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Dave Dudley

Rural Route No. 1

Mercury SR-60999
Feb / 1965

Produced by Jerry Kennedy & Shelby Singleton

Cover image of Rural Route No. 1

Jerry Kennedy - guitar/dobro
Harold Bradley - guitar/banjo
Ray Edenton - guitar
Pete Drake - steel
Bob Moore - bass
Buddy Harman - drums
Floyd Cramer, Hargus Pig Robbins - piano/organ
The Jordanaires - vocals
Nov/1964, Columbia Recording Studio, Nashville


Pretty Weather

Tom T. Hall

© Newkeys Music, BMI

We got hogs in the pen and cotton in the gin
And my buckboard is doin' alright
We're doin' real good like country folks should
So we're gonna have a dance tonight

Now if the sun's up in the Cheyenne we'll live a long day
So we'll get all the folks together
There's nothin' like a dance on a Saturday night
When everybody's havin' pretty weather

A pretty weather pretty weather
A bring along the old banjo
A pretty weather a pretty weather
The sunshine's dryin' up the road
We been snowed in all winter long
Couldn't tickle no more with a feather
There's a big bright sun and a pretty yellow moon
And everybody's havin' pretty weather

I had my eyes on a girl with the golden curls
But I ain't seen her all winter long
It's been too cool for a horse or a mule
And the road's about ten miles long

But the sun shines here and I'm alive again
And I'll meet her at the dance tonight
I'm as wide awake as ol' street's owl
And the moon is a pretty and bright

A pretty weather pretty weather...
A pretty weather pretty weather...
A pretty weather pretty weather...



Stray Dog

Tom T. Hall

© Newkeys Music, BMI

You're caught in a trouble you mangy pup
Now how you gonna brag about a bad bringin' up
Your pappy was a hound dog son of a gun
You know what they say about a father and son

Stray dog you're just like me (stray dog)
You ain't nothin' more now than you're ever gonna be

Yeah your big long ear's about chewed off
I guess you been a fightin' with the big dog boss
Now you ain't asked if they invented the lift
I'm a forty feet up and I'm a countin' your ribs

Hey stray dog you're a lover boy too (stray dog)
There's a puppy down the street lost just like you
[ guitar ]
Well I wonder where you've been you're a terrible sight
You must've had a litter off the floor last night
Well I know how you're feelin' I wish I could help
But I got a lotta troubles as ever myself

Hey stray dog you ramblin' fool (stray dog)
But I know how you're feelin' I'm a stray dog too

Yeah you're just like me you're a hurtin' pal
I left my home and I left my gal
Yeah I'm lonesome but I ain't a gonna change
Cause I just can't wear a collar and a chain

Stray dog you're just like me (stray dog)
You ain't nothin' more now than you're ever gonna be

No you ain't nothin' more now than you're ever gonna be (stray dog)
You ain't nothin' more now than you're ever gonna be



Old Shep

Red Foley

© Cole Music, BMI

When I was a lad and old Shep was a pup
Over hills and the meadows we'd stray
Just a boy and his dog we were both full of fun
And we grew up together that way

I remember the time at the old swimmin' hole
When I would have drowned beyond doubt
But old Shep he was right there to the rescue he came
He jumped in and he pulled me out

Now the years rolled along and at last he grew old
His eye sight was fast growin' dim
Then one day the doctor looked at him and said
Well I can do no more for him Jim

With a hand that was tremblin' I picked up my gun
And I aimed it at Shep's faithful head
But I just couldn't do it oh I wanted to run
And I wished they would shoot me instead

Well I went to his side and I sat on the ground
And he laid his head on my knee
I stroke the best pal that a man ever had
Then I cried so I scaresly could see

Now old Shep is gone where the good doggies go
And no more with old Shep will I roam
But if dogs have a heaven there's one thing
I know old Shep has a wonderful home



It's My Lazy Day

Smiley Burnette

© Golden West Melodies, BMI

Well I might have gone fishin' but I got to thinkin' it over
The road down to the river it's a mighty long way
I guess it must be the season ain't no rhyme or no reason
I'm just a takin' it easy it's my lazy day

Well don't you never mind callin' cause I ain't a comin'
Just bull ride on by me and stay out of my way
Cause just a little deep thinkin' it might start me to drinkin'
And I'm a takin' it easy cause it's my lazy day

Oh well I might have gone fishin' but I got to thinkin' it over...




