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Porter Wagoner

You Gotta Have A License

(# 9 top country album)

RCA Victor LSP-4286
Jan / 1970

Produced by Bob Ferguson

Cover image of You Gotta Have A License

Dale Sellers, Chip Young - guitar
Pete Drake - steel/dobro
Buck Trent - el.banjo
Bobby Dyson - bass
Jerry Carrigan, James Isbell - drums
Johnny Gimble - fiddle
Hargus Pig Robbins - piano/organ
Dolores Edgin, Joe Babcock, June Page, Anita Carter
Nov/1969, RCA Victor Studio, Nashville


When You're Hot You're Hot

Curly Putman

© Tree Publ, BMI

There is ice today on your lips as you kiss me
And a cold wind blows strong through our bedroom
But not long ago our love was fire but it was soon forgot
When you're cold you're cold when you're hot you're hot

When you're hot you're hot
And good times fly by and soon you're not
When you're cold you're cold
And it seems that bad times don't know when to stop
When you're cold you're cold and when you're hot you're hot

Suddenly it seems the whole world is on my shoulders
And a chilly wind of bad times is blowing colder
Once we lived to love and loved to live found time to laugh a lot
But when you're cold you're cold and when you're hot you're hot

When you're hot you're hot...



Way He Said Your Name

Pete Stamper

© Warden Music, BMI

Just today I met a stranger
I met a man in misery
He asked about you oh my darling
And the way he said your name
Chilled the heart inside of me

Pardon me sir said the stranger
I love her so oh how is she
Surely you could hear him darling
And the way he said your name
Shook this heart inside of me

Guilty shame I felt inside me
For the wrong I'd plan to do
For had it not been for that stranger
And the way he said your name
I would have cheated tonight on you



Roses Out Of Season

Dolly Parton

© Owepar Music, BMI

I just had to be with you today sweetheart cause today you seem so close
I knew you'd be excited since today's our first big snow
I built you this big snowman here cause I knew that you'd be thrilled
Though I know he's not as funny as the ones we used to build

These roses aren't as pretty as the ones I'd like to bring
But roses are out of season now and they'll be more colorful in the spring
Oh yeah I've finally got the job that we'd long been waiting for
But sweetheart it just don't seem to be important anymore

And I've finally got the pictures back that we took on vacation in May
Now I thought you'd like to see 'em so I brought them with me today
We got a postcard from that couple that we met on vacation too
They invited us down this summer so I brought it to read to you

You know it don't seem real that I'll never get to see your smile again
Never get to kiss your sweet lips or touch your soft smooth skin
And never get to laugh at those silly jokes you'd tell
And never get to buy you the perfume that you loved so well

You were so much like an angel so gentle and so sweet
And you made our home like a heaven and you made my life complete
I wonder if you hear me as I talk to you each day
Somehow I feel so close to you as I sit beside your grave

Sweetheart if you can hear me and I do believe you can
Please come back and get me take me by the hand
And lead me into your world cause that's where I wanna be
Where roses are never out of season and again we can be happy



Southern Bound

Ray Pennington

© Tree Publ, BMI

I'm a walkin' southern bound down the highway
The cars and the buses and the big trucks pass me by
I walk awhile then I thumb they must think I'm a bum
Cause no one will give this country boy a ride

Well I left to get a job in that big city
Cause Lucy's dad said son don't hang around
I got her letter in the mail today and they can't keep me away
Tonight this country boy is southern bound

Can't afford a ticket on that Big Gray Dog
Where I'm a goin' they don't know a freight train sound
I'm a long way from home cold and hungry and all alone
Tonight this country boy is southern bound

Well I know they will all be glad to see me
It's been three long years since I left to roam
I can hear my mama cry as she kissed her boy goodbye
But tonight this country boy is headed home

I've got just enough left to buy some coffee
And I'll spend it if this road goes through the town
They'd send money if I'd write all I have left is my pride
If I have to walk I will I'm southern bound

Can't afford a ticket on that Big Gray Dog...

