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Ringo Starr

Beaucoups Of Blues

(# 35 top country album)
(# 65 top pop album)

Apple SW-3368
Sep / 1970

Produced by Pete Drake

Cover image of Beaucoups Of Blues

Jerry Kennedy - guitar/dobro
Jerry Reed, Dave Kirby, Jerry Shook, Chuck Howard, Charlie Daniels - guitar
Pete Drake - steel/dobro
Ben Keith - steel
Roy Huskey - bass
Buddy Harman, D.J. Fontana - drums
Jim Buchanan, Grover Lavender - fiddle
George Richey - piano
Charlie McCoy - harmonica/organ
The Jordanaires, Jeannie Kendall
Jun-Jul/1970, Mercury Custom Recording Studio, Nashville
Engineering: Scottie Moore


(# 87 pop hit)

Beaucoups Of Blues

Buzz Rabin

© Window Music, BMI

I left Louisian I had me big plans
To go out and take me all over this land
To see me the world I left my sweet girl
And gave it a whirl but now here I stand
Along side the road with holes in my soul and my shoes
And beaucoups of blues

Oh sweet magnolia breath carried over
The marsh by a breeze from the gulf
I'm coming home (coming home)
I've had me enough

Oh where are the things I saw in my dreams
Where's the happy that freedom should bring
I see me today and know yesterday
That I threw away my most precious things
I see me a man who's lonely wants only to lose
Beaucoups of blues

Oh sweet magnolia breath carried over...

I'm coming home (coming home)
I've had me enough



Love Don't Last Long

Chuck Howard

© Window Music, BMI

Her mother wrote a letter said she thought it would be better
If she would just stay gone
She knew of her condition but she wouldn't give permission
For her to come back home
So she called the boy who loved her but all he did was snub her
Said face it on your own
Mhm love don't last long

A young man got unlucky and got busted in Kentucky
Asked his dad to go his bail
But his dad had big ambitions with the local politicians
Told his son to go to hell
He hung himself that morning and the note that they found on him
Said dad please take me home
Mhm love don't last long

A woman told her husband she lived every day to love him
Nothing else fits in her plans
Then without a warning he came home from work one morning
Found her there with another man
In a fit of anger he took her life and the stranger's
Then he took his own
Mhm love don't last long



Fastest Growing Heartache In The West

Larry Kingston - Frank Dycus

© Window Music, BMI

I brought her here from Arkansas a simple country girl
To try a California way of life
But it didn't take her long to learn the ways of the modern world
Now she's California's fastest moving wife

She's working on it overtime and soon she'll finish me
And the world's saddest man will live here in Los Angeles
Of all the things she's ever done she's making this her best
I got the fastest growing heartache in the west
[ fiddle ]
Till we came here no man had ever touched her heart but me
She'd never tasted any lips but mine
But I know now the men have seen what only I should see
Since her lips have tasted California wine

She's working on it overtime and soon she'll finish me...



Without Her

Sorrells Pickard

© Window Music, BMI

Softly I search my mem'ries
Hope I may find yesterday
And just like her my thoughts wander
And like her quietly slip away
Love brings out the weakness in a man
And I'm so weak I just can't stand
To be without her without her without her

There was a time she walked with me
But yesterday comes only one time
And I can see a tomorrow
With yesterday clingin' to my mind
Time will take her memory they say
But it gets harder every day
To live without her without her without her



Woman Of The Night

Sorrells Pickard

© Window Music, BMI

Every night she's on the corner
She's got her business in the street
Her smile may make you think that you can own her
But that smile's reserved for everyone she sees

Woman of the night I've heard them call her
But she's still a woman when morning comes around
She walks through the market as a lady
And she's kinda nice to have around

She's a woman of the night and I love her
Although her love my silver doesn't buy
It's worth the rain to have a little sunshine
And you laugh much louder when you learn to cry

I've seen them pay for her affection
But when morning comes, no one calls her name
She wakes to find no sign of appreciation
Still she isn't wearing any shame

She's a woman of the night and I love her...
She's a woman of the night and I love her...



