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November 2015
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Don Gibson

RCA / (1958 - 1974)

Oh Lonesome Me  

Cover image of Oh Lonesome MeRCA Victor LSP-1743Apr / 1958
Bad Bad Day|Take Me As I Am (Or Let Me Go)|I Can't Leave|I Can't Stop Loving You (7/81)|Blues In My Heart|Sweet Sweet Girl|Blue Blue Day (1/20)|Heartbreak Avenue|We Could|Oh Lonesome Me (1/7)|Too Soon To Know|If You Don't Know It

No One Stands Alone  

Cover image of No One Stands AloneRCA Victor LSP-1918Dec / 1958
Satisfied|Faith Unlocks The Door|Lonesome Valley|Evening Prayer|Known Only To Him|Canaan's Land|Where No One Stands Alone|My God Is Real|Wait For The Light To Shine|Taller Than Trees|Lord I'm Coming Home|Climbing Up The Mountain

That Gibson Boy  

Cover image of That Gibson BoyRCA Victor LSP-2038Sep / 1959
Even Tho'|It's My Way|Midnight|As Much|Do You Think|Didn't Work Out Did It|Won'tcha Come Back To Me|I Wish It Had Been A Dream|Ages And Ages Ago|Almost|It Has To Be|Foggy River

Look Who's Blue  

Cover image of Look Who's BlueRCA Victor LSP-2184Apr / 1960
My Hands Are Tied|Big Hearted Me|It Only Hurts For A Little While|Never Love Again|Lonely Street|Just One Time (2/29)|Why Don't You Love Me|My Love For You|On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain|If I Can Stay Away Long Enough|Streets Of Laredo|Everybody But Me

Sweet Dreams  

Cover image of Sweet DreamsRCA Victor LSP-2269Dec / 1960
Hurtin' Inside|World Is Waiting For The Sunrise|Far Far Away (11/72)|Sweet Dreams (9/6)|What About Me|What's The Reason I'm Not Pleasin' You|My Tears Don't Show|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Next Voice You Hear|Foolish Me|Time Hurts (As Well As It Heals)|Maybe Tomorrow

Girls Guitars And Gibson  

Cover image of Girls Guitars And GibsonRCA Victor LSP-2361Jul / 1961
Lonesome Road|I Think It's Best (To Forget Me)|Born To Lose|White Silver Sands|No One Will Ever Know|Fireball Mail|Above And Beyond (The Call Of Love)|Driftwood On The River|Camptown Races|Beautiful Dreamer|Cute Little Girls|Last Letter

Some Favorites Of Mine  

Cover image of Some Favorites Of MineRCA Victor LSP-2448Jun / 1962
Where Is Your Heart Tonight|Blue Dream|How's The World Treating You|May You Never Be Alone|Settin' The Woods On Fire|We Live In Two Different Worlds|Baby We're Really In Love|It Makes No Difference Now|I Love You So Much (It Hurts)|It's A Sin|I'm Sorry For You My Friend|This Cold War With You

I Wrote A Song   (14/134)

Cover image of I Wrote A SongRCA Victor LSP-2702Aug / 1963
I Can't Stop Loving You (7/81)|Don't Tell Me Your Troubles|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Blue Blue Day|Oh Such A Stranger|Love Has Come My Way|Oh Lonesome Me|Lonesome No.1 (2/59)|Just One Time (2/29)|After The Heartache|Give Myself A Party (5/46)|Anything New Gets Old (Except My Love For You) (22/-)

God Walks These Hills With Me  

Cover image of God Walks These Hills With MeRCA Victor LSP-2878Apr / 1964
God Walks These Hills With Me|You Don't Knock|If I Can Help Somebody|Do You Know My Jesus|Then I Met The Master|Old Ship Of Zion|Rock Of Ages|Where Else Would I Want To Be|He's Everywhere|When They Ring Those Golden Bells|Be Ready|I'd Rather Have Jesus

