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Hank Snow

The Southern Cannonball

RCA Camden CAL-680
Apr / 1961

Produced by Steve Sholes

Cover image of The Southern Cannonball

Hank Snow - vocal/guitar
Chet Atkins, Jack Shook, Sugarfoot Collins. Ray Edenton - guitar
Joe Talbot - steel/banjo
Ernie Newton, Charles Grean, Hillous Butrum - bass
Buddy Harman - drums
Tommy Vaden - fiddle
Marvin Hughes - piano/organ
1950-1957, Brown Radio Prod, Nashville / RCA Victor Studio, Nashville


I'm Movin' In

Hank Snow

© Hill And Range Songs, BMI

I'm headin' out on the rails that's been carryin' the mail
That's been tellin' your troubles to me
You told me a lie for every crosstie from Frisco to old Tennessee
Nobody knew your little game everybody gave me the blame

In the smoke and the fog of this old switchyard
And that dreary whistle's farewell
Bid the folks goodbye told 'em not to cry
I'd only be gone for a spell
I'm playin' in this game to win and when I find you I'm movin' in
[ guitar ]
Tried to make me believe I was the one that deceived
That I drove you to the things you've done
Said you loved me in vain and our old love train
Had made it's final run
And in your letter you said that you were goin' to be wed

Your little joke was fine but that old punchline
Didn't register with me
So you'd better get loose from your other caboose
And meet this old SP
I'm speedin' in tonight you'd better treat your daddy right

Better get on the ball I'm not aimin' to stall
And those ramblers are runnin' on time
So tell your new date that he'd better vacate
Get out on the old main line
I took it with a grin but baby now I'm movin' in
[ fiddle ]
That big loud bell is ringin' to tell that the station is comin' in sight
As the curve we're roundin' my heart is poundin'
With the thought of seein' you tonight
It's been so doggone long you know you've done your daddy wrong

In the noise of the crowd I hear you callin' aloud
Standin' in the station door
You set a two timin' pace but I've won the race
And you can't go roamin' no more
Your little story was way too thin baby now I'm movin' in



Tangled Mind

Ted Daffan - Herman Shoss

© Hill And Range Songs, BMI

I've got a tangled mind I've got a broken heart
Don't have a dime and my time is short
I got a gal somewhere I guess she thinks I'm dead
I'd go back home if I could clear my head

Cryin' cryin' all of the time
I've got a broken heart
I've got a tangled mind
[ piano - guitar ]
I lost a million friends I'm trudgin' on in the dark
Can't find my way don't know where to start
I had a home one time I left it all behind
I can't go back I've got a tangled mind

(Cryin' cryin' all of the time)
I've got a broken heart
I've got a tangled mind




Hank Snow - Frank Team - Stu Davis

© Hill And Range Songs, BMI

I went to Panama
To find out why it's called the tropical zone
The senoritas there had so much charm
They could even melt a heart of stone
A hot tamale gal she flashed me a smile
And I lost my heart right then
I thought I'd only stay down there for a day
Now I think I'll never leave again

In Panama those Panamamas
They live the life of a beautiful dream
Your life's a waste until you get a taste of the thrill
That you get from a tropical queen
[ guitar ]
Now kindly get me straight I think they're great
Those gals from Tennessee
But when they say si si in Panama
Then the thrill is really different to me
Manana never comes down there
They live just for tonight
I take her in my arms beneath the beautiful palms
And it's heaven when I hold her tight
[ guitar ]
I'm making memories on balconies
Sombreros they fit me fine
I know that pretty soon I'll honeymoon
With that sweet chiquita of mine
Out on the edge of town we're gonna settle down
How happy we're gonna be
It takes a pepper pot from down in old Panama
To catch a feller from Tennessee

In Panama those Panamamas...



My Blue Eyed Jane

Jimmie Rodgers - Lullu Belle White

© Peer Int, BMI

Now the sweetest girl in the world is my blue eyed Jane
We fell in love like turtle doves when the moon was shining down
I asked her then I asked her when the wedding bells would ring
She said oh dear it seems so clear and this could happen here

You are my little pal and I never knew a sweeter gal
My little ol' blue eyed Jane I love you so
And when the sun goes down and the shadow's creeping over town
Just meet me in the lane my blue eyed Jane
[ steel - fiddle ]
Now Janie dear listen here I've come to say farewell
Now the world is drear without you dear but now I cannot linger here
I'm going away this very day oh please come go with me
I'll be sad and blue of wanting you longing all day through

You are my blue eyed Jane you'll always be the same sweet thing
I know you'll never change I love you so
And when the sun goes down and the shadow's creeping over town
Then I'll come back again my blue eyed Jane



Under The Double Eagle

J.F. Wagner

© Peso Music, BMI

[ instrumental ]



Paving The Highway With Tears

Ed G. Nelson - Steve Nelson

© Rachel Music, ASCAP

I'm travelin' down a lonesome road of sorrow
Paving the highway with tears
Without your love I face a blue tomorrow
Paving the highway with tears

You found another sweetheart that's why I couldn't stay
Though I still love you darling I'm only in your way
So step by step I walk away from heaven
Paving the highway with tears
[ steel ]
I've cried for you with every step I've taken
Paving the highway with tears
The road ahead is lonesome and forsaken
When I look back on all those happy years

I'll always love you darling and should your new love fail
You'll find me if you follow the teardrops on the trail
Without you dear I'll just go on forever
Paving the highway with tears



