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Willis Brothers

Starday / (1962 - 1971)

In Action 1 | 0

Cover image of In ActionStarday SLP-1631962
Everlovin' Dixieland|Pretty Diamonds|Old Chisholm Trail|Jack A Diamond|Billy The Kid|It's The Miles|Black Jack David|Y'all Come|Blood On The Saddle|Big Daddy|Little Footprints In The Snow|Roving Gambler|Tattooed Lady|Patonia|(34:47)

The Code Of The West 1 | 0

Cover image of The Code Of The WestStarday SLP-2291963
Wagon Train|Cimarron (Roll On)|Cool Water|Rye Whiskey|That Pioneer Mother Of Mine|Buffalo Gals|Cody Of The Pony Express|Streets Of Laredo|Tumbling Tumbleweeds|Missouri|Red River Valley|I've Been Working On The Railroad|I Still Do|Strawberry Roan|Ace In The Hole|Battle Hymn Of The Republic|Oh Susannah (Ending)|(32:11)

Give Me Forty Acres   1 | 0

Cover image of Give Me Forty AcresStarday SLP-3231965
Give Me Forty Acres (9/-)|Love Avenue|Blazing Smokestack|Strange Old Town|Truck Driving Sam|Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox|Truck Stop Cutie|One Thousand Acres|Wheels A Turnin'|I Just Broke Up With My Baby|When I Come Driving Thru|Too Early To Get Up|(29:08)

Road Stop - Jukebox Hits   1 | 0

Cover image of Road Stop - Jukebox HitsStarday SLP-3531965
Pinball Anonymous|Gotta Have My Baby All The Time|Private Lee From Tennessee|Woke Up Love And Warmed Over Coffee|Credit Card|Y'all Come|Six Foot Two By Four|Who's Next On Your List|Gonna Swing Till My Rope Breaks|Love Thy Neighbor|Dig A Little Deeper|Satisfied Mind|(26:33)

The Wild Side Of Life   1 | 0

Cover image of The Wild Side Of LifeStarday SLP-3691966
Wild Side Of Life|Color Of The Blues|Good Girl Bad|I'm Ragged But I'm Right|Room Across The Hall|Pretty Diamonds|Invitation To The Blues|Nobody's Business (But My Own)|Three Sheets In The Wind|When The Lights Go Dim Downtown|Don't Let My Glass Run Dry|Waltzing With Sin|(30:45)

Goin' To Town   1 | 0

Cover image of Goin' To TownStarday SLP-3871966
Goin' To Town|Don't Let Me Do It|One Man's Sugar|Ruby Ann|Soft Shoulders|Bringing Mary Home|Ain't It Funny|Pay Pay Pay|Behind The Footlights|She's My Antibiotic|Show Her Lots Of Gold|Diamonds For Ruby|(31:20)

Travelin' And Truck Driver Hits 1 | 0

Cover image of Travelin' And Truck Driver HitsNashville NLP-20401967
Blazing Smoke Stack|Convoy In The Sky|Hi Ballin'|Truck Stop Cutie|When I Come Driving Thru|Truck Driving Sam|Long Haul Weekend|Gear Shiftin'|Wheels A Turning|Truck Driver's Queen|(20:06)

Bob   1 | 1

Cover image of BobStarday SLP-4031967
Bob|Too Hot To Handle|End Of The Road|Goodbye New Orleans|Rosebuds And You|Drivin' In My Blood|Ring Of Fire|Weekend Willie|You Are The One|I Found My Girl In The U.S.A.|Stick Your Finger In A Glass Of Water|Miller's Cave|(27:49)

Y'all Come / Satisfied Mind 1 | 0

Cover image of Y'all Come / Satisfied MindNashville NLP-20531968
Private Lee From Tennessee|Waltzing With Sin|Diesel Smoke On Danger Road*|Pretty Diamonds|Satisfied Mind|Y'all Come|Good Girl Bad|Gonna Buy Me Jukebox|Who's Next On Your List|Nobody's Business (But My Own)|(25:50)