I'd Be Talking All The Time

Larry Kingston - Chuck Howard

© Window Music, BMI

If I talked about the good times there wouldn't be much to say
For seldom happy mem'ries come to mind
If I talked about the sleepless nights you brought my way
I'd be talking all the time

For every dream that came my way a million passed me by
I thought I couldn't be hurt more then you said goodbye
If talking now of other things would get you off my mind
I'd be talking all the time
[ steel - fiddle ]
For every dream that came my way a million passed me by...
Yeah Ringo'd be talking all the time



Fifteen Dollars Draw

Sorrells Pickard

© Window Music, BMI

Oh one two

Mama I guess you have stood and cursed the day i found that old guitar
When uncle harry died the one we found in the boot of his old car
I remember how my little fingers blistered when I tried to learn to play
I bet you never dreamed that old guitar would put me where i am today

Yes it's been a lot of years I guess it's been an interestin' life
No mam I never found another woman that I wanted for a wife
I guess the first time showed us that I wasn't the domesticated kind
But I don't blame her for getting tired of living from a suitcase all the time

Yes I know sometimes it looks like I've just simply thrown my life away
I just always figured that if I hung on I'd make it big some day
I guess it takes a special breed to live this way and think the way I sink
But you'll be glad to hear that anymore I ain't near as bad to drink

How is Tommy doing with the business now that daddy's passed away
I'm sure daddy always knew that Tom would be the one to take his place
And when he tried to lecture me I'd sit and pick and sing and let him nag
But way down deep inside I think he always knew that hardware ain't my bag

We open Monday night in Bolton city for another two week stand
I wish there was some way that you and Tom could come and hear my band
Wish I had time to tell you bout the places that I've been the things I saw
And I'll send the fifteen dollars soon as I get to the club and make a draw
[ guitar ]
When you're hot you're hot there
Ah I mean ah when what is
When you're hot you're hot yeah okay



Wine Women And Loud Happy Songs

Larry Kingston

© Window Music, BMI

Look at me now ain't I a sight
Eyes bloody red face puffy white
Hair tangled up and wrinkled old clothes
I'm a living example of a big overdose of

Wine, women and loud happy songs
I had all three but none lasted long
The women ran off I drank all the wine
And the songs died away when I ran out of dimes
[ steel - fiddle ]
It's strange how the wine works on a fool
It seeps through his mind leaves him glued to the stool
Women leave you wishing you'd just never been
But the songs makes you happy soon you're searching again

For wine women and loud happy songs...



I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way

Chuck Howard

© Window Music, BMI

You're so different from anyone I've ever known
And to try to change you now would be all wrong
Sometimes I don't understand everything you say
But I wouldn't have you any other way

I wouldn't want you if you weren't you
And I'll admit I don't understand half the things you do
Sometimes I don't go along with thing you do each day
But I wouldn't have you any other way
[ piano ]
I wouldn't want you if you weren't you...

Sometimes I don't go along with thing you do each day
But I wouldn't have you any other way



Loser's Lounge

Bobby Pierce

© Window Music, BMI

There's a honky tonk in this town
They call the Loser's Lounge
And i guess I'm a charter member you could say
Since love has turned me down
Nothin' to do but hang around
And listen to all the fools who come to say

That life is full of heartaches for a poor boy
Cause a bank roll can turn his woman's head around
Ain't no use to try and run away or move to another town
Cause any where a poor boy goes there's a Loser's Lounge
[ steel - harmonica ]
Had a real good friend named Sam
Said he just couldn't understand
Why in the world his sweet love let him down
But a rich man caught her eye
He had the money for things to buy
Now there's a brand new member down at the Loser's Lounge

Life is full of heartaches for a poor boy...
Oh yeah




Chuck Howard

© Window Music, BMI

Time it goes but it moves so slow when you're waiting
And it's not much fun when you let someone keep you waiting
But you had me and you've still got me wondering what you'll do
Till you find your way back to me I'll be waiting for you

Every day is yesterday when you're waiting
And you dream a lot that's all you got when you're waiting
You had me and you've still got me wondering what you'll do
Till you find your way back to me I'll be waiting for you
[ fiddle ]
[ fiddle ]

But you had me and you've still got me wondering what you'll do
Till you find your way back to me I'll be waiting for you
(Waiting) for you
(Waiting) for you
(Waiting for you)



Silent Homecoming

Sorrells Pickard

© Window Music, BMI

Patiently she stares down the runway
Today's the day that he is coming home
Seems like he's been gone a lifetime
And a lifetime is a long time to be gone

But there are songs that need singing
And there are things that must be done
There are thoughts that still need thinking
And there are wars that must be won

He was just a boy when they sent for him
And overnight turned him into a man
Proudly he had served his country
In a war he didn't seem to understand

The flag still waves his war is over
He'll never have to kill again
And as she waits she thinks it over
Is winning worth the prize we pay to win

Her thoughts keep wandering to his childhood
When all his hand grenades were merely toys
And war was just a game that he was playing
With plastic guns like other little boys

And every day when play was over
He'd put his little toys away
And she'd be standing waiting for him
The way she's waiting here today

As the plane stops she starts thinking
Will he still look the way he did before
Or will his eyes reflect the pain of killing
Like most young men when they come home from war

These last few minutes seem like hours
She tries her best not to cry
But there's that hearse filled up with flowers
Did he really have to die

No no no no no no no no no...


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