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Shel Silverstein

Boy Named Sue

RCA Victor LSP-4192
Jul / 1969

Produced by Chet Atkins & Felton Jarvis

Cover image of Boy Named Sue

Grady Martin - guitar/dobro
Harold Bradley, Ray Edenton - guitar
Henry Strzelecki - bass
Jerry Carrigan - drums
Charlie McCoy - harmonica/vibes
Dec/1968, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville
Engineering: Al Pachucki



Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Alimony alimony
I work till my fingers are bloody and boney
Me oh my oh goodness sake
I'm payin' for my mistake

She calls it alimony alimony
Yeah you single men may think it's funny
Till one of these days you're gonna wake
And find you're payin' for your mistake

Pom pom I walk around ragged like a low down bum
I can't afford to weigh myself or buy a stick of gum
It's the same old story with a little more blues in it
I'm payin' for it while someone else is usin' it

Alimony alimony
I thought I bought steak and it was all baloney
My heart and back are both about to break
From payin' for my mistake yeah
[ harmonica ]
Yeah I walk around ragged like a low down bum
I can't afford to weigh myself or buy a stick of gum
Why it's the same old story with a little more blues in it
I'm payin' for it while someone else is usin' it

Alimony alimony
Thought I bought steak and it was just baloney
And every penny that I make
Goes to payin' for my mistake
Oh yeah payin' for my mistake every Wednesday

Yeah aw come on baby y'know it's your mistake too yeah
They took all the furniture and everything come on
Why maybe we could sorta pitch in and work it out y'know
I mean I could get a third job if that's what you want I mean
What about sellin' my blood y'know



Dirty Ol' Me

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Well I was sittin' up in my crane leftin' boulders in the rain
Can't get promoted no matter what I do
Ah when the forman he comes around and he yells up from the ground
He says hold that load up there for a minute or two

Cause I got to check some gear down here below
So whatever you do with them rocks just don't let go
Just don't let go just don't let go

I'm sittin' by his desk and drinkin' coffee
It seems that he got hit by a rock or three
They're puttin' my name on the door where his name was before
Oh dirty ol' me say dirty ol' me

Now my best friend had confessed that his life had been a mess
Yeah when he was young he robbed the bank and then ran
But now he lives an honest life and he's got a lovely wife
But still it hurts to be a wanted man

But he said nobody knows about it but my friends and kin
And I know a none of them would ever turn me in
They'd never turn me in they'd never turn me in

I'm slouchin' on his couch drinkin' his whiskey
Well it seems somebody called the police on he
And between the hugs and kisses that I'm gettin' from his Mrs
I think oh dirty ol' me dirty ol' me

And then of course it follows I found a suitcase full of dollars
About fifteen thousand of 'em more or less
And inside there was a note that some poor old lady wrote
Givin' me her name and her address

And it said if lost finder please return without hesitation
Cause I've been savin' this money for fifteen years
Strippin' and sufferin' and takin' in washin'
Scrubbin' floors and sellin' flowers in the snow
And now I need it for a serious operation
A serious operation a serious operation

Now I'm layin' on the beach in Acapulco
Got enough money to last till I'm ninety-three
And I'm eatin' enchiladas served by lovely senoritas
Thinkin' oh dirty ol' me thinkin' dirty ol' me

Yeah I can't face myself aw y'know but when you really think about it
I mean that foreman I mean he had compensation and prob'ly could use the rest
And y'know my friend'll prob'ly feel a lot better
When he pays his debt to society and won't have that pressure on him
Y'know and that old lady y'know if there was such an old lady
It prob'ly was a false note anyway
But if there was she she can get MediCare they've got
I mean I'm not tryin' to make excuses or nothin' y'know I mean
I mean I can't stand to look at myself sometimes I mean
I I feel the guilt honey pass me some more of that tequila
I 'm just tryin' to forget dirty ol' me
Yeah just move a little closer yeah
Some o'them frijoles I love frijoles yeah I want
Yeah I I got the money right here yeah



Cloudy Sky

Shel Silverstein - Baxter Taylor

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

The Moon she is a pretty girl who lives up in the stars
And that ol' Cloud he's a great old man who loves her from afar
He loves her from afar

