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Cledus Maggard

Mercury / (1976)

The White Knight   (4/135) 1 | 1

Cover image of The White KnightMercury SRM1-1072Feb / 1976
Kentucky Moonrunner|Mercy Day|Dad I Gotta Go|C.B. Rock|White Knight (1/19)|Jaw Jackin'|Who We Got On Thet End (You're The Only Friend I Got)|Cledus' C.B. Lingo Dictionary|C.B.'76

Two More Sides   (62/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Two More SidesMercury SRM1-1112Oct / 1976
Bring Back The Miniskirt|What Are They Teachin' My Boy Floyd|I Can't Remember A Time Without You|Bear Blue|Little Nags|Torn Flag|Poppin' Um|Banama Bowl|Martian Modulation|One Small Pearl|Virgil And The 300 Dollar Vacation (73/-)|(36:13)

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