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Charley Pride

RCA Victor / (1966 - 1986)

Country   (16/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of CountryRCA Victor LSP-3645Sep / 1966
Busted|Distant Drums|Detroit City|Yonder Comes A Sucker|Green Green Grass Of Home|That's The Chance I'll Have To Take|Before I Met You|Folsom Prison Blues|Snakes Crawl At Night|Miller's Cave|Atlantic Coastal Line|Got Leavin' On Her Mind|(30:24)

Pride Of Country Music   (33/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Pride Of Country MusicRCA Victor LSP-3775Jun / 1967
In The Middle Of Nowhere|Last Thing On My Mind|Just Between You And Me (9/-)|Apartment No. 9|Spell Of The Freight Train|I Know One (6/-)|I'm Not The Boy I Used To Be|Good Woman's Love|Silence|Take Me Home|Touch My Heart|Best Banjo Picker|(30:06)

The Country Way   (1/199) 1 | 1

Cover image of The Country WayRCA Victor LSP-3895Dec / 1967
Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry|Little Folks|Crystal Chandeliers|Act Naturally|Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (4/-)|Mama Don't Cry For Me|Day The World Stood Still (4/-)|Gone On The Other Hand|You Can Tell The World|I'll Wander Back To You|Life Turned Her That Way|I Threw Away The Rose|(32:10)

Make Mine Country   (4/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Make Mine CountryRCA Victor LSP-3952Apr / 1968
Now I Can Live Again|Word Or Two To Mary|If You Should Come Back Today|Guess Things Happen That Way|Before The Next Teardrop Falls|Banks Of The Ohio|Wings Of A Dove|Just A Girl I Used To Know|Lie To Me|Why Didn't I Think Of That|Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)|Baby Is Gone|(28:48)

Songs Of Pride... Charley That Is   (6/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Songs Of Pride... Charley That IsRCA Victor LSP-4041Sep / 1968
Someday You Will|She Made Me Go|Right To Do Wrong|Easy Part's Over (1/-)|Day You Stop Loving Me|I Could Have Saved You The Time|One Of These Days|All The Time|My Heart Is A House|Let Me Help You Work It Out|Both Of Us Love You|Top Of The World|(30:11)

In Person At Panther Hall   (2/62) 1 | 0

Cover image of In Person At Panther HallRCA Victor LSP-4094Jan / 1969
Last Thing On My Mind|Just Between You And Me|I Know One|Lovesick Blues|Image Of Me|Kaw-Liga|Shutters And Boards|Six Days On The Road|Streets Of Baltimore|Got Leavin' On Her Mind|Crystal Chandeliers|Cotton Fields|(33:43)

The Sensational   (2/44) 1 | 1

Cover image of The SensationalRCA Victor LSP-4153May / 1969
Louisiana Man|She's Still Got A Hold On You|Let The Chips Fall (4/-)|Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy|Never More Than I|Let Me Live Again|Take Care Of The Little Things|Even After Everything She's Done|(It's Just A Matter Of) Making Up My Mind|It's The Little Things|Billy Bayou|We Had All The Good Things Going|(29:34)

The Best Of Charley Pride   (1/24) 1 | 1

Cover image of The Best Of Charley PrideRCA Victor LSP-4223Oct / 1969
Just Between You And Me (9/-)|Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger (4/-)|Kaw-Liga (3/-)|Snakes Crawl At Night|All I Have To Offer You Is Me (1/91)*|Easy Part's Over (1/-)|Day The World Stood Still (4/-)|I Know One (6/-)|Gone On The Other Hand|Before I Met You|Too Hard To Say I'm Sorry|Let The Chips Fall (4/-)|(30:37)

Just Plain Charley   (1/22) 1 | 0

Cover image of Just Plain CharleyRCA Victor LSP-4290Jan / 1970
Me And Bobby McGee|Good Chance Of Tearfall Tonight|One Time|I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again (1/74)|Brand New Bed Of Roses|That's Why I Love You So Much|If You'd Have Only Taken The Time|Gone Gone Gone|Happy Street|I'm A Lonesome Fugitive|It's All Right|(29:14)

10th Album   (1/30) 1 | 1

Cover image of 10th AlbumRCA Victor LSP-4367Jun / 1970
Able Bodied Man|Through The Years|Is Anybody Going To San Antone (1/-)|Thought Of Losing You|I Think I'll Take A Walk|Things Are Looking Up|Special|Poor Boy Like Me|(There's) Nobody Home To Go Home To|This Is My Year For Mexico|(25:22)

