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Waylon Jennings

Cedartown Georgia

(# 27 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4567
Aug / 1971

Produced by Danny Davis

Cover image of Cedartown Georgia

Fred Carter, Jerry Reed, Wayne Moss, Frank Evans, Bucky Wilkin, Ray Edenton, Chip Young - guitar
Pete Drake - steel
Bobby Dyson, Roy Huskey, Norbert Putman - bass
Buddy Harman, Jerry Carrigan, Kenneth Buttrey - drums
Hargus Pig Robbins, David Briggs - piano
Charlie McCoy - harmonica
Jerry Hayne - french horn
Doris Sweet - english horn
Martha McCrory - cello
Doris Allen, Stephanie Woolf - viola
Brenton Banks, Howard Carpenter, Stephen Clapp, Solie Fott, Martin Katahn - violin
Dorothy Dillard, Priscilla Hubbard, Louis Nunley, William Wright
Arrangements by Bergen White
Jul/1970, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville
Engineering: Bill Vandevort, Al Pachucki, Tom Pick


(# 12 country hit)

Cedartown Georgia

Mack Vickery - Sammi Smith - Charlie Cobble

© Tree Publ, BMI

I got a gal in Cedartown Georgia
Used to have to walk nearly three miles to court her
She never had much just a sharecropper's daughter
But I married her and took her down to New Orleans
Got a little house in the South French Quarter

Got a job tookin' bales load them on steamboat
I give the seven days pay next day unbroke
When she ain't a sleepin' all day she's a primping
Every evening when the sun goes down
She starts a swarmin' on Orleans town

Walkin' into work this mornin' at daybreak
I caught her with the tall long dandy from canebreak
As she walked right by me and she looked right through me
I made up my mind what I'm a gonna do
Eased in the pawnshop and bought a 22

I watched as the roomclerk gave them a room key
A standin' outside I could read Room 23
Tonight I'll put her on a train for Georgia
Gonna be a lotta kin folks squallin' and a grieving
Cause that Cedartown gal ain't breathing



Big D

Jerry Crutchfield

© Champion Music, BMI

Stranded here in Dallas cold and hungry I ain't got a dime
Sleepin' in the filty trainyard at the warmest driest place that I can find
What have I done that would justify the way you treatin' me Big D

Stranded here in Dallas cold and hungry I don't know a soul
I could feel a little warmer but I find that there's no coat in my woredraw
My clothes're paper thin still you let your chill of winter fall on me Big D

Why I wanna go where the winds don't blow till summer
Somewhere the sun will warm this chill in me

Stranded here in Dallas cold and hungry I don't even know my name
Oh my temperature keeps rising and I feel that it's done damage to my brain
Could this filty trainyard be the last and final restin' place for me Big D Big D



House Song

Paul Stookey - Robert Bannard

© Rachel Music, ASCAP

This house goes on sale every Wednesday morning
It's taken off the market in the afternoon
You can buy a part of it if you want to
It's been good for me it'll be good for you

Take the grand look now the fire is burning
Is that your reflection on the wall
I can show you this room and some others
If you care to see this house at all

Careful up the stairs a few are missing
I haven't had the time to make repairs
The first one is the hardest one to master
The last one I'm not really sure is there

This room once rang with childish laughter
And I come back to hear it now and again
I don't know why you're here or what you're after
But in this room a part of you remains

Second floor the lady slept in waiting
Past the lantern tiptoe in its glance
In the room my soft brown arms of shadow
This room is the hardest one to pass



Tomorrow Night In Baltimore

Kenny Price

© Tree Publ, BMI

Her head rolls back and forth against the billows of her long black shiny hair
As she contemplates the ecstasy of another love she wishes was still there
If she could only realize that the love I have could beckon her command
Instead of laughing endlessly and pushin' back advances with her hands

Every night I see her leaves a nightmare of illusions when she's gone
And it leaves a granted statue in a man with a pain that lingers on
The gaudy goodbye can't replace the girlish giggle of her sweet hello
But tonight I've made my crumbled mind up that I'll never ever let her go
[ guitar ]
Many nights I've watched her tease by shifting all her weight from hip to hip
And with her hands brush back the falling strands that cover up her satin lips
She struts upon the stage and her fallen victims are calling out for more
But she leaves 'em stranded helplessly and exits to her dressing room door

Tonight I'm gonna take her I've infiltrated past the guarded door
But she just hurries by me carrying all those scanty costumes that she wore
And asks a sawed off cigar smoking cat if he would open up the door
Then she told them to load the baggage cause they open tomorrow night in Baltimore
God if I have to crawl I'm gonna be there tomorrow night in Baltimore



