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Richard Dobson

Rinconada / (1976 - 1988)

In Texas Last December 0 | 0

Cover image of In Texas Last DecemberRinconada RJD-10011976
In Texas Last December|Learning To Forget You|It's Not Long|Close But No Cigar|I Got Twenty Dollars|Baby Ride Easy|Piece Of Wood And Steel|Bus Stop Coffee|In The Name Of Love

Big Taste 0 | 0

Cover image of Big TasteRinconada RCDR-20011978
Coyote Waltz|Walkin' Blues|Hard By The Highway|Never Say Never|Jesus Take Me Fishin'|Salty Kisses|Stranger|Over All Over|Foolin' Around|Lookin' Out

Save The World 0 | 0

Cover image of Save The WorldRinconada RJD-10031984
Roughneck Occupation|Loving Yolanda|I Love You|Ballad Of Robin Winter Smith|Song For Richard Mock|Turn In The Barrel|But For Mama|Sailing|Between Husbands And Wives|Save The World

True West 0 | 0

Cover image of True WestRinconada RJD-10041986
Always One More River|Forever For Always For Certain|So Have I|Lay It Down And Walk Away|Bless Your Heart|Too Young To Die Old|You Ain't Gonna Do It To Me|She Almost Reminds Me Of You|Where Do The Dreams Go|Master Of Love|Goosebumps|Have You Hugged Your Kid Today

The Station Inn with State Of The Heart 0 | 0

Cover image of The Station InnRinconada RJD-10051988
Living With A Loaded Gun|Never Trust A Rounder|You Ain't Gonna Do It To Me|Baby Ride Easy|Useful Girl|White Freightliner Blues|There Oughta Be A Law|Piece Of Wood And Steel|Living And Dying For Love|Ballad Of Robin Winter Smith|(live)

Brambus / (1990 - 2013)

Hearts And Rivers with State Of The Heart 1 | 0

Cover image of Hearts And RiversBrambus BRA-1990141990
Big Two Hearted River|Country Boy With A Rock And Roll Heart|Texas River Song|No Rolling Stone|Down In Lafayette|Cost Me A Heart|Molly And Dan|Old Man Collecting Cans|Don't Know Why Blues|Heart Good As New|Living With A Loaded Gun|Rasputin|That's Right|Without You|Liar's Polka|Rock And Soft Place|Love Train|(59:46)

Blue Collar Blues with State Of The Heart 1 | 0

Cover image of Blue Collar BluesBrambus BRA-1992391992
Blue Collar Blues|Pony Riddle|I Give Myself Away|Mexican Honeymoon|Whole Lotta Love|Hearts Are Like Horses|Foley|Border Town|Moving On|Rose Is A Rose|Hole In My Heart|Never Say Never|Vibe|Uncertain Texas|(43:15)

Amigos 0 | 0

Cover image of AmigosBrambus BRA-1994501994
White Freightliner Blues|Buckskin Stallion|Catfish Song|Poncho And Lefty|Come Tomorrow|No Place To Fall|Quick Silver Daydreams Of Maria|Loretta|If I Needed You|Snowing On Raton|Don't You Take It Too Bad|Dollar Bill Blues|Two Girls|Tumstyled Junkpile|Still Looking For You

Mankind 0 | 0

Cover image of MankindSundown 21201994
Mankind|Baby Ride Easy|Living And Dying For Love|Blackberry Blossom|Blue In Susie's Eyes|That's Right|Old Friends|Foley|Down In Lafayette|Next Year Better|Piece Of Wood And Steel|63 Mercury|Useful Girl|Ballad Of Robin Winter Smith

One Bar Town 1 | 0

Cover image of One Bar TownBrambus BRA-1995681995
Long Long Way|One Bar Town|You Can't Love Nobody (If You Don't Love Yourself)|When Souls Collide|Money Talks|Bus Stop Coffee|Ballad Of Captain Blake|Incident In The Houston Post|Stranger|Doing The Same Old Thing|Burning That Candle|Faded Loves And Memories|I Want To Be Your Microphone|Big Red Sun|Que Se Yo (What Do I Know)|Amsterdam|(46:44)