Christmas In My Hometown   (-/5) 1 | 1

Cover image of Christmas In My HometownRCA Victor LSP-4406Nov / 1970
Christmas In My Hometown (-/11)|Deck Of Halls|They Stood In Silent Prayer|Santa And The Kids|Silent Night|Little Drummer Boy|Happy Christmas Day|First Christmas Morn|Christmas And Love|O Holy Night|(28:17)

From Me To You   (2/42) 1 | 1

Cover image of From Me To YouRCA Victor LSP-4468Dec / 1970
That's The Only Way Life's Good To Me|I Can't Believe That You've Stopped Loving Me|Someone I Can't Forget|Sweet Promises|Was It All Worth Losing You|Fifteen Years Ago|Wonder Could I Live There Anymore|Pirogue Joe|Time (You're Not A Friend Of Mine)|Today Is That Tomorrow|(25:20)

Did You Think To Pray   (1/76) 1 | 1

Cover image of Did You Think To PrayRCA Victor LSP-4513Mar / 1971
Did You Think To Pray (70/-)|I'll Fly Away|Time Out For Jesus|Angel Band|Jesus Don't Give Up On Me|Let Me Live (21/-)|Whispering Hope|This Highway Leads To Glory|Church In The Wildwood|Lord Build Me A Cabin In Glory|(29:00)

I'm Just Me   (1/50) 1 | 1

Cover image of I'm Just MeRCA Victor LSP-4560Jun / 1971
On The Southbound|In My World You Don't Belong|You Never Did Give Up On Me|I'd Rather Love You (1/79)|Instant Loneliness|I'm Just Me (1/94)|Place For The Lonesome|Hello Darlin'|You're Still The Only One I'll Ever Love|That's My Way|(25:43)

Heart Songs   (1/38) 1 | 1

Cover image of Heart SongsRCA Victor LSP-4617Oct / 1971
You'll Still Be The One|Anywhere (Just Inside Your Arms)|I'm Beginning To Believe My Own Lies|Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' (1/21)|What Money Can't Buy|No One Could Ever Take Me From You|Jeannie Norman|Once Again|Miracles Music And My Wife|Pretty House For Sale|(26:20)

The Best Of Charley Pride 2   (1/50) 1 | 0

Cover image of The Best Of Charley Pride 2RCA Victor LSP-4682Feb / 1972
Place For The Lonesome|I'd Rather Love You (1/79)|Is Anybody Going To San Antone (1/-)|Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' (1/21)|In My World You Don't Belong|Someone I Can't Forget|I'm Just Me (1/94)|Let Me Live (21/-)|I'm So Afraid Of Losing You Again (1/74)|You'll Still Be The One|(26:49)

A Sunshiny Day   (1/115) 1 | 1

Cover image of A Sunshiny DayRCA Victor LSP-4742Jul / 1972
Sunshiny Day|When The Trains Come In|You're Wanting Me To Stop Loving You|Back To The Country Roads|Put Back My Ring On Your Hand|It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer (1/-)|Seven Years With A Wonderful Woman|She's Helping Me Get Over You|One More Year|Nothin' Left But Leavin'|(26:04)

The Incomparable   (16/189) 0 | 0

Cover image of The IncomparableRCA Camden CAS-2584Aug / 1972
I'd Rather Love You (1/79)|Time You're Not A Friend Of Mine|Jeannie Norman|Anywhere (Just Inside YourArms)|When The Trains Come In|Pirogue Joe|Was It All Worth LosingYou|Instant Loneliness|This Highway Leads To Glory|Time Out For Jesus

Songs Of Love   (1/149) 1 | 0

Cover image of Songs Of LoveRCA Victor LSP-4837Dec / 1972
Too Weak To Let You Go|She's Too Good To Be True (1/-)|She's That Kind|You Were All The Good In Me|Give A Lonely Heart A Home|Good Hearted Woman|I Love You More In Memory|My Love Is Deep My Love Is Wide|Darlin' Think Of Me Every Now And Then|I'm Building Bridges|(26:49)

