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Apr 2015
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David Frizzell

Warner Brothers / Viva / (1981 - 1984)

Carryin' On The Family Names with Shelly West (6/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Carryin' On The Family NamesWarner Bros BSK-3555Apr / 1981
Carryin' On The Family Names|Texas State Of Mind (9/-)|You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma (1/-)|Darling Will You Marry Me Again|Yours For The Asking|Three Blind Hearts|Love And Only Love|Lefty (45/-)|Husbands And Wives|We're Lovin' On Borrowed Time

The David Frizzell And Shelly West Album with Shelly West (8/-) 0 | 0

Cover image of The David Frizzell And Shelly West AlbumViva 3643Jan / 1982
Wasn't That Love|Two Sides|Another Honky Tonk Night On Broadway (8/-)|Just Before Dawn|I Just Came Here To Dance (4/-)|Three Act Play|Being A Man Being A Woman|Our Day Will Come|Dark Side Of The Moon|Breaking Up A Good Thing

Family's Fine But This One's Mine (7/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Family's Fine But This One's MineViva 23688Jun / 1982
Lost My Baby Blues (5/-)|As Soon As A Waltz Ain't 3/4 Time|I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home (1/-)|Maybe There's Love After You After All|Lone Star Lonesome|I Wish That I Could Hurt That Way Again|She's Up To All Her Old Tricks Again|Sweet Sweet Sin|Single And Alone|Let's Have A Party

Our Best To You with Shelly West (24/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Our Best To YouViva 23754Nov / 1982
Wrapped Around Your Finger|Cajun Invitation (52/-)|My Best To You|Please Surrender (43/-)|When You Wish Upon A Star|Missing You All By Myself|You'll Always Be Special To Me|Another Dawn Breaking Over Georgia|Lovin' Naturally|Jukebox Serenade

On My Own Again (32/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of On My Own AgainViva 23868Jun / 1983
Million Light Beers Ago (39/-)|Where Are You Spending Your Nights These Days (10/-)|She's Ready For Someone To Love Her|All The Kings Memories|Survivor|She Wanted Me|Black And White|We're Back In Love Again|She Wants You To Love Her|We Won't Be Hearing Always Late Anymore

In Session with Shelly West (33/-) 0 | 0

Cover image of In SessionViva 23907Dec / 1983
Pleasure Island (71/-)|Silent Partners (20/-)|Wild Side Of Life / It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels|You're My Better Half|Straight From The Heart|You Still Do It For Me|Forever And Always|Confidential|I Just Fall In Love Again|Betcha Can't Cry Just One

Solo 1 | 0

Cover image of SoloViva 25112Jun / 1984
Country Music Love Affair (63/-)|One Who Got Away|Who Dat (Messin' With That Woman Of Mine) (60/-)|Hard To Hit A MovingTarget|Katy Did And Dinah Might|Settin' The Night On Fire|That Old Texas Two Step|Honest Man|Still One Broken Heart|When We Get Back To The Farm (49/-)

Golden Duets with Shelly West (45/-) 1 | 0

Cover image of Golden DuetsViva 25148Aug / 1984
You're The Reason God Made Oklahoma (1/-)|Texas State Of Mind (9/-)|Husbands And Wives (16/-)|Another Honky Tonk Night On Broadway (8/-)|I Just Came Here To Dance (4/-)|Please Surrender (43/-)|Cajun Invitation (52/-)|It's A Be Together Night (13/-)*|Silent Partners (20/-)|Do Me Right (60/-)*

MCA / (1983)

David Frizzell 1 | 0

Cover image of David FrizzellMCA 270931983
Red Red Wine|Jesse|Why You Been Gone So Long|Life Time Woman|Oleander|Goodbye|Shake Hands With The Devil|Mary In The Morning|500 Times|Kicking Sand

Playback / (1986)

Sings Lefty's Greatest Hits 1 | 0

Cover image of Sings Lefty's Greatest HitsPlayback PL-123391986
Lefty's Star Will Always Shine|I Love You A Thousand Ways|Always Late (With Your Kisses)|I Want To Be With You Always|Mom And Dad's Waltz|Long Black Veil|Saginaw Michigan|She's Gone Gone Gone|Watermelon Time In Georgia|I Can't Get Over You To Save My Life|I Never Go Around Mirrors|That's The Way Love Goes|Yesterday Just Passed My Way Again|My Wishing Room|It Meant Goodbye To Me (When She Said Hello To Him)|If You've Got The Money (I've Got The Time)

BFE / (1993)

My Life Is Just A Bridge 1 | 0

Cover image of My Life Is Just A BridgeBFE 35854Mar / 1993
One That Got Away|My Life Is Just A Bridge|Let Me Use Your Rolls Royce|Here I Go Again (Still Lovin' You)|I Go To Pieces|They'd Have To Hold My Arm Up|Forty And Some|Silent Understanding|I Should've Been Over You By Now|This Ol' Piano|Charlie Loves Hazel

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(-/-) = Billboard chart position: Top Country singles/ Top Pop singles
  = Lyrics inside
* = Previously unissued on LP

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