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Lois Johnson

20th Century / (1975)

Lois Johnson   1 | 1

Cover image of Lois Johnson20th Century T-465Feb / 1975
Loving You Will Never Grow Old|She's Got You|Bring It On Home To The Woman|You Can Be Sure Of My Love|Precious Memories Follow Me|Come On In And Let Me Love You|You Know Just What I'd Do|You're The Rock Of Ages|If I Throw Away My Pride|Lonesome No. 1|(26:20)

LMI / (1984)

Country Favorites with Don Silvers 1 | 0

Cover image of Country FavoritesLMI 10261984
Loving You Will Never Growing Old|Play Me Another Hank Williams|Bring It On Home|Tear Down The World|Keep On Doing It (Till We Get It Right)|Goodby Chicago Hello San Antone|Chevrolet Memories And Cadillac Dreams|Come On In And Let Me Love You|I'm Your Friend|Merrily We Love Along|Talk To My Children's Mama|Hope For The Flowers|(30:48)

Step One / (1984)

Loveshine   1 | 0

Cover image of LoveshineStep One EMH-10041984
Too Old For Toys (The Song My Daddy Sang To Me)|Loveshine|You Are The Melody|Fallin' Out Of Love|I Can't Stand To hear You Say Goodbye|To The Other Woman|Baby Me Baby|Angel In My Arms|Careless Kind Of Heart|It Won't Be Easy|(31:27)

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