Tonight this country boy is southern bound
(Tonight this country boy is southern bound)




Dolly Parton

© Owepar Music, BMI

Your eyes are soft and gentle but your heart is hard and cold
With the beauty of an angel and the devil in your soul
Your looks are so deceiving you're so lovely yet so wild
And I wish that I had never walked into your world fairchild

Your lips could well deceive the smartest man that ever lived
Before he learned that you just take and take and never give
And I was just a victim that was captured by your smile
What I thought would be heaven is hell on earth fairchild

You say you're gonna leave me now your love for me has died
Come let's talk it over as we take a little ride
And tell me all about the plans behind your evil smile
Maybe there's a chance that I might change your plans fairchild

Yes fairchild I realize I'm drivin' much too fast
But you've hurt me so many times but this will be your last
The morning news will tell of how they found us side by side
But it won't tell the truth about our accident fairchild



My Special Prayer Request

Dorothy Jo Hope

© Owepar Music, BMI

A little girl stood up in church in a worn and faded dress
She made her way up to the front to make a special prayer request
She said pray for God to help my mama cause she can't help herself
Preacher pray for mama that's my special prayer request

Mama started drinkin' when daddy left our home
She just gave up didn't seem to care and everything went wrong
Our friends have all stopped comin' by and we are so alone
Pray to God we'll heal her broken heart and make my mama strong

She used to be so pretty and wear such pretty clothes
She took us to church on Sundays and she loved us so
Mama was so happy then she always seemed so gay
But everything changed for mama when my daddy went away

There's God up in heaven who deals and answers prayers
I'd like to ask all you good people while you gather here
Pray for God to help my mama cause she can't help herself
Preacher pray for mama that's my special prayer request
Preacher pray for mama that's my special prayer request



You Gotta Have A License

Tommy Collins

© Central Songs, BMI

Me and brother Bill was goin' a fishin'
Down to the river one day
We had a can of worms and a willer poles
A big can of minners and a lot of sourdough
The fish was a bitin' we's gonna have fun

Then the big man come said I'm a game warden
Chases me and brother Bill away
We take 'em out of sack and throw them all back
The big man him do say

Well you got to have a license got to have a license
We asked him why he replied cause you got to have a license

Well I drive 'em down the open highway
Passin' up highway patrolman
Let me go right along but I no do wrong
Trees go by me think I'm a flyin'
I sing a little song and I have lotta fun

Then before I know whistle blow
A big man rolled my way
He pullin' down and I'm hit the ground
Shakin' so cause I have to know
The big man him do say

Well you gotta have a license got to have a license
I asked him why he replied cause you got to have a license
[ fiddle ]
Well I got a little gal her name Emilou
She makin' me feel a funny
I love that gal with a big lotta noise
She gave me kiss she given no joy
Me pretty young and I wanna lotta fun

But she tell me no to watch my step
She don't wanna be too gay
She said don't I told you a lot of big times
The little gal she did say

Well we gotta have a license got to have a license
I asked her why she repied cause you got to have a license



Stranger's Story

Pete Stamper

© Warden Music, BMI

Oh come hear a story a stranger just told me
Of a love that he's not ashamed
He has her no longer but proud he once owned her
Though she shares another man's name

He told of the good times they had in the spring time
Before she was stolen away
He blames her oh no none he said she was too young
To know her heart wanted to stay

Then he drank to her new love that it might be true love
A future so happy and bright
With his eyes growin' misty as he drank down the whiskey
That was tellin' the story that night

Though he didn't know me he told me all of the story
And not a word said without pride
Then he asked if I blamed her but oh when he named her
I wanted to run out and hide

How could I tell him the man that had dealt him
His sorrow and sadness was me
So I left from the table while I was still able
To hold back my own misery

Now a wonder comes to me that maybe he knew me
And told me just so I would cry
But without his knowing the tears were then flowing
For she had just told me goodbye