When Lady Moon smiles down on him ol' Cloud is all a wonder
So he starts to sing to her and that's what makes the thunder
Can't ya listen baby that's what makes the thunder

Love is just a cloudy sky as far as I can see
And that ol' cloud up in the sky
He got much chance in love as me

And some dry nights she won't come out when she hears him callin'
The tears come streamin' on down his cheeks and that's the rain a fallin'
Don't ya feel it baby hat's the rain a fallin'

Love is just a cloudy sky as far as I can see
And that ol' Cloud up in the sky's
Got as much a chance in love as me

And when the night starts to gettin' light and he can see her goin'
He throws a kiss across the sky and that's the wind a blowin'
Can't ya feel it honey that's the wind a blowin'

Oh love is just a cloudy sky as far as I can see
And that ol' cloud up in the sky
He's got as much a chance as me
He got as much a chance as me



Kick It Again

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

So you heard there was a spark of love that I have for you
You come back to kill it like you always do
You found it weak and tremblin' hangin' on just by a thread
And you kicked it choke it stepped on it and broke it left it half to death

Kick it again it's still breathin'
Kick it again I think I seen it move just a little bitty
Kick it again it's still livin'
So kick it again and then again and then you'll kill my love for you
[ harmonica - guitar ]
You're gonna have to do much more this time than a make it crawl
A cheatin' on it doesn't seem to work at all
And it won't do no good to try to shame it to death
Cause it's raspin' gaspin' crawlin' callin' to you with each dying breath

Kick it again it's still breathin'...



Someday's Here

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Well I've told you someday I'd have a lotta money
And you would see me grinnin' from ear to ear
Look in my pocket this ain't gabbage that I'm foldin' baby
Oh oh someday's here

And I told you someday I'll come driving up your driveway
In a Cadillac that stretched across from here to here
Look out your window this ain't no Mack truck I'm drivin'
Ah someday's here

Yeah you should have stucked with me just a little bit longer baby
When I was ragged and thin
You should have stuck with me till I got a little bit stronger baby
But you wanted the battle now you're up the creek without a paddle

Say I told you someday I'd have so many women
That if I try to count 'em it would take a year
Look in the back seat this ain't no football team I'm drivin' with
Ah someday's here
[ harmonica ]
You should have stuck with me just a little bit longer baby...

Say I told you someday you come crawlin' to me
Beggin' pleadin' scratchin' cryin' crocodile tears
Look at my feet is that my dog Rover no it's you
Ah someday's here hmm someday's here




Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Ain't the snow fallin' just a bit deeper these days
Aren't they building the stairs a bit steeper these days
And the town's really changin' in so many ways
Time time time

The young folks they're growin' exceptionally tall
And the newspaper print it's becomin' quite small
And folks speak so softly you can hardly hear at all
Time time time

The jokes don't seem as witty as the old jokes once were
And the girls are half as pretty as I remember her
And today you know in the park a young man called me sir
Time time time

Yeah I'm not quite as anxious for fame or success
And my eye finds the girl in the plain quiet dress
And I cling a bit longer to each warm caress
Time time time

So I breathe a bit heavy when I climb a hill
What of it my life now is really much more fulfilled
But they're tearin' down the building that I watched them build
Time time time
Time time time



Boy Named Sue

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Hey my daddy left home when I was three
And he didn't leave much for ma and me
Just this here old guitar and a half filled bottle of booze
And it wasn't just that he run and hid
But the meanest thing that old man did
Was before he left he went and named me Sue

Yeah he must've thought that it was quite a joke
And it got a lot of laughs from lots of folk
It seems I had to fight my whole life through
Well the girl would giggle and I'd get red
And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head
I tell ya life ain't easy for a boy named Sue

Yeah I grew up quick and I grew up mean
My fist got hard and my wits got keen
I'd roam from town to town to hide my shame
And I made me a vow to the moon and stars
I'd search them honky tonks and bars
And I kill the man that gave me that awful name