Sweet Country   (3/166) 1 | 0

Cover image of Sweet CountryRCA Victor APL1-0217Apr / 1973
Along The Mississippi|Happiest Song On The Jukebox|Shelter Of Your Eyes|I'm Learning To Love Her|Don't Fight The Feelings Of Love (1/-)|Just To Be Loved By You|Tennessee Girl|Love Unending|Pass Me By (If You're Only Passing Through)|Shoulder To Cry On (1/-)|(25:56)

Amazing Love   (1/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Amazing LoveRCA Victor APL1-0397Oct / 1973
Comin' Down With Love (1/-)|If She Just Helps Me Get Over You|I'm Only Losin' Everything I Threw Away|Footprints In The Sands Of Time|Amazing Love|Blue Ridge Mountains Turnin' Green|I've Just Found Another Reason For Loving You|Old Photographs|I'm Glad It Was You|Mr. Joe Henry's Happy Hand Clappin' Open Air Rhythm Band|(28:29)

Country Feelin'   (15/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Country Feelin'RCA Victor APL1-0534May / 1974
Which Way Do We Go|We Could|It Amazes Me|All His Children (2/92)|Streets Of Gold|I Don't See How I Can Love You Anymore|Singin' A Song About Love|Man I Used To Be|Let My Love In|Love Put A Song In My Heart|(24:50)

Pride Of America   (4/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Pride Of AmericaRCA Victor APL1-0757Nov / 1974
Then Who Am I (1/-)|I Still Can't Leave Your Memory Alone|Hard Time Will Be The Best Time|Completely Helpless|Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town (3/70)|She Loves Me The Way That I Love You|Mary Go Round|That Was Forever Ago|Thorns Of Life|North Wind|(23:55)

Charley   (5/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of CharleyRCA Victor APL1-1038May / 1975
Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You) (1/-)|Searching For The Morning Sun|Hardest Part Of Livin's Loving Me|Now And Then|Fools|I Ain't All Bad (6/-)|She's As Close As I Can Get To Loving You|One Mile More|You're The Woman Behind Everything|Lovin' Understandin' Man|(23:58)

The Happiness Of Having You   (2/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of The Happiness Of Having YouRCA Victor APL1-1241Nov / 1975
Happiness Of Having You (3/-)|I Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You|Everything I Am|My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You (1/-)|I've Got A Woman To Lean On|Right Back Missing You Again|Help Me Make It Through The Night|Oklahoma Morning|Everything She Touches Turns To Love|Signs Of Love|(27:02)

Sunday Morning   (14/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Sunday MorningRCA Victor APL1-1359Apr / 1976
I Don't Deserve A Mansion|Be Grateful|He's The Man|In Jesus' Name I Pray|Without Mama Here|Little Delta Church|Next Year Finally Came|Jesus Is Our Saviour Child|He Took My Place|Brush Arbor Meeting

The Best Of Charley Pride 3   (3/188) 1 | 0

Cover image of The Best Of Charley Pride 3RCA Victor APL1-2023Oct / 1976
I Don't Deserve A Mansion|My Eyes Can Only See As Far As You|Happiness Of Having You (3/-)|Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)|I Ain't All Bad (6/-)|Then Who Am I|Mississippi Cotton Pickin' Delta Town (3/70)|Searching For The Morning Sun|Amazing Love|Don't Fight The Feeling Of Love|Oklahoma Morning|(27:01)

She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory   (6/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of She's Just An Old Love Turned MemoryRCA Victor APL1-2261Mar / 1977
She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory (1/-)|Rhinestone Cowboy|Hunger|Whole Lotta Things To Sing About (2/-)|I Feel The Country Callin' Me|I'll Be Leaving Alone (1/-)|We Need Lovin'|Country Music|Rose Is For Today|Get Up Off Your Good Intention|(26:50)

Someone Loves You Honey   (4/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Someone Loves You HoneyRCA Victor APL1-2478Feb / 1978
Someone Loves You Honey (1/-)|Georgia Keeps Pulling On My Ring|I Live You|Play Guitar Play|Another I Love You Kind Of Day|More To Me (1/-)|Days Of Our Lives|Daydreams About Night Things|Heaven Watches Over Fools Like Me|Days Of Sand And Shovels|I'm Never Leavin' You|(28:39)

Burgers And Fries   (7/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Burgers And FriesRCA Victor APL1-2983Oct / 1978
Burgers And Fires (2/-)|Best In The World|Whose Arms Are You In Tonight|Nothing's Prettier Than Rose Is|Mem'ries|When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone) (3/-)|I Can See The Lovin' In Your Eyes|One On One|Where Do I Put Her Memory (1/-)|You Snap Your Fingers (And I'm Back In Your Hands)|(26:30)