Tom T. Hall

© Newkeys Music, BMI

(You can dam out the water and shut the wind out)
But a man ain't been born who can destroy a drought

There's a hot screamin' wind at my door
But I just don't care anymore
There's a crop killing drought on the way
And my good woman she left me today

Oh she stayed just as long as she could
But then the farm has not treated us good
She begged me to pack up and go
But them farming is all that I know

You can dam out the water and shut the wind out...

She cried as if I were to blame
But the Lord knows I can't make it rain
There's a hot screamin' sun up in the sky
It's so still I can hear the grass die

So I'll wait for the coolness of dark
And bear up to this pain in my heart
And I'll pray with the coming of each dawn
That this crop killin' drought will be gone

You can dam out the water and shut the wind out...



Honey Babe

Dave Dreyer

© Prize Music, ASCAP

Well where did you get those beautiful eyes honey
Yeah where did you get those beautiful eyes baby
Where did you get those beautiful eyes
I can't hide such beautiful lies
Oh honey ah honey babe

Well I'm a takin' you down to the country store honey
Yeah I'm a takin' you down to the country store baby
I'm takin' you down to that country store
Gonna spend all my money and go and work and get some more
Oh honey oh honey babe

You've got my heart now lend me your hand baby
You've got my heart now lend me your hand honey honey baby
You got my heart now lend me your hand
You can have my house and all of my land
Oh honey oh honey babe

Well I got a ring that'll fit you fine honey
Yeah I got a ring that'll fit you fine baby
Well I got a ring that'll fit you fine
Go get married sure enough this time
Oh honey oh honey babe



Soil Bank

Bobby Dyson

© Newkeys Music, BMI

Well there once was a time when this farm of mine was plowed by a mule and a man
They worked from dawn till darkness just tryin' to civilize the sand
Spikin' holes then placin' a seed like each one was a friend
Then hope they'd planted it deep enough to survive the dusthole winds

But lots of things have changed since that ol' mule went to the barn
I brought that little ol' house out back inside where it's nice and warm
No more blisters from a walkin' plow or chokin' the weedin' hole
I just leave the land the way it is and watch the money grow

Soil banks and surplus wheat leaves lots of time on my hands
But I'll take time over blisters any week
And live off the fat of the (live off the fat of the)
Live off the fat of the land
[ guitar ]
Well as long as they keep payin' me not a work or lift a hand
I'm gonna keep on buyin' up all this money makin' sand
And I guess I'll be real famous soon and that's a matter of fact
They're sayin' they're gonna mention my name in the Farmer's Almanac

And I owe it all to Uncle Sam for a deal you just can't beat
And I moved from old starvation road to live on Easy Street
And I know this golden chain of luck will sooner or later break
But by the time that it finally does I won't have to state

Soil banks and surplus wheat leaves lots of time on my hands...



That Lucky Old Sun

Haven Gillespie - Beasley Smith

© Robbins Music, ASCAP

Up in the mornin' out to the fields
I work like the devil for my pay
But that lucky old sun ain't got nothin' to do
But roll around heaven all day

Well I fuss with the woman and I toil for my kids
I sweat till I'm wrinkled and gray
But that lucky old sun ain't got nothin' to do
But roll around heaven all day

Oh Lord above can't you see I'm pinin'
Tears are in my eyes
Send down my cloud with that silvery linin'
And lift me to paradise

Then show me that river and take me across
Wash all my troubles away
Like that lucky old sun give me nothin' to do
But roll around heaven all day
[ guitar ]
Show me that river and take me across...



