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Waylon Jennings

Lonesome On'ry And Mean

(# 8 top country album)
(# 214 top pop album)

RCA Victor LSP-4854
Mar / 1973

Produced by Ronny Light & Waylon Jennings

Cover image of Lonesome On'ry And Mean

Billy Sanford - guitar/dobro
Dale Sellers, Fred Carter, Jimmy Capps, Dave Kirby, Billy Reynolds, Chip Young - guitar
Ralph Mooney - steel/dobro
Bobby Dyson, Henry Strzelecki, Ralp Gallant, Len Miller - bass
Hargus Pig Robbins- piano
Kenneth Buttrey, Buddy Harman, Willie Ackerman, Ralph Gallant, Richie Albright - drums
Don Brooks - harmonica
Byron Bach, David Vanderkkok - cello
Marvin Chantry, Gary Vanosdale - viola
Brenton Banks, George Binkley, Lennie Haight, Sheldon Kurland - violin
Lea Jane Bernati, Ginger Holladay, Mary Holladay, Temple Riser
Dec/1972, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville
Engineering: Bill Vandevort, Leslie Ladd, Tom Pick


Lonesome On'ry And Mean

Steve Young

© Richway Music, BMI

On a Greyhound bus Lord I'm travelin' this morning
I'm goin' to Shreveport and down to New Orleans
Been travlin' these highways been doin' things my way
It's been making me lonesome on'ry and mean

God her hair was jet black and her name was Bodine
Thought she was the queen of the Basin Street Queens
She got tired of that smoky-wine dream
She began to feel lonesome on'ry and mean
[ steel - guitar ]
We got together and we cashed in our sweeps
Gave onto beggar who was mumbling through the streets
There's no escaping from his snowy white dream
On'ry and lonesome on'ry and mean

Now I'm down in this valley where the wheels turn so low
At dawn I pray to the Lord of my soul
I say do Lord do right by me
You know I'm tired of being lonesome on'ry and mean



Freedom To Stay

Bill Hoover

© Famous Music, ASCAP

I tied my bandana took my pack from the floor
You were still sleeping as I stood at the door
Once more I was headin' to God only knows where
That's when it hit me I was already there

I could ramble a thousand miles or more
Never find the light I've seen in your eyes before
You gave me the freedom to go on my way
But you gave me much more you gave me the freedom to stay

Why keep on runnin' just to wish on a star
Searching for heaven when I know where you are
Life is just empty when you're walking alone
So wherever we're going girl Lord it's good to be at home

I could ramble a thousand miles or more...



Lay It Down

Gene Thomas

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

Travelin' down on different roads
Trying hard to leave the load
Take it there but we can't let go it's so hard to lay it down

Back in Eden we were tried
Found ourselves dis-satisfied
Seeking wisdom that she denied
Trying hard to lay it down

Lay it down brother lay it down
It's so hard to lay it down

Hide in me confide in me
Don't you think it's time to be
Everything we tried to be
You and me should lay it down

Speak to me be unashamed
There's no need in playing games
After all we're all the same
Just trying hard to lay it down

Lay it down brother lay it down
It's so hard to lay it down

Wish my words could make it well
Wish that I could break the shell
Take us from myself made hell
Find a way to lay it down

Burdened by the things I've learned
Hurtin' cause I'm too concerned
Nonetheless I confess I yearn
To find a way to lay it down

Lay it down lay it down
Wish that I could lay it down



Gone To Denver

Johnny Cash - Penni Lane

© House Of Cash, BMI

I've thought I'd take a trip to Denver and spend a little time
I thought maybe out in Denver I might get you off my mind
No want no want go with me just want to be alone
I might find someone in Denver Lord that can help me carry on

Gone to Denver gone to Denver
Gone to mend a broken heart
Now I was goin' and if I'm goin'
I'd better be gone gone to Denver
[ guitar ]
Well I've known a quiet wild now I've been losing you
And I'd rather might stay here and find out who I lost into
Maybe I won't even miss you like I always thought I would
I've heard Denver's quite a city and it changed my do me good

Gone to Denver gone to Denver...
Gone to Denver



Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Danny O'Keefe

© Road Canon Music, BMI

Everybody's gone away
Said they're movin' to LA
There ain't a soul I know around
Everybody's leavin' town

Some caught a freight some caught a plane
Find the sunshine leave the rain they say
This town'll waste your mind
Must be right cause it's wastin' mine

Some got to win some got to lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues
[ dobro ]
My ol' heart keeps telling me
There ain't no kid at thirty-three
Play around you lose your wife
You play too long you lose your life

I got my pills to ease the pain
Can't find a thing to ease the rain
Sometimes I'd like to try and settle down
But everybody's leavin' town

Some got to win some got to lose
Good time Charlie's got the blues



(# 7 country hit)

You Can Have Her

William Cook

© Big Billy Music, BMI

Well you can have her I don't want her
She didn't loved me anyway
She only wanted someone to play with
But all I wanted was love to stay

The girl I love upped and left me
She ran away with my best friend
Comes home at night for just an hour
When daylight comes she's gone again

You can have her I don't want her...