A Blue Million Tears  

Cover image of A Blue Million TearsRCA Camden CAS-852Jan / 1965
Blue Million Tears|Just Let Me Love You|Roses Are Red|Red Lips White Lies And Blue Hours|Wigglewag|Give Myself A Party (5/46)|I Let Her Get Lonely|I Love No One But You|I May Never Get To Heaven|Carolina Breakdown

The Best Of Don Gibson  

Cover image of The Best Of Don GibsonRCA Victor LSP-3376Jun / 1965
I Can't Stop Loving You (7/81)|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Just One Time (2/29)|I Think It's Best (To Forget Me)|Lonesome No.1 (2/59)|God Walks These Hills With Me|Oh Lonesome Me (1/7)|It's My Way|Blue Blue Day (1/20)|It's A Sin|Sea Of Heartbreak (2/21)*|Where No One Stands Alone

Too Much Hurt   (13/-)

Cover image of Too Much HurtRCA Victor LSP-3470Oct / 1965
There's A Big Wheel|Worried Mind|Lovin' Lies|Wound Time Can't Erase|Too Much Hurt|When Your House Is Not A Home|Take These Chains From My Heart|Dark As A Dungeon|All The World Is Lonely Now|Singing The Blues|Right Away|Then I'll Be Free

With Spanish Guitars   (4/-)

Cover image of With Spanish GuitarsRCA Victor LSP-3594Jun / 1966
Blues In My Mind|Maria Elena|Making Believe|Just Call Me Lonesome|Vaya Con Dios|Once A Day|I Can't Tell My Heart That|With Your Love On My Mind|(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers|Somebody Loves You Darling|Don't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurtin' Me)|Stranger To Me

Hurtin' Inside  

Cover image of Hurtin' InsideRCA Camden CAS-2101Sep / 1966
Hurtin' Inside|Lonely Street|Foolish Me|Lonesome Valley|Big Hearted Me|It Only Hurts For A Little While|Midnight|Won'tcha Come Back To Me|My Tears Don't Show|Satisfied|(sampler)

Great Country Songs   (14/-)

Cover image of Great Country SongsRCA Victor LSP-3680Oct / 1966
I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall)|Lost Highway (51/-)|Just Out Of Reach|Born Loser (12/-)|I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name|(Yes) I'm Hurtin' (6/-)|Let's Fall Out Of Love Tonight|Don't Touch Me|When I Stop Dreaming|You Can't Laugh (At A Fool)|My Whole World Is Hurt|How Do You Tell Someone

All My Love   (19/-)

Cover image of All My LoveRCA Victor LSP-3843May / 1967
All My Love (23/-)|It's A Sin|Run Along Blues|We Live In Two Different Worlds|Chance I Had To Take|I'll Let My Heart Break For A Little While|No Doubt About It|This Cold War With You|Just To Hurt Me|Losing Your Love|There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight|Where Is Your Heart Tonight

The King Of Country Soul   (21/-)

Cover image of The King Of Country SoulRCA Victor LSP-3974Apr / 1968
Ashes Of Love|Faded Love|They'll Never Take Her Love From Me|Headin' Down The Wrong Highway|Maiden's Prayer|Thing Called Sadness|What Now My Love|You've Still Got A Place In My Heart|Everlovin' Never Changin' Mind|Good Morning Dear|I Just Said Goodbye To My Dreams|What Locks The Door

I Love You So Much It Hurts  

Cover image of I Love You So Much It HurtsRCA Camden CAS-2256Jun / 1968
I Love You So Much (It Hurts)|Born To Lose|Foggy River|After The Heartache|Almost|Sweet Dreams (9/6)|Driftwood On The River|Streets Of Laredo|It Makes No Difference Now|My Hands Are Tied|(sampler)

More Country Soul   (26/-)