Pickin' White Gold

Fred Carter

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

Down in the place where I call home
I've been workin' my fingers to the bone
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold
All day long in Louisiana sun
Pickin' and a pullin' white cotton by the tons
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold

I fill my sack and I put it on my shoulder and then I take one again
OId man cotton won't let me make a nickel till I get it to a cotton gin
So I bent my back till I think it's gonna break
Try to keep a thinkin' how much I'm gonna make
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold
[ harmonica ]
There's a little girl I call Bellie
All day she works alongside of me
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold
Her lips are soft as a cotton in a hand
And side by side we're making our plans
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold

There's a little house with a little solid ground
That would make a mighty pretty home
All we lead is little money down and we could call it our Rome
So I can't rest till I get through I need the money for what it can do
Pickin' white gold pickin' white gold pickin' white gold pickin' white gold



Bridge Over Troubled Water

Paul Simon

© Charing Cross Music, BMI

with Jessi Colter

When you're weary feeling small when tears are in your eyes I'll dry them all
I'm on your side oh when times get rough and friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled waters I will lay me down
[ guitar ]
When you're down and out when you're on the street
When evening falls so hard I will comfort you
I'll take your part when darkness comes and pain is all around
Like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled waters I will lay me down
[ ac.guitar ]
Sail on silver girl sail on by your time has come to shine
All the dreams are on their way
See how they shine if you need a friend I'm sailing out behind
Like a bridge over troubled water I will lead your mind
Like a bridge over troubled water I will lead your mind



It's All Over Me

Jessi Colter

© Songs Of PolyGram, BMI

When I was loving you I gave all I had to give
You took the love I gave and you took my will to live
Didn't want me then baby what you wantin' now
Hear you talking but just keep walking it's all over now

Wish you could see girl this is just how it could be
If you kept walking way you did all over me
You might been kinder I see it all somehow
I hear you talking but just keep walking it's all over now
[ guitar ]
How does it feel girl to be on the other side
Drop down to your knees sneak it out of your pride
You should remember how you kept me there so long
Hear you talking but just keep walking it's all over now

Maybe the next one will be what you're looking for
Maybe you can give him all he needs and more
Give him all what I needed I don't need it now
Hear you talking but just keep walking it's all over now



I'm Gonna Leave (While I Still Love You)

Martha Sharp

© Al Gallico Music, BMI

You took the little gifts I gave as though afraid each one contained some sort of bribe
And so the joy you might have had from someone giving cause they cared has been denied
And now the frown of discontent upon your face grows deeper girl with time
And I'm gonna leave while I still love you

I know there's no way that I can make up to you for whatever wrong
Has caused you all the pain and sorrow that your heart has lived on for so long
And the wall you've built between us higher now and harder now to climb
And I'm gonna leave while I still love you

I wish that I could be all the reasons that you need to go on livin'
I wish that I could give you what you want so I can get what I'm not givin'
But happiness is not a gift that I can bring you tied with pretty ribbons
And so before I'm left with only bitterness and mem'ries of bad times
Baby I'm gonna leave while I still love you
Baby I'm gonna leave while I still love you



I've Got Eyes For You

Del Shannon - Brian Hyland

© Songs Of Universal, BMI

When I look at you I think many strange things
And it's hard to express all of my feelings
I belong to a girl you hang around with
But I must admit I've got eyes for you

I had to call and tell you just how I felt
You should know by now that when you're near my heart melts
I belong to a girl you hang around with
But I must admit I've got eyes for you

Eyes for you eyes for you
Yes I must admit I've got eyes for you
In my sleep I call your name no one to blame I can't explain

And every time I see you it's the same thing
And I try to escape from looking your way
I belong to a girl you hang around with
But I must admit I've got eyes for you
Must admit I've got eyes for you
Mhm I must admit I've got eyes for you



Let Me Stay Awhile

Mickey Newbury

© Acuff-Rose Music, BMI

Can I stay with you awhile right awhile behind your smile
You don't have to say the things you used to say
Just let me sleep here for a time in the want of your loving mind
And tomorrow I'll be on my way

Just hold me in the want of your gentle smile
Just tonight hon with you then I'll be going on my way
Just hide me till I have the strenght to go
For now all I want to know is morning by your side

Let me stay with you awhile right awhile behind your smile
You don't have to say the things you used to say
Just let me sleep here for a time in the want of your loving mind
Awhile till I find the strenght to go mhmm


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