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Desert Rose Band

MCA / (1987 - 1991)

The Desert Rose Band   (24/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of The Desert Rose BandMCA 5991Jun / 1987
One Step Forward (2/-)|Love Reunited (6/-)|He's Back And I'm Blue (1/-)|Leave This Town|Time Between|Ashes Of Love (26/-)|One That Got Away|Once More|Glass Hearts|Hard Times|(31:14)

Running (26/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of RunningMCA 42169Aug / 1988
She Don't Love Nobody (3/-)|Running|Hello Trouble (Come On In) (11/-)|I Still Believe In You (1/-)|Summer Wind (2/-)|For The Rich Man|Step On Out|Homeless|Living In The House|Our Songs|(34:38)

Pages Of Life (17/187) 1 | 0

Cover image of Pages Of LifeMCA 42332Jan / 1990
Story Of Love (10/-)|Start All Over Again (6/-)|Missing You|Just A Memory|God's Plan|Darkness On The Playground|Our Baby's Gone|Time Passes Me By|Everybody's Hero|In Another Lifetime (12/-)|Desert Rose|(40:12)

A Dozen Roses (44/-) 0 | 0

Cover image of A Dozen RosesMCA 10018Jan / 1991
Love Reunited (6/-)|One Step Forward (2/-)|He's Back And I'm Blue (1/-)|She Don't Love Nobody (3/-)|Summer Wind (2/-)|I Still Believe In You (1/-)|Hello Trouble (Come On In) (11/-)|Start All Over Again (6/-)|Story Of Love (10/-)|Will This Be The Day (37/-)*|Come A Little Closer (65/-)*|Price I Pay*

True Love   1 | 0

Cover image of True LoveMCA 10407Oct / 1991
You Can Go Home (53/-)|It Takes A Believer|Twilight Is Gone (67/-)|No One Else|Matter Of Time|Undying Love|Behind These Walls|True Love|Glory And Power|Shades Of Blue|(34:05)

Curb / (1993)

Traditional 0 | 0

Cover image of TraditionalCurb 77602Jan / 1993
Undying Love|Once More|Price I Pay|True Love|Step On Out|Time Between|Our Songs|Missing You|Desert Rose|Hard Times

Life Goes On 1 | 0

Cover image of Life Goes OnCurb 474969Aug / 1993
What About Love|Night After Night|Walk On By|Love's Refugees|Life Goes On|That's Not The Way|Till It's Over|Hold On|Little Rain|Throw Me A Lifeline|(33:12)

(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country albums/ Top Pop albums
(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
  = Lyrics inside
* = Previously unissued on LP

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