Hey Mister Truck Driver 1 | 0

Cover image of Hey Mister Truck DriverStarday SLP-4281968
Moonlight Ride In A Diesel|White Lines And Roadside Signs|Too Many Stops|Motorcycle Bill|Old Sleeper Cab|I'm Quitting While I'm Still Alive|Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan|Only Shoulder (A Trucker Can Cry On)|Truck Driver Blues|Highway Patrol|Pineball Anonymous|Alcohol And No. 2 Diesel|(26:56)

Bummin' Around   1 | 0

Cover image of Bummin' AroundStarday SLP-4421970
Gypsy Rose And Me|Hit In The Head With A Nite Club|Ramblin' Boy|There Goes The Farm|They Covered Up The Ole Swimmin' Hole|Bob|Bummin' Around|Nashville's Ace In The Hole|Be Glad|Blues Stay Away From Me|Cold North Wind|Boy Named Sue|(34:21)

The Best 1 | 0

Cover image of The BestStarday SLP-4661970
Give Me Forty Acres|Ring Of Fire|Gonna Buy Me A Jukebox|Somebody Knows My Dog*|Private Lee|Bob|There Goes My Farm*|Buying Popcorn*|Nashville's Ace In The Hole|Six Foot Two By Four|Ode To Big Joe*|Blues Stay Away From Me|(25:58)

For The Good Times 1 | 0

Cover image of For The Good TimesStarday SLP-4731971
For The Good Times|John Told Back|Signed Sealed And Delivered|These Are My Kind Of People|Something (Was Love Your True Love)|She's Living In Sin (On The Back Side Of Town)|You Make My Heart Want A Dip Of Snuff|I Still Do|Women's Liberation|Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me|Eighty Horses Ago|I'll Sail My Ship Alone|(321:26)

Other recordings / (1966 - 2004)

The Sensational 1 | 0

Cover image of The SensationalHilltop JS-60351966
Little Footprints In The Snow|Axe Cabin|Billy The Kid|Patonia|Morning Glory|Pretty Diamonds|Blood On The Saddle|Sally's Bangs|Black Jack David|Tattooed Lady|(25:44)

The Oklahoma Wranglers 1 | 0

Cover image of The Oklahoma WranglersMaster MLP-2041979
Who Pptt Tobacky (On Tessie's Wedding Gown)|Lonesome Polecat|Long Gone|Eat A Little More|Waltz And That Tennessee Moon|Poor Boy|Darling Please Forgive And Forget|Monogahela Valley|Warm Beer And A Cold Cold Woman|If I Should Need You (Would You Say Yes)|Country Kisses|I Know You'll Never Change|Slow Horses Fast Women|You're The Worm That Used To Be The Apple Of My Eye|Shine Shave Shower|Look What Thoughts Will Do|(41:03)

24 Great Truck Drivin' Songs 1 | 0

Cover image of 24 Great Truck Drivin' SongsDeluxe 78091987
Old Sleeper Cab|Alcohol And No. 2 Diesel|Blazing Smokestack|Give Me Forty Acres|It's The Miles|Big Daddy|Diesel Smoke On Danger Road|Rye Whiskey|Cody Of The Pony Express|When I Come Driving Thru|Wheels A Turning|Drivin's In My Blood|Truck Driving Sam|Motorcycle Bill|Ode To Billie Joe|Truck Driver's Blues|Highway Patrol|Long Haul Weekend|Truck Driver's Queen|White Lines And Roadside Signs|Only Shoulder (A Trucker Can Cry On)|Diesel Drivin' Donut Dunkin' Dan|Soft Shoulders And Dangerous Curves|Moonlight Ride In A Diesel|(53:29)

The Golden Age 0 | 0

Cover image of The Golden AgeCattle CCD-2902004
Alimony|Back Up And Push|Came The Dawn|Candy In A Room With A Baby|Down Yonder|Gettin' High Feelin' Low Over You|Green Back Dollar|Hoot Owl Boogie|I Can't Go On This Way|I Don't Know|I Just Want To Be With You|If I Should Need You (Would You Say Yes)|Old Indians Never Die|Poor Boy|Savannah River Rag|Somebody Mentioned Your Name|Waltz And That Tennessee Moon|Unahppy New Year|Warm Beer And A Cold Cold Woman|Wrangler Boogie|You Don't Have To Worry|You Don't Want Me|(57:21)

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