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Artist profile

Loretta Lynn

Chapter 6

I Like 'em Country

I Like 'em Country - image of cover

(# 2 top country album)

Decca DL-74744
Mar / 1966

Produced by Owen Bradley

Artist profile

Bill Anderson

Volume 21

All The Lonely Women In The World

All The Lonely Women In The World - image of cover

(# 14 top country album)

Decca DL-75344
May / 1972

Produced by Owen Bradley

Break album

Another Night Of Love

Freddy Weller

Another Night Of Love - image of cover

(# 22 top country album)

Columbia C-30638
Apr / 1971

Produced by Billy Sherrill

Only The Greatest

Waylon Jennings

Only The Greatest - image of cover

(# 12 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4023
Jul / 1968

Produced by Chet Atkins

Bright Lights And Country Music

Rick Nelson

Bright Lights And Country Music - image of cover

Decca DL-74779
May / 1966

Produced by Charles Bud Dant

Roger And Out

Roger Miller

Roger And Out - image of cover

(# 3 top country album)
(# 37 top pop album)

Smash SRS-67049
May / 1964

Produced by Jerry Kennedy

Rockin' With The Rhythm


Rockin' With The Rhythm - image of cover

(# 1 top country album)
(# 66 top pop album)

RCA Victor AHL1-7042
Oct / 1985

Produced by Brian Maher

On The Bandstand

Buck Owens

On The Bandstand - image of cover

(# 2 top country album)

Capitol ST-1879
Apr / 1963

Produced by Ken Nelson

Goldie Sings Again

Goldie Hill

Goldie Sings Again - image of cover

Epic BN-26352
Jan / 1968

Produced by Don Law

In Memory

Hawkshaw Hawkins & Cowboy Copas

In Memory - image of cover

King 835

Bluegrass corner

Widow Maker

Jimmy Martin

Widow Maker - image of cover

Decca DL-74536
Jun / 1964

Radio Boogie

Hot Rize

Radio Boogie - image of cover

Flying Fish FF-231

Produced by Victor Garrett

Gospel hour

Hand In Hand With Jesus

Skeeter Davis

Hand In Hand With Jesus - image of cover

RCA Victor LSP-3763
May / 1967

Produced by Felton Jarvis

The Weapon Of Prayer

Louvin Brothers

The Weapon Of Prayer - image of cover

Capitol ST-1721
May / 1962

Petr's choice

The Day The Rains Came

Jane Morgan

The Day The Rains Came - image of cover

Kapp KL-1105

Produced by David Kapp

With Strings Attached

Sue Thompson

With Strings Attached - image of cover

Hickory LPS-130

Produced by Wesley Rose

My Heart Cries For You

Connie Francis

My Heart Cries For You - image of cover

MGM SE-4487
Aug / 1967

Produced by Bob Morgan

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