You're My Jamaica   (11/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of You're My JamaicaRCA Victor AHL1-3441Aug / 1979
What're We Doing Doing This Again|No Relief In Sight|Playin' Around|Missin' You (2/-)|You're My Jamaica (1/-)|Heartbreak Mountain|To Have And To Hold|Let Me Have A Chance To Love You|I Want You|When The Good Times Outweighed The Bad|(25:25)

There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me   (1/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of There's A Little Bit Of Hank In MeRCA Victor AHL1-3548Jan / 1980
There's A Little Bit Of Hank In Me|My Son Calls Another Man Daddy|Moanin' The Blues|Mansion On The Hill|Mind Your Own Business|I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)|Honky Tonk Blues (1/-)|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|Low Down Blues|I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You|Why Don't You Love Me|You Win Again (1/-)|(29:56)

Roll On Mississippi   (17/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Roll On MississippiRCA Victor AHL1-3905Mar / 1981
Roll On Mississippi (7/-)|I Used To Be That Way|Taking The Easy Way Out|She's As Good As Gone|He Can Be An Angel|Fall Back On Me|Make It Special Again|You Beat 'em All|Ghost Written Love Letters|You Almost Slipped My Mind (4/-)|(28:18)

Greatest Hits   (8/185) 0 | 0

Cover image of Greatest HitsRCA Victor AHL1-4151Sep / 1981
Never Been So Loved (In All My Life) (1/-)*|Missin' You (2/-)|When I Stop Leaving I'll Be Gone (3/-)|You're My Jamaica (1/-)|Honky Tonk Blues (1/-)|Burgers And Fires (2/-)|Roll On Mississippi (7/-)|Whole Lotta Things To Sing About (2/-)|She's Just An Old Love Turned Memory (1/-)|Someone Loves You Honey (1/-)|Where Do I Put Her Memory (1/-)

Everybody's Choice   (10/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Everybody's ChoiceRCA Victor AHL1-4287Mar / 1982
I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore (2/-)|I See The Devil In Your Deep Blue Eyes|You're So Good When You're Bad (1/-)|When She Dances|Mountain Of Love (1/-)|Oh What A Beautiful Love Song|I Haven't Loved This Way In Years|Cup Of Love|Love Is A Shadow|I Hope You Never Cry Again|(28:51)

Live (62/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of LiveRCA Victor AHL1-4524Nov / 1982
Whole Lotta Things To Sing About|Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'|Kaw-Liga|Just To Be With You|Oklahoma Morning|My Love Is Deep My Love Is Wide|Is Anybody Going To San Antone|Since You Came Into My Life|Why Baby Why|Tennessee Girl|You're My Jamaica|It's So Good To Be Together|I Discovered You|Let Me Live|When I Stop Leaving (I'll Be Gone)|(43:27)

Country Classics (36/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Country ClassicsRCA Victor AHL1-4662Mar / 1983
More And More (7/-)|In The Jailhouse Now|Burning Bridges|Tennessee Saturday Night|Radio Heroes|Wondering|That's How Much I Love You|Filipino Baby|Why Baby Why (1/-)|Up To My Heart In Memories|(27:27)

Night Games   (20/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Night GamesRCA Victor AHL1-4822Aug / 1983
Night Games (1/-)|Love On A Blue Rainy Day|Late Show|Draw The Line|Down In Louisiana|I Could Let Her Get Close To Me|Thanks For Waking Me This Morning|Ev'ry Heart Should Have One (2/-)|Just Can't Leave That Woman Alone|Lovin' It Up (Livin' It Down)|(29:07)

Power Of Love   (49/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Power Of LoveRCA Victor AHL1-5031Aug / 1984
Power Of Love (9/-)|Everybody's Lookin' For You|Missin' Mississippi|Ellie|Falling In Love Again|Stagger Lee|Gotta See Some More Of You|I Only Miss You On Weak Days|Girl Trouble|Some Days It Rains All Night Long|(29:31)

Greatest Hits 2   (60/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Greatest Hits 2RCA Victor APL1-5426May / 1985
Down On The Farm (25/-)*|Night Games (1/-)|I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore (2/-)|Mountain Of Love (1/-)|Now And Then|Let A Little Love Come In (34/-)*|Ev'ry Heart Should Have One (2/-)|You're So Good When You're Bad (1/-)|Power Of Love (9/-)|Why Baby Why (1/-)

