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Waylon Jennings

Ladies Love Outlaws

(# 11 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4751
Sep / 1972

Produced by Ronny Light

Cover image of Ladies Love Outlaws

Fred Carter, Dave Kirby, Billy Sanford, Billy Reynolds, Buck Wilkin, Chip Young, Bobby Thompson - guitar
Ralph Mooney - steel
Bobby Dyson, Henry Strzelecki, Norbert Putman - bass
Hargus Pig Robbins, Jim Pierce - piano
Kenneth Buttrey, Buddy Harman, Willie Ackerman, Ralph Gallant - drums
Andy McMahon - organ
Rick Powell - moog
Joe Babcock, Dolores Edgin, June Page, Hurshel Wiginton,
Lea Jane Bernati, Ginger Holladay, Mary Holladay, Temple Riser
May/1972, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville
Engineering: Bill Vandevort, Leslie Ladd, Tom Pick


Ladies Love Outlaws

Lee Clayton

© Resaca Music, BMI

Bessie was a lovely child from west Tennessee
Leroy was an outlaw hard as a mink
One day she saw him starin' and it chilled her to the bone
And she knew she had to see that look on a child of her own

Cause ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs
Ladies touch babies like a banker touches gold
And outlaws touch the ladies somewhere deep down in their soul

Linda was a lady blonde and built to last
Benny was a no good guitar picker runnin' from his past
She heard all of his songs tellin' nothin' but bad news
But she made her mind up to try to get him win or lose

Ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs...

Jessi like the Cadillacs and diamonds on her hand
Waymore had a reputation as a ladie's man
Late one night a light of love finally gave a sign
Jessi parked her Cadillac and took her place in line

Cause ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs...
Ladies love outlaws like babies love stray dogs...



Never Been To Spain

Hoyt Axton

© Lady Jane Music, BMI

Well I've never been to Spain
But I kinda like the music
They say the ladies are insane there
And they sure know how to use it
They don't abuse it can't refuse it
Well they're never gonna lose it

Well I've never been to England
But I kinda like the Beatles
I was headed for Las Vegas
I only made it out to Needles
But can't you feel it you must believe it
Cause it feels so good

Well I've never been to heaven
But I've been to Oklahoma
People tell me I was born there
Lord I really don't remember
In Oklahoma or Arizona
What does it matter
[ steel ]
Well I've never been to Spain...



Sure Didn't Take Him Long

Waylon Jennings

© Waylon Jennings Music, BMI

My long and lean and hungry looks really used to turn her on
Till she found two hundred pounds or true love muscle and bone
I made up my mind to keep what was mine he made up mind I was wrong
To take my Ann took a hell of a man but it sure didn't take him too long

It sure didn't take him long changin' her mind
Sure didn't take her long to leave me behind
She had breakfast with me met him at three by suppertime she was gone
To take my Ann took a hell of a man but it sure didn't take him too long
[ steel ]
Now Ann never was a righteous girl but you really couldn't call her bad
I'd have to say as long as she stayed Lord she gave it all that she had
One look at them two looks at him I knew I'd be a livin' alone
To take my Ann took a hell of a man but it sure didn't take him too long

It sure didn't take him long changing her mind....



Crazy Arms

Ralph Mooney - Chuck Seals

© Champion Music, BMI

Now blue ain't the word for the way that I feel
For the storm's brewing in this heart of mine
This ain't no crazy dream I know that it's real
You're someone else's love now you're not mine

Crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new
While my yearning heart keeps sayin' you're not mine
My troubled mind knows soon to another you'll be wed
But for now I'm just lonesome all the time
[ steel ]
So take all the treasured dreams I had for me and you
And take all the love I thought was mine
Someday these crazy arms may hold somebody new
But for I'm just lonesome all the time

Crazy arms that reach to hold somebody new...
But for now I'm just lonesome all the time




Bobby Braddock

© Tree Publ, BMI

Somewhere in VietNam a 19-year-old soldier walked out of a barroom
And he said I must be seeing things that bourbon hit me like a baseball bat
In Bellfast Ireland a little lady dropped her shovel in her garden
She raced across the yard and ask her neighbor Mrs Clancy what was that

In Memphis Tennessee a teacher raised the window closest to the river
And the children in her classroom swore they'd heard a choir singing down the street
In Washington DC a private secretary's lips began to quiver
And the President just put aside his papers and rose quickly to his feet

