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John Brannen

Apache / (1988)

Mystery Street (-/156) 0 | 0

Cover image of Mystery StreetApache 716501988
Desolation Angel (-/21)|Primitive Emotion|Drifter|Shadows In The Night|Paradise Highway|Dreaming Girl|Mystery Street|Wild One|Searching For Satisfaction|Twilight Is Over

Mercury / (1993)

John Brannen   1 | 0

Cover image of John BrannenMercury 5144361993
Moonlight And Magnolias|Strangers An Hour Ago|Not As Tough As I Thought|Love's Not Made Of Steel|Never Say Never Again|As Far As My Eyes Can See|Savin' The Best For Last|Heart Broken Down|Lonesome Side Of Midnight|Wild Horses In Her Eyes|(32:21)

Corazong / (2000)

Scarecrow 0 | 0

Cover image of ScarecrowCorazong 2000022000
Ready To Fly|Madonna Of The Moss|Bad Seeds|So Red The Roses|Blue And Beyond|Say Goodbye To Babylon|(Someday Said The) Scarecerow|When I Run Out Of Road|Neon Ballet|In The Line Of Fire|Cherokee Run|Queen Of The Broken Hearts|Tonight A Star

Sly Dog / (2004)

The Good Thief 0 | 0

Cover image of The Good ThiefSly Dog 30012004
Witches Rain|Summer In Savannah|When I'm Satisfied|Waiting|Don't Wanna Lose Life That Again|I Could Never Make It Right|Pair Or Dice|Somebody's Following You|Lookin' Good|Lost Angels|Lonely Side Of Love|Learning To Dance

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