Best There Is   1 | 0

Cover image of Best There IsRCA Victor AHL1-7174Jan / 1986
Best There Is (75/-)|Wherever You Are|Love On A Blue Rainy Day (74/-)|I Used It All On You|I Discovered You|Tumbleweed And The Rose|Ain't No Way Around It|Just Can't Leave That Woman Alone|(23:11)

Back To The Country   (60/-) 1 | 1

Cover image of Back To The CountryRCA Victor AHL1-5851Jul / 1986
I Coulda Had Love|How Many Angels|If You Were Mine|Are You Sincere|I Keep Forgettin' (I Forgot About You)|Back To The Country|Heart Like Mine (And A Memory Like Yours)|Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain|(22:10)

16th Avenue / (1987 - 1989)

After All This Time (18/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of After All This Time16th Avenue 70550Apr / 1987
Have I Got Some Blues For You|Looking At A Sure Thing|Even Knowin'|After All This Time|Next To You I Like Me|If You Still Want A Fool Around|On The Other Hand|One Of These Days|Look In Your Mirror|You Took Me There|(31:29)

I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio (36/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of I'm Gonna Love Her On The Radio16th Avenue 70551Feb / 1988
I'm Gonna Hurt Her On The Radio|She's Soft To Touch|Shouldn't It Be Easier Than This (5/-)|Your Used To Be|Where Was I|Come On In And Let Me Love You|Whole Lot Of Lovin'|Leaving Never Gets Me Anywhere|There Ain't No Me (If There Ain't No You)|Little Piece Of Heaven|(29:44)

Moody Woman (51/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Moody Woman16th Avenue 70554Feb / 1989
White Houses (49/-)|Can't Stop The Mississippi|You Put It There|Sail Away|Moody Woman|Heaven Help Us All|Amy's Eyes (29/-)|After Me After You|I Made Love To You In My Mind|More I Do|(30:48)

Honest / (1993 - 1996)

My Six Latest And Six Greatest 1 | 0

Cover image of My Six Latest And Six GreatestHonest 9115Jul / 1993
Just For The Love Of It|Walk On By|I've Been There|Burnin' Down The Town|For Today|I Came Straight To You|Is Anybody Going To San Antone|Crystal Chandeliers|Hope You're Feelin' Me (Like I'm Feelin' You)|Roll On Mississippi|Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'|You're So Good When You're Bad|(37:36)

Classics With Pride 1 | 0

Cover image of Classics With PrideHonest 10131996
You've Got To Stand For Something|Sea Of Heartbreak|Please Help Me I'mFallin'|Hunger|But I Do|Ramblin' Rose|Walls|Hello Love|Lovesick Blues|Lone Star Lonely|I Love You Because|It's Just A Matter Of Time|(37:59)

Unison / (1998)

Branson City Limits 0 | 0

Cover image of Branson City LimitsUnison 9007Mar / 1998
Kiss An Angel Good Mornin'|Missin' You|More To Me|I'll Be Leaving Alone|Power Of Love|Honky Tonk Blues|Why Baby Why|Ev'ry Heart Should Have One|I Don't Think She's In Love Anymore|Burgers And Fiers|(live)

Music City / (2001 - 2003)

A Tribute To Jim Reeves 1 | 0

Cover image of A Tribute To Jim ReevesMusic City 222Mar / 2001
Is It Really Over|I Love You Because|Guilty|He'll Have To Go|Blue Boy|Four Walls|There's A Heartache|Blue Side Of Lonesome|I'm Gonna Change Everything|I Won't Come In|I Guess I'm Crazy|Missing You|Welcome To My World|Am I Losing You|Adios Amigo|(38:26)

Comfort Of Her Wings 1 | 0

Cover image of Comfort Of Her WingsMusic City 223May / 2003
Hook In My Heart|Field Of Dreams|Empty Shoes|I Need Somebody Bad|Trapped In An Old Country Song|(I Believe In) Good Old Country Music|Chain Of Love|Two Pump Texaco|Plenty Good Lovin'|Old Heart (Rest In Pieces)|If This Old House CouldTalk|Comfort Of Her Wings|Stars And Stripes|(44:29)

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(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
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