Forty Miles From Poplar Bluff

Larry Kingston - Frank Dycus

© Careers Music, BMI

I never had a pair of shoes that weren't all hand-me-downs
And daddy's mornin' coffee came from ol' left over ground
My mama wore no jewelry or any store-bought stuff
Cause home was just a hillside forty miles from Poplar Bluff

Forty miles back in Missoury there's a different way of life
Where a man thinks of his neighbor and not his neighbor's wife
Life is far from fancy sometimes kinda rough
But contenment makes it worth it forty miles from Poplar Bluff

Our only family treasure was a beatup radio
And it took us to the places where we knew we'd never go
We never had much money but we always had enough
Cause money never mattered forty miles from Poplar Bluff

Forty miles back in Missoury there's a different way of life...

Well nearly every winter when the snow was on the ground
The roads would all be closed and we couldn't get to town
But if daddy had his tabaccor and grandma had her snuff
Then the winters didn't matter forty miles from Poplar Bluff

Forty miles back in Missoury there's a different way of life...



Little Boy's Prayer

Jim Owen

© Sawgrass Music, BMI

Darling I don't know whether you can hear me or not
Because of this lump in my throat I can't talk very loud
But I've got to tell you bout our little son's prayer tonight
If you could've heard it honey you'd've been so proud

I'd already left a note on the table for mom and dad
As if they didn't know what was wrong
Now I asked them to take a care of him
Now that you and I we're both gone

After I finished the note I figured that he was alseep
So I've slipped in to see him just once more
But he was just startin' to pray
And his words froze me at the door

And he said
Dear God it's late I hope I didn't get you up
But there's somethin' we gotta talk about
You see God my mommy was burried today
And my daddy needs straighten out
Ever since mommy got sick he's been nervous
And hollered at me a lot
But that part I can't understand
Cause even a little boy like me knows
That worry sometimes overload a man
But God he loved mommy so much
And he used to tel her nothing would ever come between
Now I know that's what's botherin' him now cause somethin' has
And I'm afraid he's thinkin' about joinin' her somehow

God I'm glad that he loved mommy
I want him to be with her again one of these days
But I want to talk to him and tell him that first he's got me to raise
Tell him every now and then a little boy needs a helpin' hand
And I guess you probably still need your daddy even after you're a fullgrown man
And God if I'd lost him and mommy both it'd be more than I could stand
I know my grandma and grandpa would take care of me
Cause they both love me a whole lot
But God they're older and they don't always understand
The problems a little boy like me has got

Well God I won't bother anymore tonight
But tomorrow night I'll be sure and talk to you again
You take care of my daddy now God you hear
Thank you Amen

I've just stood there thinkin' bout his prayer and all that he said in it
Finally I opened the door and asked him if I could talk to him for a minute
We sat down on the edge of his bed
And both took turns laughin' and cryin' for a while
And he could tell it'd been a change in me
Cause for the first time in the long time
I saw him smile
So darling you go on ahead but you walk slow
And someday when you'll turn around I'll be there
But it'll be a while cause I'm gonna spend the next few dozen years
Bein' an answer to our little boys prayer



Walk On Fool

George McCormick

© Careers Music, BMI

Here I am where I know I shouldn't be
A lettin' pretty girls make a fool out of me
Spendin' money I know I shouldn't spend
Walk on fool make the circle again

Hard luck seem to be my coverty
When they sail the ocean give all hope on me
Guess I'll never mount to anything
Walk on fool make the circle again

Well Batman he said there's a fool born ev'ry day
And I'm just tryin' to help things work his way
Doin' things I know's a sin
Walk on fool make the circle again

Hard luck seem to be my coverty...

Well the undertaker is followin' me around
Tryin' to measure me up for the day I stumble down
Guess I'll go but I don't know just when
So walk on fool make the circle again

Hard luck seem to be my coverty...
Walk on fool make the circle again


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