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Marianne Faithfull

Decca / London / Castle / (1964 - 1985)

Come My Way 1 | 0

Cover image of Come My WayDecca LK-46881964
Come My Way|Jaberwock|Portland Town|House Of The Rising Sun|Spanish Is A Loving Tongue|Fare Thee Well|Lonesome Traveller|Down In The Salley Garden|Mary Ann|Full Fathom Five|Four Strong Winds|Black Girl|Once I Had A Sweetheart|Bells Of Freedom|(32:40)

Marianne Faithfull (-/12) 1 | 0

Cover image of Marianne FaithfullDecca LK-46891964
Come And Stay With Me (-/26)|If I Never Get To Love You|Time Takes Time|He'll Come Back To Me|Downtown|Plaisir D'amour|Can't You Hear My Heartbeat|As Tears Go By (-/22)|Paris Bells|They Never Will Leave You|What Have They Done To The Rain|In My Time Of Sorrow|What Have I Done Wrong|I'm A Loser|(56:14)

Go Away From My World (-/81) 1 | 0

Cover image of Go Away From My WorldLondon LL-3452Aug / 1965
Go Away From My World (-/89)|Yesterday|Come My Way|Last Thing On My Mind|How Should True Love|Wild Mountain Time|Summer Nights (-/24)|Mary Ann|Scarborough Fair|Lullabye|North Country Maid|Sally Free And Easy|(28:38)

North Country Maid 1 | 0

Cover image of North Country MaidDecca LK-4778Apr / 1966
Green Are Your Eyes|Scarborough Fair|Cockleshells|Last Thing On My Mind|First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)|Sally Free And Easy|Sunny Goodge Street|How Should I Your True Love Know|She Moved Through The Fair|North Country Maid|Lullaby|Wild Mountain Thyme|(35:17)

Faithfull Forever (-/147) 1 | 0

Cover image of Faithfull ForeverLondon LL-3482Sep / 1966
Counting|Tomorrow's Calling|First Time Ever (I Saw Your Face)|With You In Mind|In The Night Time|Ne Me Quitte Pas|Monday Monday|Some Other Spring|That's Right Baby|Lucky Girl|I'm The Sky|I Have A Love|(33:48)

Love In A Mist 1 | 0

Cover image of Love In A MistDecca SKL-4854Mar / 1967
Yesterday|You Can't Go Where The Roses Go|Our Love Has Gone|Don't Make Promises|In The Night Time|Little Bird|Ne Me Quitte Pas|Counting|Reason To Believe|Coquillages|With You In Mind|Young Girl Blues|Good Guy|I Have A Love|(48:22)

Greatest Hits 1 | 0

Cover image of Greatest HitsLondon PS-5471969
As Tears Go By|Little Bird|Summer Nights (-/24)|Scarborough Fair|Monday Monday|Come And Stay With Me (-/28)|Is This What I Get For Loving You*|Yesterday|Tomorrow's Calling|In My Time Of Sorrow|Go Away From My World|(28:52)

Rich Kid Blues 1 | 0

Cover image of Rich Kid BluesCastle DIAB-8611985
Rich Kid Blues|Long Black Veil|Sad Lisa|It's All Over Now Baby Blue|Southern Butterfly|Chords Of Fame|Visions Of Johanna|It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry|Beware Of Darkness|Corrine Corrina|Mud Slide Slim|Crazy Lady Blues|(40:56)

Nems / (1976 - 1978)

Dreamin' My Dreams   1 | 1

Cover image of Dreamin' My DreamsNems 6007Mar / 1976
Dreaming My Dreams With You|Fairy Tale Hero|This Time|I'm Not Lisa|Way You Want Me To Be|Wrong Road Again|All I Wanna Do In Life|I'm Looking For Blue Eyes|Somebody Loves You|Vanilla O'Lay|Lady Madelaine|Sweet Little Sixteen|(52:33)

Faithless   1 | 1

Cover image of FaithlessNems 60121978
Dreaming My Dreams With You|Vanilla O'Lay|Wait For Me Down By The River|I'll Be Your Baby Tonight|Lady Madelaine|All I Wanna Do In Life|Way You Want Me To Be|Wrong Road Again|That Was The Day (Nashville)|This Time|I'm Not Lisa|It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels|(41:48)

Island / (1979 - 1995)

Broken English (-/82) 1 | 0

Cover image of Broken EnglishIsland M-1Nov / 1979
Broken English|Witches Song|Brain Drain|Guilt|Ballad Of Lucy Jordan|What's The Hurry|Working Class Hero|Why D'Ya Do It|(37:48)

Dangerous Acquaintances (-/104) 1 | 0

Cover image of Dangerous AcquaintancesIsland ILPS-9648Sep / 1981
Sweetheart|Intrigue|Easy In The City|Strange One|Tenderness|For Beautie's Sake|So Sad|Eye Communication|Truth Bitter Truth|(37:15)