Southern Cannonball

Jimmie Rodgers - Roy Hall

© Peer Int, BMI

I had to quit railroadin' we didn't agree at all
There was always something wrong with the Southern Cannonball
I once loved a maiden she was fair and tall
Her father was the engineer on the Southern Cannonball
[ fiddle ]
She promised she would wed me in the merry month of June
And go to the magic islands to spend our honeymoon
At last my dreams were shattered when she put me off of the stall
She said the whistle was broken on the Southern Cannonball
[ guitar ]
I loved this girl so dearly so I fixed the whistleback
The next thing she told me was the caboose is off of the track
For days and nights I labored to get it back with the train
Always ready for my highball when the bell refused to ring

I fixed the bell in a jiffy and I called for Preacher Dun
Who married us in the old boxcar for the train refused to run
We made our home in a boomer shack I loved that southern sky
And we rocked the baby to sleep each night by a train whistle lullaby



Let Me Go Lover

Jenny Lou Carson - Al Hill

© Hill And Range Songs, BMI

Let me go let me go let me go woman
Let me be set me free from your spell
You made me weep cut me deep I can't sleep woman
I was cursed from the first day I fell

You don't want me but you want me to go on wanting you
How I pray that you will say that we're through
Please turn me loose what's the use let me go woman
Let me go let me go let me go
[ fiddle - guitar ]
You don't want me but you want me to go on wanting you...



When Mexican Joe Met Jole Blon

Sheb Wooley

© Rachel Music, ASCAP

When Mexican Joe met Jole Blon
Si si si oui oui how they carried on
He held her tight and danced all night
Then crossed the border at daylight
When Mexican Joe met Jole Blon

Mexican Joe was wild and reckless
He walked into a honky tonk in Texas
He was looking for some real romance and pettin'
On a barroom stool alone this doll was settin'

He walked up to the bar and said I think I'll have a drink
Three fingers of tequila will clear my head I think
Well she looked around and caught his eye
And Joe said hi yi yi yi yi when Mexican Joe met Jole Blon
[ fiddle - guitar ]
Joe said lovely senorita let's go out and paint the town
So he danced her and romanced her and he showed that gal around
Jole Blon said I'm so hungry and she breathed a little sigh
So he fed her filet gumbo enchiladas on the side

Then he held her close and whispered will you be mine for life
She said oui monsieur but tell me what'll we do about your wife
So he shouted ah caramba I think I'd better go
So he swam across the river and went back to Mexico
[ guitar ]
When Mexican Joe met Jole Blon...



Trouble Trouble Trouble

Louis M. Jones - Ramona Jones

© Fort Knox Music, BMI

Well I married a gal from ole Alabam
And I figured they'd feed me on chicken and ham
But to my surprise I got fooled
And they put me to plow with an ole blind mule
Cleanin' new ground choppin' briars and sleepin' by myself

I's invited out to supper the other night
And some of the boys they started a fight
They called the police you can plainly see
They all got away but poor ole me
I went to town with the Sheriff he introduced me to the judge
And I stayed thirty days with the jailer actin' the big shot nice man
[ fiddle ]
Now me and my wife's a goin' down the street
When my ole used to be I chanced to meet
She gave me the wink and my wife looked back
And boy you ought to seen me ball the jack
I run red lights turned corners and got caught just my luck

I was down in the barnyard the other night
It was awful dark and I had no light
I scrambled around and got hold of a goose
And the folks all thought I should turn him loose
I jumped rose bushes dodged bullets and fell in the creek
[ guitar ]
I was down in the barnyard on my knees
And I thought I heard a chicken sneeze
It was just an ole rooster sayin' his prayers
And givin' out a hymn to the hens upstairs
Such preachin' the hens were all singin' too
Rooster's prayin' takin' up a collection and payin' off in eggs
[ guitar ]
That ole trouble sure follows me



There Wasn't An Organ At Our Wedding

Leon Payne

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

There wasn't an organ at our wedding
The month was August instead of June
On your pretty hand no golden wedding band
You didn't even have a honeymoon

The gown you wore was sweet and simple
In my pocket just a prayer
There wasn't an organ at our wedding
But I knew in my heart the Lord was there
[ steel - fiddle ]
As long as you are here beside me
I'll face the future without care
There wasn't an organ at our wedding
But I knew in my heart the Lord was there



Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud

Hank Snow - Blanche Snow

© Hill And Range Songs, BMI

I was singin' the blues and now I'm shoutin' hooray
Cause I met a pretty mama and I met her today
When her eyes started cheatin' my heart started beatin' aloud
Like the rhythmatic motors of the Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud

Now the Flying Cloud is a luxury liner
It flies from San Diego down to Carolina
She boogies to Georgia and back to old Alabam
No use denyin' makin' love when you're flyin' is grand

She's a silver comet every engine in tune
She boogied us out 'neath the silvery moon
The stars started blinkin' when my baby started thinkin' aloud
And told me that she loved me on Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud
[ guitar ]
When I hugged my baby and we started to kiss
The Flying Cloud's motors all started to miss
She jumped in to jive as the crew started singin' a song
And we headed for Dixie while the Flying Cloud boogied along

When I told my baby a fortune I'd give 'er
The big plane trembled and she started to quiver
She headed for the sky then she swung and came on back down
But we kept a lovin' as the Flying Cloud boogied around

Wasn't takin' no chances cause I got a little scary
Thought I'd wait till we landed then I'd ask her to marry
But I changed my mind as we boogied out over the line
And I popped the question as the big Cloud boogied on time
[ guitar ]
Well she started to truck and then she jumped into hep
She looped the loop but never lost a step
When she started descendin' for a boogie woogie landin' I vowed
I'm preparin' my weddin' on the Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud

When the big propellers they came to a stop
My old heart inside me went flippity flop
I took my little baby and we wandered out through the crowd
When we landed in Dixie on the Boogie Woogie Flying Cloud


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