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Stonewall Jackson

Columbia / (1959 - 1972)

The Dynamic   1 | 1

Cover image of The DynamicColumbia CS-8186Oct / 1959
Waterloo (1/4)|Smoke Along The Track (24/-)|Life To Go (2/-)|Run|Carpet On The Floor|Man Has Cried|Uncle Sam And Big John Bull|Mary Don't You Weep (12/41)|Ward Of Broken Hearts|Why I'm Walkin' (6/83)|Let's Call It A Day|Black Sheep|(31:09)

The Sadness In A Song   1 | 1

Cover image of The Sadness In A SongColumbia CS-8570Apr / 1962
Sadness In A Song|One Look At Heaven (11/-)|Man Without A Home|Sweetheart Of The Town|Hungry For Love (27/-)|Greener Pastures (26/-)|Second Choice (18/-)|Lives Like Mine|Give In To The Blues|Everybody But Me|Sorrow's Tearing Down The House|Leona (9/-)|(29:40)

I Love A Song   (2/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of I Love A SongColumbia CS-8859Oct / 1963
Toast To The Bride|Don't Be Angry (4/-)|Water's So Cold|Wild Wild Wind (15/-)|Pins And Needles (In My Heart)|Big House On The Corner|Picket Sign|No One Will Ever Know|East Of West Berlin|You Haven't Heard|B.J. The D.J. (1/-)|Wound Time Can't Erase (3/-)|(30:42)

Trouble And Me   (15/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Trouble And MeColumbia CS-9078Jan / 1965
Old Showboat (8/-)|It's Not Me|Not My Kind Of People (24/-)|Give It Back To The Indians|There's A Limit|You Saw Me Off (But Will You See Me In)|I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (8/-)|I've Got To Change|Mama's Bible|Stateside|Trouble And Me (30/-)|I Could Have Gone Right|(29:11)

Greatest Hits   (20/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Greatest HitsColumbia CS-9177Jul / 1965
Don't Be Angry (4/-)|Life To Go (2/-)|Waterloo (1/4)|Smoke Along The Track (24/-)|Second Choice (18/-)|Why I'm Walkin' (6/83)|Wound Time Can't Erase (3/-)|Leona (9/-)|Old Showboat (8/-)|B.J The D.J. (1/-)|I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (8/-)|Lost In The Shuffle (22/-)*

The Exciting   1 | 0

Cover image of The ExcitingHarmony HS-11187Aug / 1966
Don't Be Angry|Tears On Her Bridal Bouquet|I'm Gonna Find You|(You're Right) I Need You Real Bad|Little Guy Called Joe (13/-)|Broken Heart A Wedding Band|Grieving In My Heart|Misery Known As Heartache|Wedding Bells For You And Him|Knock Off Your Naggin'|(30:53)

All's Fair In Love'n War   (5/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of All's Fair In Love'n WarColumbia CS-9309Sep / 1966
Minute Men (Are Turning In Their Graves) (24/-)|I Wish I Had A Girl|Blues Plus Booze (Means I Lose) (12/-)|Wedding Bells|All Together Now|Touch Me Not|Thankful For Your Love|This One Gets My Vote|Best I Have (Is Not Enough For You)|Still Awake|I Pawned My Past Today|(28:21)

Help Stamp Out Loneliness   (36/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Help Stamp Out LonelinessColumbia CS-9474Apr / 1967
Help Stamp Out Loneliness (5/-)|She'll Still Be Gone|You Can Check On Me|Wine Flowed Freely|Road To Recovery|We Could|Promises And Hearts (Were Made To Break)|If Teardrops Were Pennies|Fall That Pride Goes Before|Man Must Hide To Cry|Almost Hear The Blues|(25:49)

Country   1 | 1

Cover image of CountryColumbia CS-9526Nov / 1967
This World Holds Nothing (Since You're Gone) (27/-)|If This House Could Talk (24/-)|It's Such A Pretty World Today|I Threw Away The Rose|Gonna Find Me A Bluebird|Big Busy World|You're The Sad In My Song|There's No Reason To Be Living (Since You're Gone)|I Can't Dry Your Tears|It's Only Lonely Me|I'll Go Get The Tool Box|(27:20)

Thoughts Of A Lonely Man   0 | 0

Cover image of Thoughts Of A Lonely ManHarmony HS-11256Mar / 1968
I've Got To Change|Thankful For Your Love|Carpet On The Floor|Man Without A Home|I Can't Go On Living This Way|Second Choice (18/-)|Everybody But Me|One Look At Heaven (11/-)|For The Last Time

Nothing Takes The Place Of Loving You   (34/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Nothing Takes The Place Of Loving YouColumbia CS-9669May / 1968
Nothing Takes The Place Of Loving You (39/-)|If Heartaches Were Wine|Mary Don't You Weep|Have I Told You Lately That I Love You|My Song|I Believe In Love (31/-)|How Many Lies Can I Tell|Past Is All The Future I See|Waltz Of The Wind|Almost Hear The Blues|Drinking And Driving|(24:15)

The Great Old Songs   (38/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of The Great Old SongsColumbia CS-9708Oct / 1968
I'm Just Here To Get My Baby Out Of Jail|Tragic Romance|Red River Valley|Shackles And Chains|Knoxville Girl|Ode To Cowboy Jack|Black Sheep|Mother The Queen Of My Heart|Soldier's Last Letter|Letter Edged In Black|Wanderin' Boy's Last Letter|(32:14)

