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Lee Roy Parnell

Arista / (1990 - 1999)

Lee Roy Parnell   1 | 0

Cover image of Lee Roy ParnellArista AL-8625May / 1990
Oughta Be A Law (54/-)|Fifty-fifty Love|Where Is My Baby Tonight|Crocodile Tears (59/-)|Family Tree (73/-)|Let's Pretend|You're Taking Too Long|Mexican Money|Down Deep|Red Hot|(38:04)

Love Without Mercy   (66/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Love Without MercyArista AL1-8684Apr / 1992
What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am (2/-)|Back In My Arms Again|Rock (50/-)|Ain't No Short Way Home|Love Without Mercy (8/-)|Road Scholar|Night After Night|Done Deal|Tender Moment (2/-)|Roller Coaster|(36:39)

On The Road (59/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of On The RoadArista AL1-8739Oct / 1993
On The Road (6/-)|Country Down To My Soul|Power Of Love (51/-)|I'm Holding My Own (3/-)|They Don't Know You|Straight Shooter|Take These Chains From My Heart (17/-)|Wasted Time|Straight And Narrow|Fresh Coat Of Paint|(38:46)

Hits And Highways Ahead (63/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Hits And Highways AheadArista 18889Aug / 1999
She Won't Be Lonely Long (57/-)*|Heart's Desire (3/-)|Love Without Mercy (8/-)|On The Road (6/-)|Long Way To Fall*|Little Bit Of You (2/-)|I'm Holding My Own (3/-)|What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am (2/-)|When A Woman Loves A Man (12/-)|Tender Moment (2/-)|If The House Is Rockin'|John The Revelator|(46:37)

Career / (1995 - 1997)

We All Got Lucky Sometimes   (26/173) 1 | 0

Cover image of We All Got Lucky SometimesCareer 18790Aug / 1995
Little Bit Of You (2/-)|Knock Yourself Out|Heart's Desire (3/-)|When A Woman Loves A Man (12/-)|If The House Is Rockin'|We All Get Lucky Sometimes (46/-)|Saved By The Grace Of Your Love|Givin' Water To A Drowning Man (12/-)|I Had To Let It Go|Squeeze Me In|Cat Walk|(39:09)

Every Night's A Saturday Night   (53/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Every Night's A Saturday NightCareer 2-18841Jun / 1997
Lucky Me Lucky You|You Can't Get There From Here (39/-)|One Foot In Front Of The Other|All That Matters Anymore (50/-)|Every Night's A Saturday Night|Tender Touch|Better Word For Love|Honky Tonk Night Time Man|Baton Rouge|Mama Screw Your Wig On Tight|(36:00)

Vanguard / (2001)

Tell The Truth 1 | 0

Cover image of Tell The TruthVanguard 79589Jun / 2001
Right Where It Hurts|Crossin' Over|Breaking Down Slow|South By Southwest|Tell The Truth|I Declare|Brand New Feeling|Guardian Angel|Takes What It Takes|Love's Been Rough On Me|(52:44)

Universal / (2006)

Back To The Well 1 | 0

Cover image of Back To The WellUniversal 02672Mar / 2006
Back To The Well|Something Out Of Nothing|Just Lucky That Way|Old Soul|Don't Water It Down|Daddies And Daughters|You Can't Lose 'em All|Breaking The Chain|Hunger|That's All There Is|Saving Grace|Cool Breeze|(52:58)

(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country albums/ Top Pop albums
(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
  = Lyrics inside
* = Previously unissued on LP

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