When you're stuck with the wrong woman
There ain't much that you can do
You just dig a hole and crawl right in it
Then pull the ground right in over you

You can have her I don't want her...

Life without love is mighty empty
But confession is good for your soul
I'd rather have love for just one hour
Than have the world and all of its gold

You can have her I don't want her...
Yeah you can have her I don't want her...



(# 6 country hit)

Pretend I Never Happened

Willie Nelson

© Willie Nelson Music, BMI

Pretend I never happened erase me from your mind
You will not want to remember any love as cold as mine
I'll be leaving in the morning for a place I hope I find
All the place must be better than the ones I leave behind

I don't suppose you'll be unhappy you'll find ways to spend your time
But if you ever think about me if I ever cross your mind
Just pretend I never happened erase me from your mind girl
You will not want to remember any love as cold as mine
[ steel ]
I don't suppose you'll be unhappy you'll find ways to spend your time...



San Francisco Mabel Joy

Mickey Newbury

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

His daddy was an honest man a red dirt Georgia farmer
Mama lived her young life having kids and bailing hay
He had fifteen years and an ache inside to wander
Jumped a freight in Waycross wound up in LA

The cold nights had no pity on that Waycross Georgia farm boy
Most days he went hungry then the summer came
Met a girl known on the Strip as San Francisco's Mabel Joy
Destitution's child born on an LA street called Shame

Growing up came quietly in the arms of Mabel Joy
Laughter found the mornings that brought the meaning to his life
Night before she left sleep came and found that Waycross country boy
With dreams of Georgia cotton and a California wife

Sunday morning found him neath the red light at her door
A right cross sent him reelin' and put him face down on the floor
In place of Mabel Joy he found a merchant mad marine
He said your Georgia neck is red but Sonny you're still green

He turned twenty-one in a grey rock Federal prison
Judge had no mercy on this Waycross Georgia boy
Starin' at those four grey walls in silnce Lord he'd listen
To the midnight freight he knew could take him back to Mabel Joy

Sunday morning found him neath the red light at her door
With a bullet in his side he cried have you seen Mabel Joy
Stunned and shaken someone said she don't live here no more
She left this house four years ago she was lookin' for some Georgia farm boy



Sandy Sends Her Best

Billy Ray Reynolds

© Tree Publ, BMI

This letter that I'm writing would probably be the hardest thing I'll ever do
But you see there's something you should know I guess I should be the one to tell you
While you faithfully waited for me I met someone new and I fell
Though you may not wanna hear it
Sandy sends her best and she and I both wish you well

Sure you know as well as I mem'ries have a way of hangin' in your mind
And there's a lot about you I know I'll remember for a long long time
But she's the girl that I love now I guess more than I love my life itself
I pray you hold her no heart feelings
Sandy sends her best and she and I both wish you well

Maybe someday you'll forgive me realize that some things happened for the best
If it's any consolation after all the others until her I loved you best
By the time you read this letter we'll be gone I guess that's all there is to tell
But before I say goodbye Sandy sends her best and she and I both wish you well
I pray you hold her no heart feelings
Sandy sends her best and she and I both wish you well



Me And Bobby McGee

Kris Kristofferson - Fred Foster

© Combine Music, BMI

Busted flat in Baton Rouge headin' for the trains
Feelin' nearly faded as my jeans
Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained
Took us all the way to New Orleans
I took my har'poon out of my dirty red bandana
I played it sad while Bobby sang the blues
With them windshield whipers slappin' time
And Bobby clappin' hands we finally
Sang up ever song that driver knew

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose
Nothin' left was all she left for me
Feeling good was easy Lord when Bobby sang the blues
Feeling good was good enough for me
Good enough for me and Bobby McGee

From the coal mines of Kentucky to the California sun
Bobby shared the secrets of my soul
Standin' right beside me Lord through everything I done
Every night she'd keep me from the cold
Somewhere near Salinas Lord Bobby slipped away
Looking for the home I hope she'll find
I'd trade all of my tomorrows for just one yesterday
Holdin' Bobby's body close to mine

Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose...


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