The Old Country Church   1 | 1

Cover image of The Old Country ChurchColumbia CS-9754Jan / 1969
Jesus Hold My Hand|Old Country Church|Where Could I Go But To The Lord|Something Got A Hold On Me|Kneel At The Cross|Save A Little Place For Me|Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus|Tree For The Cross|Mama's Bible|Farther Along|What A Friend We Have In Jesus|(30:06)

Greatest Hits 2   1 | 0

Cover image of Greatest Hits 2Columbia CS-9770Apr / 1969
Old Showboat (8/-)|If Heartaches Were Wine|Angry Words (16/-)|Mary Don't You Weep (12/41)|If This House Could Talk|Promises And Hearts (Were Made To Break) (15/-)|Help Stamp Out Loneliness (5/-)|One Look At Heaven (11/-)|Greener Pastures (26/-)|Little Guy Called Joe (13/-)|Hungry For Love (27/-)

I Pawned My Past Today   1 | 0

Cover image of I Pawned My Past TodayHarmony HS-11324May / 1969
Black Sheep|Slowly*|Water's So Cold|Mary Don't You Weep (12/41)|If Teardrops Were Pennies|I Pawned My Past Today|There's A Limit|Poor Red Georgia Dirt*|Sixteen Fathoms*|(24:01)

A Tribute To Hank Williams   1 | 0

Cover image of A Tribute To Hank WilliamsColumbia CS-9880Jul / 1969
Here's To Hank|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|Lovesick Blues|Cold Cold Heart|I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)|I Heard That Lonesome Whistle|Your Cheatin' Heart|Take These Chains From My Heart|You Win Again|Mansion On The Hill|Let's Turn Back The Years|(28:22)

The Lonesome In Me   1 | 0

Cover image of The Lonesome In MeColumbia CS-9994Apr / 1970
Ship In The Bottle (19/-)|Morals Of A Man|I Miss You Most In The Winter Time|Better Days For Mama (72/-)|Lonesome In Me|Thoughts Of A Lonely Man|Never More Quote The Raven (25/-)|Difference Between Going And Really Gone|Blues Plus Booze (Means I Lose)|Harm You've Done|Somebody's Always Leaving (52/-)|(25:29)

The Real Thing   1 | 0

Cover image of The Real ThingColumbia C-30254Sep / 1970
Wings Of A Dove|Today I Started Loving You Again|Little Ole Wine Drinker Me|Before I Met You|Cold Hard Facts Of Life|Plenty Of Everything But You|Oh Lonesome Me (63/-)|Why I'm Walkin'|Honky Tonk Girl|Born That Way (72/-)|Blue Field|(28:17)

At The Grand Ole Opry 1 | 0

Cover image of At The Grand Ole OpryColumbia C-30469Mar / 1971
Don't Be Angry|I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water|Why I'm Walkin'|Life To Go|Black Sheep|Wildwood Flower|Wound Time Can't Erase|Angry Words|Never More Quote The Raven|Old Showboat|Waterloo|(27:45)

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo   1 | 1

Cover image of Me And You And A Dog Named BooColumbia C-30924Oct / 1971
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (7/-)|Nashville|Joy To The World|Waiting For A Train|Step Aside|Think I'll Go Somewhere And Cry Myself ToSleep|Push The Panic Button|Waitin' For Dawn Till Dawn|Crazy Heart|Please Help Me I'm Falling|Half As Much|(28:35)

The World Of Stonewall Jackson 1 | 0

Cover image of The World Of Stonewall JacksonColumbia KG-31411Jun / 1972
Waterloo (1/4)|Don't Be Angry (4/-)|Mary Don't You Weep (12/41)|Wound Time Can't Erase (3/-)|B.J. The D.J. (1/-)|Blues Plus Booze (Means I Lose) (12/-)|I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water (8/-)|Life To Go (2/-)|Old Showboat (8/-)|Angry Words (16/-)|Help Stamp Out Loneliness (5/-)|Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (7/-)|If This House Could Talk (24/-)|Greener Pastures (26/-)|Never More Quote The Raven (25/-)|Why I'm Walkin' (6/83)|Promises And Hearts (Were Made To Break) (15/-)|That's All This Old World Needs (51/-)*|Leona (9/-)|Smoke Along The Track (24/-)|Blue Field|Little Guy Called Joe (13/-)|(55:53)

GRT / (1976)

Greatest Hits 1 | 0

Cover image of Greatest HitsGRT 80071976
Waterloo|Don't Be Angry|I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water|Why I'm Walkin'|Don't Be Late|Life To Go|B.J. The D.J.|Herman Schwartz (41/-)|Read Between The Lines|Wound Time Can't Erase|(36:32)

Little Darlin / (1979)

Platinum Country 1 | 0

Cover image of Platinum CountryLittle Darlin LDA-07931979
Waterloo|B.J. The D.J.|Mary Don't You Weep|Angry Words|Old Showboat|Blue Field|Leona|Slowly|Long Black Veil|Sunny Side Of The Mountain|(27:08)

Bad Ass 1 | 0

Cover image of Bad AssLittle Darlin SP-10379Jun / 1979
My Favorite Sin|I Can't Sing A Love Song|Pint Of No Return|Come On Home And Have Your Next Affair With Me|Spirits Of St. Louis|Alcohol Of Fame|Things That Lovers Do|We're The Kind Of People That Make The Jukebox Play|Don't Say Nothin' AtAll|Jesus Took The Outlaw OutOf Me|(29:21)

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(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
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* = Previously unissued on LP

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