Cover image of More Country SoulRCA Victor LSP-4053Sep / 1968
Low And Lonely|Someday You'll Call My Name|Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (8/-)|It's A Long Long Way To Georgia (12/-)|Half A Man|Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)|Forget Me|She's Looking Good|I Walk Alone|You Can't Pick A Rose In December|Don't Rob Another Man's Castle|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry

Dottie And Don with Dottie West   (21/-)

Cover image of Dottie And DonRCA Victor LSP-4131Mar / 1969
Till I Can't Take It Anymore (46/-)|Rings Of Gold (2/-)|How's The World Treating You|Final Examination|I Love You Because|Sweet Dreams|Let's Wait A Little Longer|Set Me Free|Sweet Memories (32/-)|I'll Never Stand In Your Way|Lovin' Season|When I Stop Dreaming

All Time Country Gold   (17/-)

Cover image of All Time Country GoldRCA Victor LSP-4169Jun / 1969
Half As Much|Tennessee Waltz|Bonaparte's Retreat|Almost Persuaded|Little Bitty Tear|Four Walls|Good Deal Lucille|I Can't Stop Loving You|One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)|Oh Lonesome Me|Here Comes My Baby Back Again|Am I That Easy To Forget

The Best Of Don Gibson Vol 2  

Cover image of The Best Of Don Gibson Vol 2RCA Victor LSP-4281Jan / 1970
Half As Much|You've Still Got A Place In My Heart|Little Bitty Tear|We Live In Two Different Worlds|Solitary (28/-)*|Good Morning Dear (71/-)|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (8/-)|Maiden's Prayer|It's A Long Long Way To Georgia (12/-)

Lovin' Lies  

Cover image of Lovin' LiesRCA Camden CAS-2392Mar / 1970
Fireball Mail|Next Voice You Hear|There's A Big Wheel|Lovin' Lies|Cute Little Girls|Lonesome Road|Just One Time (2/29)|Oh Such A Stranger|Settin' The Woods On Fire|(sampler)

Great Gibson  

Cover image of Great GibsonRCA Victor LSP-4378Aug / 1970
Just Call Me Lonesome|Vaya Con Dios|Once A Day|Maria Elena|(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers|Times Were Good|If My Heart Had Windows|Montego Bay|Mixed Up Love|Snap Your Fingers

I Walk Alone  

Cover image of I Walk AloneRCA Camden CAS-2502Jun / 1971
Low And Lonely|Someday You'll Call My Name|I Walk Alone|Don't Rob Another Man's Castle|Headin' Down The Wrong Highway|I Just Said Goodbye To My Dreams|Thing Called Sadness|What Locks The Door|I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry|What Now My Love|(sampler)

Just Call Me Lonesome  

Cover image of Just Call Me LonesomeRCA Camden ACL1-03281973
Just Call Me Lonesome|Times Were Good|One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart)|Once A Day|(All My Friends Are Gonna Be) Strangers|Vaya Con Dios|Maria Elena|If My Heart Had Windows|Montego Bay|(sampler)

Just One Time  

Cover image of Just One TimeRCA Camden ACL1-07581974
Just One Time (2/29)|Faded Love|Headin' Down The Wrong Highway|Don't Rob Another Man's Castle|Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings (8/-)|Ashes Of Love (37/-)|Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)|Born Loser (12/-)|I Walk Alone|Somebody Loves You Darling|(sampler)

Hickory / (1970 - 1978)

Hits Hits The Don Gibson Way   (39/-)

Cover image of Hits Hits The Don Gibson WayHickory LPS-153Mar / 1970
Green Green Grass Of Home|Gentle On My Mind|Spanish Eyes|Games People Play|There Goes My Everything|I Wanna Live|Today I Started Loving You Again|She Cheats On Me|Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)|All I Have To Offer You Is Me|She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye|You Gave Me A Mountain