Love Only Love 0 | 0

Cover image of Love Only LoveBrambus BRA-1996811996
So Afraid Of Love|Jack The Lad|Love Never Free|Low Rider Moon|I'm Not Afraid Of Forever Anymore|I Keep On Missing You|Ni La Vuelvo A Prestar|For Your Sweet Kiss|Rise To The Occasion|Love Only Love|Since I Met You Baby

Salty Songs 0 | 0

Cover image of Salty SongsBrambus BRA-1998001998
Coda 1|I Believe|Bordertown|Talk Dirty To Me|Hard By The Highway|Coda 2|Hit Me Like A Train|Living And Dying For Love|Rock And Soft Place|Coda 3|Hello Blue Bird|Mankind|Without You|Between Husbands And Wives|Coda 4|Since You've Been Gone|Molly And Dan|Let It Go|Coda 5

Global Village Garage 0 | 0

Cover image of Global Village GarageA&M 19991999
Just To Hold You Through The Night|Rocking To The Rhythm Of The World|Gator Bait|Going To The Roundhouse|Sweet Spot|Place Called Idaho|Back To The Island|Lonesome Riding Shotgun|Ruester's Song|Long Liner|Ballad Of Chipita And Karla Faye|String Along With You|Long Gone Love Song|Blues With No Reason|They Call It Music City

Hum Of The Wheels 1 | 0

Cover image of Hum Of The WheelsBrambus 2001482001
Hum Of The Wheels|Trying To Keep My Feet On The Ground|Magic And Danger|Fairest Outlaw|I Give Myself Away|Whoa Back|It's The Women Who Choose|Who Kiles Jack Rabbit|Coyote Waltz|Ain't It Like A Circle|Sant'anna|Next Year Better|(41:49)

Doppelgaenger with Thomm Jutz 1 | 0

Cover image of DoppelgaengerBrambus 20026522002
Woody Knows Nothing|Small Town Hero|Forever For Always For Certain|Boll Weevil Song|I Ain't Got No Home|Uncertain Texas|No Blue Song|Woody Went Down In The Deep Hold|Jesus Take Me Fishing|Pastures Of Plenty|Across The Wide Missouri|So Have I|May You Glide Like A River / Birthday Song|(41:59)

A River Will Do 0 | 0

Cover image of A River Will DoBrambus 2003842003
River Will Do|Nothing Holy In The Holy Land|Houston Town|Down On The Trinity River|Hills Of Kosovo|River Runs Through It|Tengo Que Volar|Million To One|Homemade Kites|Kathleen|At The End Of The Day|Texas Is One Song Away

On Thistledown Wind 0 | 0

Cover image of On Thistledown WindBrambus 2006142003
Come On Baby Let's Dance|Ballad Of Harpoon Barry|She Was Just A Little Crazy|On Thistledown Wind|Infidel|Red Headed Woman|Queen Of My Heart|Scissortail Bird|Down Along The Reeperbahn|Month Of Mondays (A Song For The Muse)|Slave To The Restless Wind|New Morning Song

Back At The Red Shack 1 | 0

Cover image of Back At The Red ShackBrambus 2007222007
63 Mercury|Aunt Betty's Lament|Aye Chihuahua|Baby Ride Easy|Suited Me|Living And Dying For Love|There Ought To Be A Law|Never Say Never|Close Calls|Over All Over|Salty Kisses|Hard By The Highway|Hard Work Talking Blues|(39:52)

From A Distant Shore 0 | 0

Cover image of From A Distant ShoreBrambus 2009482009
Long Haul Hard Traveling Man|Old Wild Country|Windows Of The Soul|Little Behind My Shoes|It's Been This Way Forever|Winners|Let Tomorrow Come|Let's Talk Trash|That Was Then And This Is Now|Old Rhythm Rebel|From A Distant Shore

Here In The Garden 0 | 0

Cover image of Here In The GardenBrambus 20132013
Here In The Garden|Black Crow|Stage At Leipers Fork|Moon Is For Lovers|It's About Time|Tequila And Chamomile Tea|Brave New World Out There|Tractor Supply|I Hear Singing|One To Run The River With|G.T.T (Gone To Texas)

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