I lay in a cheap motel in the arms of someone else's woman
When a loud explosion rocked the room and turned the morning into night
I jumped out of bed and ran into the street with hardly any clothes on
As the sky lit up my heart stood still and I could feel my face was turnin' white

All at once the clouds rolled back and there stood Jesus Christ in all his glory
And I realized the sadded eyes I'd ever seen were looking straight at me

I guess I was awakened by the penetrating sounds of my own screamin'
And it didn't take me long to stumble out of bed and fall down on my knees
As tears rolled down my face I cried dear God I'm thankful I was only dreamin'
And if I never go to hell Lord it'll be because you scared it out of me



Delta Dawn

Alex Harvey - Larry Collins

© April Music, ASCAP

In her younger days they called her Delta Dawn
Prettiest woman you ever had laid eyes on
But a man of low degree stood by her side
Promised her he'd take her for his bride
But he lied

Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on
Could it be a faded rose of days gone by
Did I hear you say he was meetin' you here today
To take you to his mansion in the sky

She's forty-one and her daddy still calls her baby
All the folks around Brownsville say she's crazy
Cause she walks downtown with a suitcase in her hand
Lookin' for a mysterious dark haired man

Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on...
Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on...
Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on...
Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on...



Frisco Depot

Mickey Newbury

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

Frisco's a mile long away you can afford to fly
But it might as well be the moon Lord when you're as broke as I
Here I sit with my head in my hands watchin' the trains roll by
Lord the Helping Hand Mission man warned me that the nights here got cold

When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine
When you're dry there's nothing as welcome as rain
When you're alone there's nothing as slow as passin' time
When you're afoot Lord there's nothing as fast as a train
[ steel ]
Ol' Frisco's a mighty rich city now that ain't no lie
They have some buildings that reach nearly a mile in the sky
Everyone's so busy they can't tell me the reason why
Here's a world full of people so damn many people alone

When you're alone life just don't seem worth livin'
While you're alive gotta learn to live with the pain
You've been grown for so long there's no one left for forgivin'
You find yourself searchin' your mind for the links to the chain

When you're cold there's nothing as welcome as sunshine...




Bill Martin - Phil Coulter

© Marvy Songs, BMI

Sunday morning in the valley
We would gather for the service
Emmily Jane would run to meet me
She'd smile at papa kinda nervous
All the people came from miles around
I can still hear the sound

As they sang
Thanks to the Lord for the sun up in the sky
For the corn that's growing high and for the child that didn't die
Thanks to the Lord for the crops and for the farm
For the strength in my right arm and for keepin' us from harm
Thanks thanks thanks thanks
Thanks to the Lord for a girl like Emmily Jane
[guitar ]
Came the day when we were married
All our folks in the congregation
Emmily Jane was like an angel
The sweetest thing in all creation
Papa hugged me and my mama cried
Everybody smiled with pride

As they sang
Thanks to the Lord for the sun up in the sky...



I Think It's Time She Learned

Waylon Jennings - Jessi Colter

© Waylon Jennings Music, BMI

How many times must I tell her
How many times must I say
I won't be around to pick her up again
From now on she'll have to find her own way

How many years have I loved her
While she stood by so unconcerned
But the things she don't know I'll teach her when I go
She's been wrong and I think it's time she learned

I think it's time she learned
Love can't live when love is not returned
She thought that I would always stand by
She's been wrong and I think it's time she learned
[ steel ]
I think it's time she learned...
She's been wrong and I think it's time she learned



(# 39 country hit)

Under Your Spell Again

Buck Owens - Dusty Rhodes

© Central Songs, BMI

with Jessi Colter

I swore the last time that you let me down
That I wouldn't see you if you came around
I can't tell my heart what's right or wrong
And I've been so lonesome since you've been gone

You've got me under your spell again
Saying those things again
Making me believe that you're just mine
Dreaming those dreams again
Scheming those schemes again
I've gotta take you back just one more time
[ steel ]
Everybody tells me that I'm a fool
That I never should have put my faith in you
Way down deep inside I guess I know it's true
No one else can make me feel the way you do

You've got me under your spell again...

I've gotta take you back just one more time
I've gotta take you back just one more time
I've gotta take you back just one more time


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