A Child's Adventure 1 | 0

Cover image of A Child's AdventureIsland ILPS-9734Mar / 1983
Times Square|Blue Millionaire|Falling From Grace|Morning Come|Ashes In My Hand|Running For Our Lives|Ireland|She's Got A Problem|(37:28)

Trouble In Mind with Mark Isham 0 | 0

Cover image of Trouble In MindIsland 905011986
Trouble In Mind (The Return)|Pleasure In Old Sufferings|To Forget For A Moment|Members Only|Conflict Beyond Understanding|Invitation|Interests Persued|Matter Of Conflict|Trouble In Mind (Reprise)|Halves Of A Dream|Confidence From An Old Friend|Postponement Of Virtue|Intimacy|Arrival|By Way Of Preparation Down The Hill|Touch Of Iago|Hawk (El Gavilan)|(soundtrack)

Strange Weather 1 | 0

Cover image of Strange WeatherIsland 90613Jul / 1987
Stranger Intro|Boulevard Of Broken Dreams|I Ain't Goin' Down To The Well No More|Yesterdays|Sign Of Judgement|Strange Weather|Love Life And Money|I'll Keep It With Mine|Hello Stranger|Penthouse Serenade (When We're Alone)|As Tears Go By|Stranger On Earth|(38:12)

Blazing Away 1 | 0

Cover image of Blazing AwayIsland 99571990
Les Prisons Du Roy|Strange Weather|Guilt|Working Class Hero|Sister Morphine|As Tears Go By|Why D'Ya Do It|When I Find My Life|Ballad Of Lucy Jordan|Times Square|Blazing Away|She Moved Through The Fair|Broken English|(1:12:42)

A Secret Life 1 | 0

Cover image of A Secret LifeIsland 096Mar / 1995
Prologue|Sleep|Love In The Afternoon|Flaming September|She|Bored By Dreams|Losing|Wedding|Stars Line Up|Epilogue|(35:22)

RCA / (1997 - 1998)

20th Century Blues 1 | 0

Cover image of 20th Century BluesRCA Victor 38656Jan / 1997
Alabama Song|Want To Buy Some Illusions|Pirate Jenny|Salomon Song|Boulevard Of Broken Dreams|Complainte De La Seine|Ballad Of The Soldier's Wife|Intro|Mon Ami My Friend|Falling In Love Again|Mack The Knife|20th Century Blues|Don't Forget Me|Surabaya Johnny|Street Singer's Farewell|(54:03)

The Seven Deadly Sins 1 | 0

Cover image of The Seven Deadly SinsRCA Victor 60119Nov / 1998
Prolog|Sloth|Pride|Anger|Gluttony|Lust|Covetousness|Envy|Epilogue|Alabama Song|Ballad Of Sexual Dependency|Bilbao Song|Pirate Jenny|(50:46)

Instinct / (1999)

Vagabond Ways 1 | 0

Cover image of Vagabond WaysInstinct 515Apr / 1999
Vagabond Ways|Incarceration Of A Flower Child|File It Under Fun From The Past|Electra|Wilder Shores Of Love|Marathon Kiss|For Wanting You|Great Expectations|Tower Of Song|After The Ceasefire|(43:03)

Virgin / (2002)

Kissin' Time 1 | 0

Cover image of Kissin' TimeVirgin 12009Feb / 2002
Sex With Strangers|Pleasure Song|Like Being Born|I'm On Fire|Wherever I Go|Song For Nico|Sliding Through Life On Charm|Love And Money|Nobody's Fault|Kissin Time|I'm Into Something Good|(47:58)

Naive / (2005 - 2014)

Before The Poison 1 | 0

Cover image of Before The PoisonNaive 161Jan / 2005
Mystery Of Love|My Friends Have|Crazy Love|Last Song|No Child Of Mine|Before The Poison|There Is A Ghost|In The Factory|Desperanto|City Of Quartz|(41:00)

Easy Come Easy Go 1 | 0

Cover image of Easy Come Easy GoNaive 814461Nov / 2008
Down From Dover|Hold On Hold On|Solitude|Crane Wife 3|Easy Come Easy Go|Ooh Baby Baby|Kimbie|Children Of Stone|Phoenix|In Germany Before The War|Dear God Please Help Me|Salvation|Somewhere (There's A Place For Us)|Many A Mile To Freedom|Black Coffee|Flandyke Shore|How Many Worlds|Sing Me Back Home|(1:25:17)

Horses And High Heels 1 | 0

Cover image of Horses And High HeelsNaive 822861Jan / 2011
Stations|Why Did We Have To Part|That’s How Every Empire Falls|No Reasons|Prussian Blue|Love Song|Gee Baby|Goin' Back|Past Present And Future|Horses And High Heels|Back In Baby’s Arms|Eternity|Old House|(52:18)

Give My Love To London 1 | 0

Cover image of Give My Love To LondonNaive 832061Sep / 2014
Give My Love To London|Sparrows Will Sing|True Lies|Love More Or Less|Late Victorian Holocaust|Price Of Love|Falling Back|Deep Water|Mother Wolf|Going Home|I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes)|(39:38)

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