Old Rivers

Cliff Crofford

© Metric Music, BMI

How old was I when I first seen Old Rivers
Well I can't remember when he wandered around
That old fellow he did a heap of work
He spent his whole life walkin' plowed ground

He had the one roomed shack out not far from us
Well we's about as poor as him
And he had one old mule he called him Midnight
And I'd tread along after then

He'd plow them rows just straight and deep
And I'd follow along behind
I'd be bustin' up plows with my own bare feet
But Old Rivers he was a friend of mine

Now that sun would get high and that old mule he'd work
Finally Old Rivers he'd say whoa
He'd wipe his brow and he'd lean back on them reins
Then he'd talk about that place he was gonna go

One of these days I'm gonna climb that mountain
Gonna walk up there among them plows
Where that cotton's high and that corn's a growin'
And there ain't no fields to plow
[ piano ]
I got a letter today it's from the folks back home
They're all fine crops is dry
Down near the end mom said son
You know Old Rivers died

Well I'm sittin' here now on this new plowed earth
Just lookin' for a little shade
With that sun beatin' down cross them fields I see
That mule Old Rivers and me

Now one of these days I'm gonna climb that mountain ...

(With the sun bent down cross the fields I see)
That mule Old Rivers and me



Big Country

Dave Dudley - Roy Baham

© Newkeys Music, BMI

From a hill I look down at the lights of a town
That lured me and trapped me a while
But I broke away now I'm on my way
So happy carefree like a child
Headed for my big country

Well I need lots of room so I'll follow that moon
Driftin' there in the star-studded sea
Over trails that are strange to that far mountain range
Where the tall timber beckons to me
Out there in my big country

There's someone out there and I know that she cares
The big country holds all my dreams
With a love that I know pure as new fallen snow
And as fresh as a cool mountain stream

Well I can hardly wait till I stand at the gate
Oh I've been away now so long
When her arms open wide and I step inside
I'll be home and that's where I belong
Out here in my big country
[ piano ]
There's someone out there and I know that she cares...
I can hardly wait till I stand at that gate...



Old Home Place

Bill Green

© Newkeys Music, BMI

(They're selling the homeplace today)

Yeah they're sellin' me out today
Just lost too much money too many years in a row
And since pa died I ain't got no help
Ma was waitin' for quite some time before she went to join pa
And all the rest of the poor souls upstairs
Now I can't keep my notes so long to stay
So they're sellin' that old homeplace lock stock and barrel
There's ma's old churn they're sellin' that right now
Many hours I'd pass that old rescal see that nail up there on the handle
I pinched my finger on that many a time wore some blisters too
It's sold oh they're all gone there goes pa's old windup clock
Many a night I watched him wind that old clock
With a prayer on his lips for a better tomorrow dad's gone so's the old clock
And that organ ma played many a Sunday afternnon used to entertain us
And company too when they'd come over to us
For some good churn music and good time numbers it's sold
There's that Sue yeah that's her I called her my first girl friend
And that's doggone she's married now got two kids real fine husband
Bet she's happy too hope so
There it went hey there comes them old mules Dolly and Polly
And that doggone Dolly Brown-show-off she always did that
A faithful pair though never quit worked all day
Took what bit of hay you had to give 'em at night for supper
And ready to go back again at it the next day they're sold sold so's my soul
The Good Book says as you sow so shall you reap
And boys I sure made a poor crop this year yep they're sellin' me out this year
The banker gave me some good pocket money and said he was sorry
Sorry well so am I they're sellin' that old place out today
And let me tell you it hurts a little bit too

(They're selling the homeplace today)



Sleepy Eyed John

Tex Atchinson - Dave Dudley

© Mad Roy Music, BMI

Well away down yonder on the Candy Creek
I wait a lot of fiddles on my wagon seat
I tune up the fiddle and I rosin' that bow
And I play a little tune wherever I go

Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on
Sleepy eyed John better tie your shoe
Sleepy eyed John you better get your britches on
Try to get to heaven fore the devil gets to you
[ guitar ]
Well sleepy Eyed John had one wooden leg
Wadn't nothin' but a little wooden peg
With one shoe off and one shoe on
He'd do the double shuffle till the cows come home

Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on...
[ guitar ]
Well over in the hickory and down in the pine
The raccoon laughs and the hound dog whines
And the hound dog whines and the raccoon laughs
And they cross that river in a minute and a half

Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on...
[ guitar ]
Hey sleepy eyed John once stalked a goose
That goose it flapped but couldn't get loose
Said John to the goose well you better be still
I'm gonna miss my supper and tea if you will

Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on...
Sleepy eyed John better get your britches on...


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