It was Gatlinburg in mid July
I drove up my throat was dry
I thought that I'd stop and have me a brew
At an old saloon on a street of mud
And there at a table dealing stud
Sat the dirty heartless dog that named me Sue

Yeah I knew that old man was my dad
From a worn out picture my momma'd had
I knew the scar on his cheek and his twinkly eye
He was kinda bent and gray and old
And I looked at him and my blood ran cold
I said my name is Sue how do you do
Now you're gonna die

So I hit him hard right between the eyes
He went down but to my surprise
He come up with a knife and he cut up a piece of my ear
So I busted a chair right across his teeth
And we crashed through the wall and into the street
A kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer

Well I tell ya I've fought tougher men
But I really can't remember when
He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile
Then he went for a gun and I heard him curse
When he seen that I grabbed mine first
He stood there lookin' at me and he said with a cheepy smile

He said son this world is rough
And if a man's gonna make it he's gotta be tough
And I know I wouldn't be there to help ya along
So I give ya that name and I said goodbye
I knew you'd have to get tough or die
And it's that name that helped to make you strong

He said you just fought one heck of a fight
And I know you hate me you got the right
To kill me and I wouldn't blame you if you do
But ya ought to thank me before I die
For the gravel in ya guts and the steel in ya eye
Cause I'm that heartless hound who named you Sue
What could I do

I got all choked up and I threw down my gun
And I called him my pa and he called me son
And I come away with a different point of view
And I think about him now and then
Every time I try and every time I win
And you know if I ever have a son I think I'll just name him
Jim or name him Paul or some like that
Anything but Sue I still hate that name



Pathetic Way Of Getting Over Me

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Oh if you read in the papers that she's been seen
A gettin' in an out of some millionare's long custom made limousine
She may fool you with her smile but I can see
That's just her poor hopeless heartless helpless
Pathetic way of gettin' over me

So you were down at Joe's on the night she broke her zipper
And some wane brain drunk champagne out of her slipper
And she danced on the piano and she screamed hurray I'm free
That's just her poor hopeless heartless helpless
Pathetic way of gettin' over me

Oh she'll do anything she can just to make me jealous
Of course forgettin' me is gonna take her lots of years
So I call her now and then just out of pity
When she laughs at me that's just her way
Of bravely holding back her tears

What's that you say she got married oh the poor little fool
To some handsome movie star with the mansion and a swimmin' pool
And she's lookin' good and she's got a kid or two or three
That's just her poor hopeless heartless helpless
Pathetic way of gettin' over me

Pathetic way of tryin' to get over me
But she ain't never gonna make it honey
I mean those guys those guys you see her with now
They're they're the relatives maybe business associates
I mean I know this woman and she's sittin' home bitin' her fingernails
Let me tell you she's just readin' magazines
She she may look like she's enjouin' herself
That's the way she looks when she's really gettin' bad I know this woman



Somebody Stole My Rig

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

I'm haulin' twenty tons of freight into New York state
Started thinkin' bout Mary Jane
She lived over the hill I had an hour to kill
I thought I'd get in out of the rain
Oh my she looked so fine had a bottle of wine
I'd have myself a little bitty swig
Then I heard wheels on the cinders and I ran to the windows
And somebody stole my rig

Oh oh oh somebody stole my rig somebody stole my rig
Heard wheels on the cinders and I ran to the windows
And somebody stole my rig

And when I called up the cops told 'em I tried to stop 'em
And nobody answered the phone
And so I called up my honey told her send me bus money
She said don't bother comin' home
And so I called the boss and said the load was lost
I thought he's gonna flip his wig
Yeah a moment quick enjoyment now I'm back on unemployment
Cause somebody stole my rig

Oh somebody stole my rig somebody stole my rig
Hey a moment quick enjoyment now I'm back on unemployment
Cause somebody stole my rig

But if I ever get a job behind the wheel again
I'm never gonna fool around
I'll keep an eye on the road and an eye on the load
I'll never even slow it down
And I'll stay concerned with the lesson I learned
I bet it's gonna change my luck
And I'll never leave a truck to go visit no girl
I'm gonna bring the girls to the truck