A Perfect Mountain  

Cover image of A Perfect MountainHickory LPS-155Aug / 1970
Perfect Mountain (16/-)|My Way|Pretending Everyday|My Elusive Dreams|Sea Of Heartbreak|Comfort For Your Mind|Put A Little Love In Your Heart|Would You Believe Me|Don't Take All Your Loving (17/-)|I Washed My Face In The Morning Dew|Where No One Stands Alone

Hank Williams As Sung By Don Gibson  

Cover image of Hank Williams As Sung By Don GibsonHickory LPS-157Mar / 1971
You Win Again|Crazy Heart|On The Banks Of The Old Ponchartrain|(I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (29/-)|Kaw-liga|Window Shopping|Take These Chains From My Heart|Move It On Over|Cold Cold Heart|My Heart Would Know|Mansion On The Hill

Country Green   (17/-)

Cover image of Country GreenHickory LPS-160Nov / 1971
Country Green (5/-)|What's Happened To Me|If You Want Me To I'll Go|Someway|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Things Have Gone To Pieces|Having Second Thoughts|Guess Away The Blues (19/-)|Memory Of You|Give Myself A Party|Heartbreak Avenue

Woman Sensuous Woman   (16/-)

Cover image of Woman Sensuous WomanHickory LPS-166Aug / 1972
Woman (Sensuous Woman) (1/-)|Sunshine|We Live In Two Different Worlds|Far Far Away (12/-)|Hurt Goes On|Lonesome No.1|Is This The Best I'm Gonna Feel (11/-)|Watching It Go|Country Girl (I Love You Still)|Uphill All The Way|Too Soon To Know

The Two Of Us Together with Sue Thompson  

Cover image of The Two Of Us TogetherHickory LPS-165Oct / 1972
Cause I Love You (64/-)|I Think They Call It Love (37/-)|My Tears Don't Show|Love's Garden|Did You Ever Think (71/-)|Two Of Us Together (50/-)|Go With Me (52/-)|Warm Love (53/-)|Over There's The Door|Oh Yes I Love You|Fly The Friendly Skies With Jesus

Touch The Morning   (26/-)

Cover image of Touch The MorningHickory H3G-4501Sep / 1973
Touch The Morning (6/-)|If You're Goin' Girl (26/-)|Made For The Blues|Country Sunshine|Sweet Dreams|Love Is A Lonesome Thing|Drinking Champagne|You've Still Got A Place In My Heart|Blue Darlin'|Just Another Remind Of You|That's What I'll Do (30/-)

The Very Best Of Don Gibson  

Cover image of The Very Best Of Don GibsonHickory H3G-4502Dec / 1973
Oh Lonesome Me*|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Touch The Morning (6/-)|Just One Time*|Country Green (5/-)|Blue Blue Day*|I Can't Stop Loving You*|Give Myself A Party|Sweet Dreams|Woman (Sensuous Woman) (1/-)|Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings*|Lonesome No.1

Snap Your Fingers   (21/-)

Cover image of Snap Your FingersHickory H3F-4509Mar / 1974
Snap Your Fingers (12/-)|Rainbow Love|Bring On The Sunshine|I'm On My Way (To Another Heartache)|Pretending Everyday|I Wanna Live|Very Thought Of Losing You|One Day At A Time (8/-)|Having Second Thoughts|Crazy Heart|Livin' Alone With You

Bring Back Your Love To Me   (38/-)

Cover image of Bring Back Your Love To MeHickory H3G-4516Oct / 1974
Bring Back Your Love To Me (9/-)|My Heart Would Know|Sunshine|I'll Be A Friend To You|I'll Sing For You (27/-)|Pocatello|Better Stop Dreaming|Without Your Love|She Cheats On Me|All I Have To Offer You Is Me|Somebody's Words

I'm The Loneliest Man (47/-)

Cover image of I'm The Loneliest ManHickory H3G-4519May / 1975
I'm The Loneliest Man|Spanish Eyes|Someway|If You Want Me To I'll Go|It Can't Last Always|Where You Belong|(There She Goes) I Wish Her Well (24/-)|Blues In My Mind|Watching It Go|Mansion On The Hill|Comfort For Your Mind

