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Sherrie Austin

Arista / (1997 - 1999)

Words   (41/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of WordsArista 18843Jul / 1997
Lucky In Love (34/-)|Innocent Man (74/-)|One Solitary Tear (41/-)|Trouble In Paradise|That's No Way To Break A Heart|I Want To Fall In Love (So Hard It Hurts)|Words|Tenderly|Put Your Heart Into It (34/104)|You Keep On Lovin' Me|(35:26)

Love In The Real World   (14/150) 1 | 1

Cover image of Love In The Real WorldArista 18881Aug / 1999
Never Been Kissed (29/89)|Good Love Comin' On|Little Bird (49/-)|That's No Way To Break A Heart|Sarah|All The Love A Heart Can Hold|Dreaming Out Loud|Heart To Heart|Love In The Real World|Heart Hold On|All That Matters|Wish|(42:38)

Madacy / (2001)

Followin' A Feelin' (43/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Followin' A Feelin'Madacy 1161Mar / 2001
Followin' A Feelin'|Jolene (55/-)|Going Going Gone|Somethin' Missin' In The Kissin'|In The Meantime|My Brilliant Mistake|In Our Own Sweet Time|Love Melts Even The Coldest Hearts|Back Where I Belong|Time Love And Money|(32:55)

Broken Bow / (2003)

Streets Of Heaven (22/144) 1 | 0

Cover image of Streets Of HeavenBroken Bow 75872Aug / 2003
Singin' To The Scarecrow|Small Town Boy|Ride'em Cowgirl|Drivin' Into The Sun (50/-)|Fools Like Us|Somebody's Somebody|Love Unafraid|This Town Is That Small|Remind Me|I'm Still Fallin'|Streets Of Heaven (18/113)|Like A Cat|(48:18)

Circus / (2011)

Circus Girl 1 | 0

Cover image of Circus GirlCircus 001Nov / 2011
Circus Girl|Tryin' To Be Me|I Didn't|If I Was A Man|Just Want To Love You Tonight|Get Your Leavin' Done|He's All Yours|Bad For Me|Friday Night Girls|Sleep With Me|That Kind Of Happy|Streets Of Heaven|Naughty Or Nice|(44:45)

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