Oh somebody stole my rig somebody stole my rig
Moment quick enjoyment now I'm back on unemployment
Cause somebody stole my rig
Yeah wheels on the cinders and I ran to the windows
And somebody stole my rig

Yeah I tell ya my blackbook was in the glove compartment
That's what really bugs me uh huh
I I din't mind walkin' or losin' my job or anythin'
Somebody stole my rig
I mean they could have borrowed it and ask me before



Comin' After Jinny

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

He'll be comin' down the road at the break of day
His head thrown back and his guns tied low
He's comin' after Jinny wants to take her away
But I ain't gonna let her go

Oh he boasted in town but she loved him
He said she'd be his with the sun
He said anyone try to stop him would be
Just one more notch on his gun

They say that he's headstrong and handsome
His hair's blowin' wild and free
And they got a hold I ain't comin'
Cause he's a lot younger than me

And he'll be comin' down the road at the break of day...

He hasn't had much education
He ain't worked a day in his life
He's livin' with some older woman
They say she's another man's wife

But she wants him needs him and loves him
She buys him his clothes and his meals
When she finds he's gone she'll be prayin'
And Lord I know just how she feels

Because he's comin' down the road at the break of day...

The sun's at his back as he's comin'
The smile is cruel on his lip
His right hand is slowly descendin'
To the sixgun that rest on his hip

Then his lower lip started tremble
And he started cryin' as he looked up at me
And I picked him up I said son you're only four years old
And you know Jinny's only three

So come on in the house and have some cookies and milk
And he did and the tears turned to smiles
And I called up his mama I drove him home
And Jinny's safe at least for a little while



Daylight Dreamer

Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Here's the half finished painting of a girl that I started last December
Here's the first three pages of my novel bout I don't really remember
Here's my Martin guitar that I never quite learned how to play
That's the daylight dreamer wishful thinker's way

I had a Harley bike but I traded it off to a feller
For the Astroglass boat that's still sittin down in my cellar
I bought a tape recorder and found I had nothin' to say
That's the daylight dreamer wishful thinker's way

I got an exercise machine man I'd be glad to let you try it
This well it's a Leika Camera maybe you'd like to buy it
I can get you a real good deal
I just need enough money to buy myself some modeling clay
Yeah that's the daylight dreamer wishful thinker's way

On the day that I die they'll be talking about the dearly departed
And they'll say he never ever finished nothin' that he started
But I started this song man I'm gonna finish it today
Yeah that's the daylight dreamer

How was it...daylight...oh wish...wishful...think...what were it...
I forgot I forgot the words
Listen... anyway... why don't we just take a break and finish it later you know
Cause I could sure use a sandwich
I wanna get myself a BLT or something
And listen... right near the restaurant there's a great old bookstore
Right near the restaurant
They got all these great old books... great old comic books...they got Batman




Shel Silverstein

© Evil Eye Music, BMI

Hey dragged up my holly and I pull it to a town for bigtime
Hey rig down the road I tore 'em down I'm a bigtime
I wheeled right in them swinging doors
Out through the window with half of that store
Everybody stopped and roared here comes bigtime

Lemme grab me a bottle when I bit off a tap cause I'm bigtime
I do a ninety miles an hour in this speedin' trap and that's bigtime
I rolled up the telephone pole and then I kissed fifteen women fought sixteen men
I thought I'd start over again for another bigtime

And then a cop come up he said I see you've been enjoyin' quite a bigtime yeah
But you got to pay for what have been destroyed Mr Bigtime
I told that cop you better cut right out
Cause you're a little bitty man I'm a great big trout
I swung at him and the lights went out on my bigtime

Hey here I am coolin' in the country slam and this is the bigtime
The judge didn't believe how important I am he gave me bigtime
And in the bunk above me there is a poor tempted soul
He shot his wife cause she sneezed untold
Hope he didn't catch cold here in the bigtime

Hey when I get out I can have it made I could be bigtime
Cause my safecracker buddies wanna teach me the trade in their bigtime
I thanked them kindly but I told them no when I get out I'm gonna take it slow
A cup of hot chocolate and a late late show will be my bigtime
Yea cup of hot chocolate and a late show will be my bigtime


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