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Glen Campbell

A New Place In The Sun

(# 1 top country album)
(# 24 top pop album)

Capitol ST-2907
Apr / 1968

Produced by Al DeLory

Cover image of A New Place In The Sun

Apr/1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (1)
Jun/1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (5)
Aug/1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (7)
Nov/1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (9)
Dec/1967, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (2,10,11)
Feb/1968, Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood (3,4,6,8)


Within My Memory

Mac Davis - Freddy Weller

© Unart Catalog, BMI

Many miles have come between us since the morning sun has seen us
Building up our dream world to the sky
Now my days are cold and dark the thoughts of you still warm my heart
As I recall the love you gave to me soft and warm within my memory
Hidden deep within your eyes with daffodils and summer skies
With meadow larks and butterflies that play
Sometimes when the night is still I kiss the breeze and almost feel
Your sweet lips poressed against me tenderly soft and warm within my memory

Where do all the flowers go when summer's covered up with snow
I guess the winter wind s up her name
You were like the summer flower love is just a fleeting hour
All I ever dream has to comfort me soft and warm within my memory
Now the winter laughs at me and asks me where I'm gonna be
If you don't bring the springtime back again
I'll be running through the snow searching for the winter rose
To press between the dreams you have with me
Soft and warm within my memory soft and warm within my memory
Soft and warm within my memory


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