballet|Toe Hold Side Slide|Banana Peels|In Gear|Jumping The Wake|(27:54)

Twangin' The Golden Hits   0 | 0

Cover image of Twangin' The Golden HitsRCA Victor LSP-2993Jan / 1965
Rebel Rouser|Raunchy|Shangri-La|Last Date|Honky Tonk|Tequila|Stranger On The Shore|More|River Kwai March|Swingin' Shepherd Blues|Rumble|Theme From A Summer Place

Twangsville   1 | 0

Cover image of TwangsvilleRCA Victor LSP-3432Jul / 1965
Twangsville|Shindig|Gumshoe Blues|Marauder|Laughing Guitar|Feud|Do It|High Lonesome|Rebel Soul|Wish I Were With You|Fast Friendly Frolic On The Farm|Restless Pack|(28::14)

The Best Of Duane Eddy   0 | 0

Cover image of The Best Of Duane EddyRCA Victor LSP-3477Dec / 1965
Your Baby's Gone Surfin'|Rebel Rouser|Boss Guitar|My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His Guitar|Fireball Mail|High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)|Dance With The Guitar Man|Ballad Of Paladin|Deep In The Heart Of Texas|Lonely Boy Lonely Guitar|Limbo Rock|Wildwood Flower

Colpix / (1965 - 1966)

Duane A Go Go Go   1 | 0

Cover image of Duane A Go Go GoColpix PXL-490Aug / 1965
Trash|Puddin'|Movin'n Groovin'|Choo Choo A Go Go Toot Toot|Just To Satisfy You|Around The Block In 80 Days (March In A)|Cottonmouth|If You've Seen One You've Seen 'em All|South Phoenix|Dream Lover|Busted|I'm Blue|(27:43)

Does Bob Dylan   1 | 0

Cover image of Does Bob DylanColpix PXL-494Jan / 1966
Don't Think Twice It's All Right|House Of The Rising Sun|It Ain't Me Babe|Not The Lovin' Kind|She Belongs To Me|All I Really Want To Do|Houston|Love Minus Zero No Limit|Mr. Tambourine Man|Blowin' In The Wind|Swing Low Sweet Chariot|Eve Of Destruction|(29:46)

Reprise / (1966 - 1967)

The Biggest Twang Of Them All   0 | 0

Cover image of The Biggest Twang Of Them AllReprise RS-6218Jul / 1966
Moanin'n Twistin'|Twistin' Off A Cliff|This Guitar Was Made For Twangin'|Batman|Monday Monday|Strangers In The Night|Night Train|Ballad Of The Green Berets|Daydream|What Now My Love|Younger Girl|Where Were You When I Needed You|Groovy Kind Of Love|Name|Shazam|Some Kinda Earthquake|Avenger|Because They're Young

The Roarin' Twangies   0 | 0

Cover image of The Roarin' TwangiesReprise RS-6240Jan / 1967
Bye Bye Blues|Roarin'|Happy Girl|Goofus|American Patrol|Cut On The Town|Undecided|Born Free|St. Louis Blues March|Hello Dolly|String Of Pearls|Wicked Woman From Wickenburg

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