Oh How Love Changes with Sue Thompson   (43/-)

Cover image of Oh How Love ChangesHickory H3G-4520Sep / 1975
Get Ready Here I Come (98/-)|Rings Of Gold|No One Will Ever Know|I Can't Tell My Heart That|You've Still Got A Place In My Heart|Maybe Tomorrow|Let's Get Together|Sweet And Tender Times|Put It Off Until Tomorrow|Once More|Oh How Love Changes (36/-)

Don't Stop Loving Me

Cover image of Don't Stop Loving MeHickory H3G-4524Nov / 1975
Don't Stop Loving Me (43/-)|Too Soon To Know|Perfect Mountain|Guess Away The Blues|There Goes My Everything|I Don't Think I'll Ever (Get Over You) (76/-)|You've Got To Stop Hurting Me Darling (79/-)|What's Happened To Me|World Is Waiting For The Sunrise|Praying Hands

I'm All Wrapped Up In You

Cover image of I'm All Wrapped Up In YouHickory HB-44001Feb / 1977
I'm All Wrapped Up In You (23/-)|World Is Waiting For The Sunrise|Doin' My Time (39/-)|When You Got Love|Once I Find My Way|It's All Over|Bring Back Your Love To Me|We Live In Two Different Worlds|(I'd Be A) Legend In My Time|Bringin' In The Georgia Mail

If You Ever Get To Houston

Cover image of If You Ever Get To HoustonHickory HB-44007Aug / 1977
If You Ever Get To Houston (Look Me Down) (16/-)|Love Is Not The Way|Who Cares For Me|Jealous Woman|When Do We Stop Starting Over (67/-)|How I Love Them Old Songs|Fan The Flame Feed The Fire (30/-)|Out Of Consideration Let Me Go|I'd Rather Die Young|Let's Love Each Other Or Goodbye

Starting All Over Again  

Cover image of Starting All Over AgainHickory HB-440101978
Starting All Over Again (16/-)|Here Comes The Rain Baby|Fool (22/-)|For The Last Time|House Husband Blues|Every Song I Sang Would Be Blue|Love Has Never Done A Lot For Me|She Is|Are You Lonesome Tonight|Oh Lonesome Me

Look Who's Blue

Cover image of Look Who's BlueHickory HB-44014Oct / 1978
Oh Such A Stranger (61/-)|Someday Somewhere|Send Me Some Sunshine|I'll Come Running|Dealing With The Devil|Look Who's Blue|I Love You Because (61/-)|All The World Is Lonely Now|Any Day Now (26/-)|Baby's No Home

Early recordings / (1958 - 1965)

Songs By Don Gibson

Cover image of Songs By Don GibsonLamb & Lion L-700691958
Sweet Dreams (9/-)|I Must Forget You|Run Boy|Road Of Life Alone|Ah-Ha|It Happens Everytime|I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time|I Ain't A Studying You Baby|I'm Gonna Fool Everybody|I Believed In You|What A Fool I Was To Fall For You|You're The Only One For Me

Don Gibson

Cover image of Don GibsonMetro MS-5291965
Sweet Dreams (9/-)|I Must Forget You|Run Boy|Road Of Life Alone|It Happens Everytime|I Ain't Gonna Waste My Time|I Ain't A Studying You Baby|I'm Gonna Fool Everybody|What A Fool I Was To Fall For You|You're The Only One For Me

The Fabulous Don Gibson

Cover image of The Fabulous Don GibsonHarmony HS-11158Nov / 1965
Ice Cold Heart|I Just Love The Way You Tell A Lie|No Shoulder To Cry On|Walkin' In The Moonlight|Symptoms Of Love|Sample Kisses|You Cast Me Out (Forever More)|Many Times I've Waited|We're Steppin' Out Tonite|Selfish With Your Kisses

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(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
  = Lyrics inside
* = Previously unissued on LP

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